What happened to AntigoBuzz.com website?

What happened to the AntigoBuzz site? I thought that since there is a post on here about an Antigo woman, maybe some people from Antigo go on this site and might know what is going on? It seemed as though it was running fine one day and then the next it was some weird page with links on it?

The rumors have already started and here's what I have heard so far:

They sold out
The website was hijacked
Some people who were upset about some of the posts found a way to take it over.
The government had something to do with it.

Has anyone gotten any real information and if so what?

Even though some of the content on the site was controversial, I found it to be entertaining and I also think there were many good points to it. I hope they bring it back...

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This makes me mad. they should have left it up there i loved that sight

I bet a LOT of people are happy about it, especially the ones who are in trouble with the law...

I heard they sold it

there is some pretty big stuff that is supposed to be going down in antigo and they made them take that website down so ppl wouldnt get it out there befre it happens. that what i herd

Glad that piece of trash is gone!

Why would you come on this site and take the time to post that? How ridiculous!

Amen Anonymous


they probably weren't making any money with it

I was pretty interested in the posts about the school referendum that they had posted. Maybe we could just post stuff on here for now?

that front page story the other day with the vehicles & bus was really stupid, the antigo paper makes it so obvious that they want the new school. completely biased imo

maybe the iceberg covered it up

maybe the "salts" took over.

who cares...

what a bummer

probably some of the big-named people bought it you know the ones that are supposed to get in trouble. ha. I bet nothing else will happen now since that site is gone

Before the website disappeared, the last comment I remember seeing was something about the feds & local cops. my guess is it had something to do with that.

I am not a facebook fan so do not visit that social networking site. Is the Antigo Buzz still alive and well on Facebook or is the site also hijacked there as well? Is anyone able to indicate if their page still remains viable there?

There has been no activity/posts on facebook from AntigoBuzz. There are posts from other people, generally asking the same question as here.

I found the AntigoBuzz to be a good tool to help the community in many ways, one of them being helping to get out the corruption of the authorities. It has been going on way too long around here.

I just liked reading the gossip and seeing who was in trouble.

I really hope that things don't go back to the way they were around Antigo before that website came along. The coverups and good ole boys BS need to stop once and for all. I am not the only one who feels that way and I will keep waiting and watching for the BIG iceberg to show up on the news. That principal should be going to court again soon and I hope they give him some real punishment instead of how they have been dealing with the others involved.

Antigo will never change, not as long as the same people are running it. The whole iceberg thing was ridiculous! The Sheriff has spoke out before and nothing ever came of it, what a joke!

Been on the net now since 1994 and I have never seen a site disappear so quickly and completely in eighteen years. Interesting to say the least.

This site only disappeared because someone made it happen. Stupid fools. I dont pay for internet so they can take the good shite away and charge me for some lame ass pages of people wondering where the hell did it go? I live in this town and I enjoyed what this site had to say. If you want to call that other thingy the "New Site" then go ahead, I dont need the internet that damn bad! See-Ya!!

To clarify, nothing on this website costs anything, it is all free. If you are referring to the "subscribe" links under posts and such, that is to subscribe to receive feeds, NOT to pay for anything.

This post does not make much sense to me? what exactly are you trying to say Silvia?

I would agree that it is strange. Seems like it may just be gone for good

What is it with all the conspiracy theories? It's a little ridiculous.

I hear barack obama shut down the site to prepare for martial law. I swear, I heard it from glen beck i think...



what is this supposed to mean?

I'm just saying that things are not getting through to me. I go to read something and I get just a piece of it. I go to read a story and it directs me to the comments on the article but im not seeing the article. I just feel something is not right here. If anyone has anything to say on this I would much appreciate it. Thanks.

Ok, so you are referring to the AntigoBuzz.com website as it is now? If that is the case,yes, it is a junk page and I wouldn't even go there anymore.

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