Antigo School Board No means No

How many times is the Antigo School Board going to put these referendums on the table WITHOUT listening to the people?

I can remember before the current high school was built and there was some definite opposition to those referendums also. It took quite some time before they were able to get the new high school.

What is it that the School Board doesn't understand? The voters have said no, more than once.

They need to stop running these unnecessary referendums, enough is enough!

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I noticed other school referendums did not pass either, the economy is just not good enough right now to be increasing property taxes.

Actually, this passed in the city of Antigo. The reason it failed was because the townships voted against it. Doesn't make sense to me because it is the country schools that are closing at the end of the year and those children are going to be crammed in to already overflowing schools in town. I would expect a new proposal in about 2 years and probably a different outcome once parents see how their children are actually affected.

Maybe the rural folks voted it down because they have higher property taxes?

Obviously it doesn't matter if it passed in the City of Antigo, they are not the only voters. I would guess that there is an older demographic in the rural areas, so they don't have kids in school anymore, they are just worried about the financial impact...

Now the school board will start working on finding ways to use loopholes, like they did in the past...

I was very happy to see the write up in the Antigo paper on Saturday (11/10/12) from Michael Monson. I wonder how the 'Our kids first' group will put that down, since he signed his name? I think very good points were raised and I truly believe that if the RIGHT things are done, we can resolve the issues without a new school, and without closing rural schools. Until the School Board and their following 'groups' decide to look at all angles with an open mind, they are just wasting everyone's time and money, period.

There was another good editorial in the Antigo paper yesterday, I think (Nov. 12) about how the School Board needs to listen to the voters and stop strong-arming us all into believing that the rural schools must be shut down now, when in reality, if the new mega school ref. would have passed, it would have meant leaving the rural schools open for another 2-3 years while the new school was being built. Some people around here just aren't looking at all sides and these stupid 'groups' and whatever don't seem to be doing any good besides making money for the newspaper.

Anyone see both the articles about the school issues in today's paper? Sounds like the People may just be getting through to the Board, since they seemed to actually put back on the table keeping the rural schools open for a couple more years. It's about time they listen!

I heard that the reason that the School Board wants to close the rural schools so badly is because there is some type of plan in the works for nursing homes, or at least for one of them...

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