Robert Pavek gets 18 months term for years of abusing children

I saw this article on the Antigo Journal website and am completely appalled by it!

This man assaulted young children for YEARS and his punishment consists of only 18 months of confinement! Those poor victims!

How can this happen? This is the wrong message to be sending in my opinion!

I have heard that Pavek is not in the best of health, but, I don't see that as a reason to give him this kind of deal.

Disgusting, just disgusting.

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Hey, it's not like he was doing anything as bad as growing healing herbs . All he did ,was do what cops do ,way more than non cops do. Langlade County law enforcement disgrace!

I am sickened by this also. What he did to those kids is just unthinkable, what is wrong with that District Attorney and Judge to let this light sentence happen? If they are going to be tough on anyone, it should be child molesters and predators like this sick old man!

A man who should have loved and protected family members in a caring matter stole their innocence and hurt so many. The sentence is pathetic. It should not matter the condition of his health. The young victims in this case DID NOT GET THE JUSTICE THEY DESERVE. I hope prisoners help him to hell as we know he will never see heaven. May he suffer all the remaining days of his life. The judge and prosecutor really blew it. This sends a message to all predators that have no conscience when it comes to protecting the very young, vulnerable and innocent. There is no protection. I guess the only justice would be for family to take matters in to their own hands and end this pathetic monster's reign of terror. Sentences like this will promote vigilante justice.

I agree that everyone blew it on that deal, well, except for Pavek himself and his lawyer, but, all the authorities involved.

I hope he gets protective custody ,because , in his cage, this smelly mink rancher, will be tortured , like he tortures mink. Suicide watch . This weed will be found dead in jail. Wanna bet?

Unfortunately he will be housed in a unit with other sexual predators as the prison needs to keep these waste of human life forms safe. Sexual predators then trade stories and notes about how to refine their methods of ruining innocent children's lives. I too hope that he takes his last breath in a prison cell. Eighteen months for ruining the lives of generations of his family is sick just plain sick.

I am completely shocked over this. What could possibly be the reason behind the short sentence? That poor family!

Maybe part of the reason is because they didn't want to make his victims testify and so a plea deal was reached. They probably figure that he won't outlive the sentence, and I'm sure this was all discussed and ok'd with the victims beforehand.

How many more victims. Some old offenders have several hundred that late in their career. Certainly , he wasn't an incest exclusive child molester, was he ? Hope the guards are as kind to him as he was to mink.

The thing about it is, you people who are saying these things don't know the whole story. I know this family well as well as this man, and the allegations are not what they seem. One of the statements made by one of the victims was retracted and she admits that she lied, while the other two are not what everyone is thinking. This family, including the victims supports this man and wrote TONS of letters to the DA and the judge asking for nothing more than probation. Now do you think grown women would do that for someone who abused them to the extent that this is being made out to be? I think not. They were more or less cohersed into making the statements in the first place, and until you know all of the facts, not a dang person should be anyone to make judgements. He could have gone to trial and gotten this dropped, however out of respect to his family and so called victims, he didn't want their names dragged through the mud, and took what he could get without putting them through that. You people need to take a long look at yourselves in the mirror and know what you are talking about before you do so, just as you would like done to you if you were ever put in a bad situation. THINK before you open your mouth!

@The thing about it is, you. You say you know the family yet you have no idea what you are talking about!!

Actually I know the family quite well, have for years and I've heard about this from 99% of them, so I know exactly what I'm talking about

I to know this family. Im pretty sure the family asked one of them to recant their story. Because I know some of the family worships the ground he walks on. I know the other two and highly doubt they would lie about something like this. It because of people like YOU that some victims never come forward because they are afraid that no one will believe them. You say the family supports Bob, well what about supporting those who were molested????? Oh and Bob do something for someone else, now thats a joke. Bob only does for Bob. And you say so called victims, you are a disgusting just as Bob is. I feel for the victims in this, I pray God comforts them and helps them thru this for the rest of their life. I pray God forgive you for not supporting the victims. Yes I did THINK before I opened my mouth. I thought on what to write all night. I just cant beleive you tell me to look in the mirror. Why dont you join the other and worship the ground Bob walks on.

Child predators need to be taken out back and shot. Give them a fair trial, sure, but if they're found guilty, get rid of them. Done. Problem solved.

lol, touche.

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