Antigo paper article shows insight on school referendum

"It's not some junky old bus" as quoted in the Antigo paper, referring to the nice, new and expensive vehicles that are parked on the north side of Antigo, in relation to an older school bus parked on the south side of town.

So, that in itself sums it up for me. You have the well-to-do who like nice new things on one side, telling us we should vote FOR this new school and the not-so-well-to-do who don't mind older things saying we should NOT vote for the new school.

Typical right, republican vs. democrat, or rich vs. poor, or popular vs. unpopular. I don't necessarily agree, although the people of Langlade County sure do seem divided on this school referendum issue.

The state imposed revenue limit is there for a reason and this is a prime example of WHY it was put into place. There is absolutely NO reason that the school district should be able to have an open-ended blank check.

Maybe the district needs to consider a referendum that would be more conservative.

I think that the referendum will probably pass this time and as they have stated, regardless of whether it does or does not, the rural schools will be closed. Another strong-arm tactic, in my opinion.

I hope for the sake of the majority of the community that the referendum does not pass. The Antigo School District and this new group of moms "our kids first" or whatever they want to call themselves are just simply asking for too much at a bad time.

Did any of those "moms" in that group take the time to educate themselves on the history of school referedums in Antigo and how the new high school was supposed to bring in all these new jobs and help the community grow and blah blah blah? It's all the same talk as it was years ago and that new high school didn't do SQUAT for Antigo besides raise our tax bills.

Enough is enough, if the rich folks want nicer schools for their kids, why don't they all donate and start private schools for them?

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ever heard the quote "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it"....

Looks like the preliminary numbers indicate NO is the answer AGAIN.

It may not have contributed much, but, the whole teacher drug crap did not help any.

Well I can already hear all the teachers and the business owners that were pushing this school crying ... Well voted Antigo NO NEW SCHOOL !!!!!

So So sick of this referendum crap! Enough already! Many of the voters in the area can remember days of their own school years, in which there were divided classes, older and younger kids and a large number of students per teacher, they made it through it.
The younger generations are too spoiled and coddled. These 'oh, woah as me, what will I tell my child now' parents need to get a grip and face reality. It could be a very good opportunity to explain and show to the children, that you can't always get what you want and new doesn't have to be better. There are other ways to improve education than to build new schools. As someone said or wrote, there may not be a need for these schools in the future because we don't know what the advances in technology will bring. The School Board needs to go back to the drawing board.

What happened to the CNN video with that interview with sheriff greening? they should put that on here...

I was very surprised that the journal even published that story, even if they are in favor of the referendum. They should have left out that quote about 'it's not some junky old bus' - I mean, c'mon, what does that have to do with anything? A point was being made, that is all. Would it have mattered if the bus was brand new? I don't think so.

It's all just materialistic CRAP! A new school will look pretty, well that doesn't mean that our kids will get a better education. How can these people be that dumb. I think the school board may just be waking up now though, after 3 TIMES of the people saying NO!

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