Former Homecoming Queen Charged With Embezzling Over Half Million

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Recent news reports 44 year old Susan D. Tatro has been charged with embezzling over $576,000 from her previous employer, Waukesha Bearing Corporation, in the small city of Antigo Wisconsin. She was the Human Resource Director at the Company, where she is now accused of 30 counts of wire/bank fraud that occurred between 2006 and 2011.

Sue Reszko Antigo Homecoming Queen 1985
Sue Reszko Antigo Homecoming Queen 1985

Some 27 years ago, Susan Tatro, formerly Susan Reszko and commonly known as Sue or Susie, was the Homecoming Queen for Antigo High School. Some controversy had surrounded her "election". She was not your run-of-the-mill Homecoming Queen type. There was always a "hard" side to her, at least back then.

Even so, with the reputation she had, one way or the other, she did win that title.

Her next court date is June 7, 2012, and because this is a Federal case, it will take place in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Read the Indictment

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******************UPDATE 06/07/2012********************

Court records show that Susan Tatro was present at her Arraingnment and Plea Hearing today in Green Bay. She is being represented by Attorney Keith F. Ellison of Wausau.

According to those documents, she was released without any cash bond required with the following restrictions:

- No violations of Federal, State or Local law while on release
- Cooperation in the collection of DNA sample if it is authorized
- Advise the court or supervising officer of any change in residence or phone no
- Must appear in court as required, and if convicted, must surrender as directed
- Must sign Appearance Bond, if ordered
- Submit to supervision by Pretrial Services & report for supervision
- Traveling restricted to Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin
- Refrain from entering any gambling establishment or participating in gambling

The Maximum Penalties are: Counts 1-30 each - 20 years imprisonment, 3 years supervised release, $250,000 fine, $100 special assessment.

A Pre-trial Conference is set for 06/27/2012.

Jury Trial date is set for August 13, 2012 at 8:30am, but, it is also stated that Attorney Ellison has conflict with that date and anticipates filing a motion.

Read the Court Record -Release Conditions

******************UPDATE 10/04/2012********************

Court records had indicated a hearing was scheduled for today, due to a new attorney for the Government being assigned and also non-sufficient time to review discovery documents and evidence, there was a delay. No new date has been set yet.

******************UPDATE 10/06/2012********************

Court records now indicate rescheduled dates. The pretrial date is set for January 02, 2013 @ 10:30am. Noted was: All plea negotiations are expected to be completed and written plea agreements filed by the time of the final pretrial conference.
Jury Trial scheduled for January 14, 2013 at 8:30am

******************UPDATE 01/02/2013********************

Tatro was due in court today, but that was delayed due to the sudden death of her husband in December. A plea hearing is now set for February 7, 2013 at 2:00pm

******************UPDATE 02/07/2013********************

The hearing that was set for today has been rescheduled. Court records indicate that Ms. Tatro will be accepting a plea deal but details have not been given.
Her next court date is now set for March 1, 2013 at 2:30pm

******************UPDATE 03/06/2013********************

A hearing took place on March 1, but nothing was done. The plea agreement is still being worked out, the amount of money is not agreed upon which is what is causing delays in the case.
The next court date is set for April 11, 2013 at 3:00pm and the dates for a 3 day jury trial are on the calendar beginning on April 22, 2013.

******************UPDATE 03/07/2013********************

Due to a scheduling conflict, the April 11 hearing date has been moved up to March 14, 2013 at 1:30pm.
A plea agreement has been made, but, the amount of stolen money is still not agreed upon by all parties.
According to the court documents, Ms. Tatro states she took between $35,000 to $40,000. Sentencing will take place at a later date.

******************UPDATE 03/14/2013********************

At today's court hearing, Sue Tatro pleaded guilty to counts 5 and 8 of the indictment.
(Count 5 of indictment states $13,757.08 and Count 8 states $14,283.42)
A Restitution Hearing is set for June 03, 2013.
The Sentencing hearing is set for June 12, 2013.

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Talk about biased reporting -- this is a pitiful excuse for an article! It has nothing at all to do with the indictment; it is a vicious attack on Susan Tatro. How do you know enough about these things to write such an accounting of a "Homecoming" election that occurred twenty-seven (27!!!) years ago. Maybe YOU ran against her, and she beat you, and you vowed to get even with her? Oh, also your article references an an amount that doesn't add up to the amount on the indictment. You're OFF by a little.
On page 4 of the indictment, it specifically says "Tatro fraudulently obtained more than $576,000 from WBC and Dover". So, the amount in the headline was actually lower than what the indictment said.
Innocent until proven guilty.... period. And the author of this "article" needs to research a little more..... Sue doesn't have a "hard side"... she is HUMAN and at 17 or 18 when she homecoming queen, I am sure she did have attitude... how many teenagers do you know that don't?!?!?!? And what does the homecoming queen aspect have to do with the situation she is facing now??? Really??? Come on ... state the facts and stop trying to turn it into something it isn't or hype it up into a frenzy. She is someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's mother, someone's wife, someone's cousin and whether she did or did not make a mistake, it isn't up to you to judge her. Innocent until proven guilty... PERIOD.
yes she did have a hard side because she attacked me. Not every teenager did that.
I wish that someone would get this story stright.First its over A half million dollars.Then its $200.000 And theres no mention about the other susspects involment.OH NO lets blame the girl who loves the Chicago Bears prouldly.If the media would talk to her curch members her friends her family they would see the women I love for her goodness This Women Is Not A Crook.Hard yes.She Had to fight off bullies that picked on her sisters when she was A kid.I could go on an on about Susan.But then it would'nt be A comment It would be a book.All I ask for is fair treatment by the media.Dig A little deeper into the story.Ask about her bosses.I think you will see what I'm saying.
The problem here is with the CRIME. Lets look at that fact instead of getting wrapped up in personality, family, etc. Susan Tatro committed a horrible crime. This was money taken from a corporation THAT WAS NOT HERS PERIOD. If she had such a wonderful character then why was this crime committed. Care to share about the "bosses", whom you seem to feel justifies this crime? Stop making excuses.
Does it really matter if it's $500K or $200K? As for the Chicago Bears comment, I seriously doubt that has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING. I'm sure that the members of her church do think highly of her, as most people at church do, but I think everyone is a little different in a church setting, than say, a bar, or even work, for that matter. I am sure that if others were involved in this deal, it will come out. Have others at the company lost their jobs?
What other suspects are you referring to Robert Whited? Did her bosses also have gambling problems? That seems to be what she is claiming in her "defense". Yep, she isn't a crook, the truth will all come out eventually.
Wow, that's a lot of money to steal, dang!
Wow I am completely amazed at how quick people are to jump to the conclusion that Sue is guilty immediately. What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"? She hasn't had her trial yet, perhaps she and her attorneys will prove she is innocent. We have heard stories of people going to jail only to find out they were telling the truth and were innocent.
What happened at her last court? Didn't she go on the 27th or something? I haven't seen any updates on that.
If she is found guilty of this crime, she needs to pay it back in full after she serves some serious time behind bars. We need tough sentences for these types of crimes, let the punishment fit the crime. May the chips fall where they may, whether she be a sister, a mother, a daughter etc, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! I pray the Judge and Jury are able to see clearly and not be swayed w/ any manipulation whatsoever if she truly is guilty of this crime.
Wow, where I live if you steal stuff, you usually do get put in jail! and if you steal money, you MUST pay it back! I am wondering if all this gambling talk is just a coverup too, she probably stashed that money.
To many people in this town are quick to jump and pounce on people when their down. I've read about Susie being a bully,and mean to people,and i can second that. But that has nothing to do with what is going on with this case. Susie is no different then the rest of us... It's not our place to judge her,,we don't have all the fact's in this case.All we have heard ,is what the paper's or internet have to say about Sue. The paper's,and internet are here to make money. Drama sell's. They print what they know you want to see. They add and subtract the truth...They write a story that far to many want to see. A person down. People have a tendency to talk as though they are educated on a subject,when in truth they only know what someone else has said. I vote to wait on the result's are in court,,then i'm not sure all the truth will come out. I wish you luck Susie. Keep The Faith.
If you look at the original post, there are updates on there, it says the jury trial is now scheduled for January.
Yes I know Sue and have no doubt she did this. What about all the trips she took and her spending habits? I don't know about the gambling but I wouldn't doubt that either, lock her up alrady...she is a thief!

I know Sue and I hope they throw the book at her if she is found guilty, she is a thief! She should be in jail now, what about the flight risk?

I agree if she's found guilty, and the evidence is there, they need to be harsh with her. It's not right that she should get away with it. No, it's not right at all. She should pay back the money somehow too. Even if it takes the rest of her life.
To former co worker: Sounds like you hold a grudge against Sue for something. Sue didn't take any more or any more extravagant vacations than the average employee. And even if she did, Sue and her husband both made good money. Not saying she's guilty or innocent (for the courts to decide), but if she is guilty, the money had to have gone elsewhere .... no way her vacations and spending added up to half a million dollars. Donna Fox, I second your post.

Looks like more problems for her, I saw on the court page that she owes over $20,000 in tax warrants from the Dept. of Revenue.

it is funny how often people on here are into character defending, in particular family members....whether or not there is a crime. Take the personality out of the mix, people don;t just randomly get charged with embezzlement without a reason.

So Sue and her husband made good money and yet she had to steal, why do people have to be so greedy? So many people in this country would love to have a good paying job like Sue had. I can understand her family defending her but at the same time, if she did it, she should just come clean and her family should not be defending her. I am sure that she will get a slap on the hand and probably not even have to pay it all back. It seems like that happens way too often.

Not all family members are defending her, I happen to know one of her family members, this family member believes she was living outside of their means. They feel she should come clean and throw herself on the mercy of the court and accept responsiblity for what she's done.

Does anyone know what happened at her court date on 3/1/13?

I thought she was ready to make a plea deal at the March 1 Court appearance. It surely would be nice to hear what has happened and what the status of this case is right now if she didn't have court on the 1st.

A hearing took place on March 1, but nothing was done. The plea agreement is still being worked out, the amount of money is not agreed upon which is what is causing delays in the case. The next court date is set for April 11, 2013 at 3:00pm and the dates for a 3 day jury trial are on the calendar beginning on April 22, 2013.

WAOW & WTMJ posted a story yesterday. Go to there sights to view. For someone who claimed the compnay was lying about her and claiming to be so honest and never took a penny, it is looks as though she is admitting to be a thief and a liar! Repent sinner!

I see the next court date was changed to March 14. I wonder how much time she will get since they aren't saying that yet. There sure is a big difference between $40k and $500k. Obviously she is now admitting guilt, but I don't think she is being completely honest (about the amount she took).

Excuse me, but I was not the one who wrote to "Throw the book at her" Please take that comment down. Thank You

Since you are not using an actual account name, there is nothing that can be done about that. If you would like a specific username, please register for an account (it is free and only takes a few minutes).

1/2/2013 "Death of her husband in Dec." What's up with that?

Is this really a question to ask, what's up with that? I find it to be self-explanitory.

Was an autopsy done on the husband?

The assumption made here is disturbing, at best, but, I do believe an autopsy was done and heart attack was the cause.

Lot's of things you can use to make it look like a heart attack. It's been done many times in the past and has been proven to be foul play. Furthermore, embezzlement and people dying also is a trend. However, it's up to the examiner to professionally determine the cause of death. Personally, if I was an examiner and embezzlement charges accompany a death, you bet I would look at all possible causes for that death.

I feel bad for her family, whom she lied to this entire time. That shows her character.I don't really know her, but I do know her older sister, and u am not suprised at all she did this. The lord didn't save her from her gambling addiction, she got caught. I used to go to the same church as them, and what a jokre. She would have continued to do it. The way she treats people really does show here character, and everything she has done "good" was a deception. I know the Tatros, and she should change her last name. I am sure they wouldn't mind one bit. Go packers.

You "don't really know her" - yet you have such harsh judgment of her? How do you know what the Lord has forgiven her for? Read the bible much - "Judge not.." And, umm - what's "go packers"? Your intelligence is showing.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and what happens between Sue and her God is between them and no one else.
I'm sure the "go packers" comment goes to the fact that Sue has always been a huge Bears fan.
She has already said she is guilty of this (more or less) and her sentencing will be coming up soon with the amount of restitution that she will have to pay back.

So.....what happened? How long will Sue sit for this crime? Any word, yet!?

She has court scheduled in July and August for her sentencing and restitution, so no word yet on how long she will have to sit in jail.

Where is the information saying the sentencing and restitution was changed to July and August? Is there another place to read about this case?

What is going on with the sentencing?

Such a big crime - the people want to know the outcome.

Sad, so very sad. Most people when they get caught fall to their knees in sorrow and shame over the error - not claim it didn't happen and even point the finger on others. This, is why, the people of Antigo wish to know that justice is done.

Updates please....

I am sure that she and her attorney requested some sort of confidentiality in the plea bargain....that seems to be the only reason that we aren't hearing about anything. But you are exactly right, its public knowledge and it would be peace of mind for so many people. I agree with all that you have to say about being remorseful about what she did. But apparently its not the way it is.

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