Three more people arrested for bath salts in Antigo

According to the Antigo paper and court records, there have been 3 people arrested for bath salts in Antigo. A warrant was served at a Deleglise Street home on Friday and 2 were taken into custody from there. The police seized an estimated six grams of 'salts', paraphernalia, which included rubber hoses, straws, glass vials, pipes, cash, a computer and cellphones. A 31 year old woman was arrested at her home on Sixth Avenue after the police received information that the woman was seeing people coming in and out of her windows, which sparked a search. Bath salts, prescription meds, syringes and paraphernalia were found, along with an unknown substance.


LMAO -- Doesn't stop there. On multiple occasions I have seen Antigo's finest attempting to be inconspicuous at Wausau locations. Selling or buying; I am not sure. Never the same location. These people are dumb. Caved in faces and losing teeth. Eat mud you scum!!!

Aw Come On! We need to give them a group hug and tell them we can rehabilitate them back into society. In fact, if this stuff were legal, they'd still have their teeth and be paying taxes like productive members of society..... NOT!

I am pretty disappointed in these comments. Have you people ever had a family member who had a drug problem?
Do you think that they WANT to be drug addicts? Do you think that it can't happen to you or someone in your family. Please try to have some compassion for others.
Yes, it is good that they are getting it off the streets and hopefully it will help these people straighten up but it is so sad to see the awful comments.
I know a few people who have gotten into the bath salt thing and they are NOT bad people by any means, and I have no doubt that they can get their lives back on track.
I hope that you can find better ways to give your ego a boost than to keep making the mean comments.

Ok, There are still plenty of drug users wif teef and that are still paying taxes. We just had a bunch of them arrested. These people were well respected people too, so its not only the dumb, its the smart ones also. Some of their faces looked pretty caved in when they were busted.

Has anyone really learned about Bath Salts they are real bad & real hard to get off them. Go to the police department & Learn about Bath Salts before saying they aren't bad. when they are..........

Kind of a strange location for an airport located by a known drug trafficking route in Langlade County (Kitty Hawk Estates Arprt-9WI6).

In America people are allowed to land on their property. I realize the whole freedom thing is a strange concept to the boot licking state worshiping people but you'll just have to get over it. Haha and the term "known drug trafficking route" you have to be a cop. Every road in this corrupt country is a drug trafficking route you tool! However I looked up the gentlemans info and will be forwarding your post on to him to see if would like to respond to your claims.

You certainly have not researched drug trafficking.

Have to give you an atta boy there! As what can I say you got me there haha I certainly have not nor probably will ever research drug trafficking. However I have through the years known several people to have small airstrips on their land and some might even through ya a funny handshake now and then. I mean if you know what you are talking about just say it. Instead of innuendos. To me and yes I could be wrong. Your small tidbits of incomplete information sound more like a person on a fishing expedition instead of someone with facts. Have you ever researched what a "fishing expedition" is? ;) Have a great day!

Not to mention that these people are hardened criminals and are well armed. You wouldn't want your son or daughter to accidentally stumble upon a drug operation and get killed.

Further more. Why would anyone keep researching drug trafficking. As anyone that objectively did so would keep coming back to the fact that the CIA brings into country most of the dope. FACT!
Instead of parroting crap maybe research it yourself. Then go take out the CIA by your lonesome.
Former cop testifying to city council that the CIA is bringing it into the cities:

Most decorated Special forces operative Bo Gritz documenting his evidence that the Bush family and others were importing dope.

Marines modern day protecting the opium fields. Any wonder Heroin production has skyrocketed since we took over the area. CIA never lets a good crisis go to waste.

I am well aware of the information you presented. In fact most pilots either worked for the government in one form or another in the past or are just regular citizens. Drug trafficking money can be a source of funds for black projects and covert operations. This doesn't mean every drug trafficking issue is what you state and in some cases may be totally obsolete at this point in time. What groups bring it what type of drugs and what type of drugs are the issue in a region are important indicators. Focus on the issue at hand which is our regions drug problem before you get out of control with the snakes head. Start by educating hunters and sportsman to know the signs of possible grow sites in our woodlands; drug manufacturing sites; increased purchasing of extravagant items. and odd behavior. Most of the time drug issues are easily identifiable. Always carry a side arm if you have a concealed carry permit.

Yes, please forward this information so he can formally respond to my comment stated above.

we need to take the junkies of this country and put them all on the same island. then do air drops of all the drugs we confiscate , and let them kill each other over it. its time to thin the herd!

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