What is behind ordinance changes in Antigo?

I am sure all Antigonians know about the drug busts recently that included a former principal and area teachers, for possessing and some dealing marijuana, and I'm sure a good number also know about the recent change of an ordinance that allows small amounts of marijuana without criminal penalties, but has anyone really considered what might be going on here?

Most, if not all, of the former teachers had been charged with simple possession of THC, which isn't a big deal in anyone's eyes I don't think, so they have received plea deals with no jail, just probation and fines. The princpal /coach hasn't made a plea deal yet and is scheduled for a jury trial in January. We heard from Sheriff Greening that these small busts were just the tip of the iceberg.

Recently, the local ordinance was changed regarding possession of marijuana, so it is no longer a criminal offense if in small amounts and for first and second time offenders. I have to wonder if this change was implemented due to the current situations going on and in the works?

How big is this thing and is it being put off due to the changes taking place with legalization and such? Antigo was always SO anti-pot that I have a really hard time believing that there wasn't an underlying reason why that ordinance was passed and the speed in which it was done!

The coverups that have gone on here are just unfathomable and with the power of media now, there is no reason that it should continue. People need to speak up, and bring heat on those who have gotten away with this illegal activity for SO SO long!

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I don't know if I believe that the new ordinance was created because of the teachers, but, I do think that coverups have gone on around Antigo for a very long time and it needs to stop.

I don't think that the ordinance change has anything to do with the teachers. It is happening everywhere all across the country. It was becoming a time-consuming issue in the courtroom so in order to help keep things running smoothly they decided to change the way it's handled.

The timing of it all does seem suspicious, why now?
I agree that the more people speak up and put things out there, the more likely that the coverups will stop and the truth will come out. It is not fair that some are treated differently and the majority of people are the ones getting the shaft.

The paranoia is running rampant, seriously, get a grip!

You people need to just slow down and think for a bit. A simple discussion with Chief Roller would answer all your questions. This was in the works for about 2 years, so the timing is coincidence. The reason it was done is because charging someone with THC possession usually ends up costing the Antigo PD/City of Antigo over $2000 (between court costs, jailing the perp, public defender for many, etc), yet the fines collected are much less. It was a giant money losing proposition for the city. Not everything in the world is a conspiracy people....relax!!

I do not believe anything that the cops around here have to say, period.

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