Hopeful that Sheriff Greening will have opposition in next election

In a recent article in the Antigo paper, it stated that Bill Greening will be running for Sheriff again in the November election. I sincerely hope that Langlade County has not forgotten some of his public statements and hopefully he will have opposition in the election.

There are few things that rubbed me the wrong way with Sheriff Greening, one of them being the murder investigation Cathy Nameth. I can recall seeing the Sheriff on the news more than once stating that the investigation was close to being concluded and that he believed the person responsible would be found and prosecuted. I have yet to see or hear anything about that again in last few YEARS. So, what is happening there? An update would be nice.

Another statement that Greening made is still on this website, when he was on the phone with CNN and talking about how the big drug bust with the ex-principal was just the tip of the iceberg. Hmmm, not much happening with that now either. What's going on there Mr. Greening?

And wasn't he the Sheriff when Officer Jason Just was quietly removed due to his illegal actions with minor females?

Sorry Mr. Greening, but, I think you have proved to me that you are not who I want to see as Sheriff and at this point I will vote for anyone who runs against you!

source article - http://antigodailyjournal.com/index.php?ID=18296


I believe Greening was there when the crap went down with Jason Just, but, I think Just was a city cop, not county.

Well even if the cop was on the antigo part and not county I think the sheriff could have done something other then just let it go without any trouble for that cop. stupid and they should all have been fired after that deal

I agree! I hope someone runs against him. I used to get sick of him in his early years as Sheriff parking his car around bobs standard and sitting in there drinking coffee all morning. Must be nice to get paid to sit around and bs all morning . The Sheriff also made the statement that he has brought the department in under budget using grants. Don't get the illusion that he is writing grants and securing funds. The feds give grant money for every drug bust. That is why they make such a big hype when they go after pot smoker after pot smoker. They don't care about the weed. They are after those grant dollars to make it look like some super crime wave to justify their bloated existence in the county. Their own deputies have stated as much. "We know people are gonna smoke it but we don't want people growing it" were the words I recall. Under his leadership documented by their own court cases they after already having "buys" on heroin dealers continued to watch those dealers allowing them to hook more individuals instead of busting them as soon as they had the buys. Can anyone say job security? Yeah why not just sit back a few more months and let them hook your kids on that smack so we have more people to put in the system instead of taking the bums out after the buys were made. Greening surely was tooting his horn in the Nameth murder case. Stating how the case being solved was all but imminent. How about the Sheriff locating the missing teen girl? If your loved one is murdered or kidnapped you are out of luck. But if your family member is smoking the reefer they'll be by in a jiffy to lock you up. Yeah and even though Jason Just was a city cop the Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement position in this county. He could have investigated it but the blue wall tries to protect their own if they can. Which is why he was allowed to skate free.

All they care about is finding weed to secure their grant money. I turned in a minor girls admission that she had been having sex with a 25 year old person 8 or 9 years ago. The letter talked of having their "sh&t pushed in by the older man" When Greening came to my work to read the letter he only stated that he was concerned about the "420" reference. Yeah who cares a 25 year old is raping a minor in the butt when they're talking about weed. What an imbecile he is! To my knowledge the man was never charged with having sex with the young woman.

Not to mention letting a pedophile resign? Why didn't Sheriff Greening fire that Brayton the "hot cop" when it was found out that he was texting "dick" pics to little kids. Nah let him resign. What a tool! If as the head of the Sheriffs department you cannot bring yourself to fire someone who clearly was having inappropriate sexual conduct with minors then you yourself should not be in a position of leadership.

lets not forget kayla berg and how the cops handled that deal. if they would have done thir job like they are supposed to then maybe things would have turned out better.
i don't think something like that should ever be treated like a runaway case and why did the cops believe rumors anyway. how sad. he needs to go

Please, somebody run against him. Him and Bauknecht should be tarred and feathered. Embarrassments .Just about anybody could beat him. Anybody.

Any citizen can run for the position of Sheriff. You do not need a law enforcement background to run. I would encourage someone with some sense get their signatures collected by the June deadline.

A friend of mine said someone was running against him. Sounded like he is a cop but he don't work at the Antigo PD.

If not apd is it a county Deputy? or someone from outside the community who now lives here?

Not a Deputy in this county. From what I am told he has the experience needed. Sounds like he is what that department needs. I would vote for him.

I heard the same thing... someone that is in law enforcement and from Antigo

I've heard that Bill Greening has payed people off to keep an "embarrassing" secret quiet. I heard the secret had originated at some party, but that's just rumor. I agree that the Brayton and Just cases were a total failure on his part. I've come to realize that Antigo doesn't have a proper governments, just a small "elitist" group of people looking out for their own interests, such as Bill Greening, Ralph Uttke, and Freddie Burner, to name a few. They think they've been unnoticed, but to the contrary. Throw them all out.

Not sure he has payed anyone off but wouldn't be surprised if he had. I was told that same story a couple years back allegedly involving Bill and L.I. As the old saying goes Mr. Greening. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

I heard that two other people took out papers, one has some experience, lives in Antigo but works for another County and the other one just doesn't like the Sheriff

So f**king true

Can anyone say for sure if Joe Steigl (not sure on that spelling) is running for sheriff or not? I have heard rumors but nothing for sure


Yes joe stegall is running for sheriff!

Joe is a great person. Professional, humble, and common sense. Most people like that don't run for office. Good on him for running. My question would be where can we get a sign to put in the yard to support his campaign?

1) Greening is Sherriff, meaning County Department Jurisdiction.
2) Just and Brayton were under the jurisdiction of the Antigo Police Department-meaning under the jurisdiction of the Chief of Police.
3) Cathy Nameth's murder occurred while Steger was Sherriff. The investigation wasn't conducted properly and Greening has been following up on every possible lead since.
4) One of the leads that were being followed up on included information provided by a dying man, cancer.
5) The hardest part of the investigation includes tracking down the people who were partying up at one of the cabins on Loon Lake that weekend. They were never questioned to begin with-so tracking down who they were has been incredibly difficult.

As far as the rest of the charges and such for drugs and what not-you gave to look at the DA and court system.

I'm not sure about Just, but Brayton was a Sherriff's Deputy, meaning he was employed by the county.

Brayton was a County Officer and the Crimes took place in Elcho.

!) The County encompasses the City

2) Brayton was a county Deputy and Just was inside the County. The Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the County and can investigate a City cop in the wrong anytime he'd like to.

3) No matter when the murder occurred. Greening was the only one jumping on news stations telling the world that solving the case was all but imminent. So guess he should have kept his hole shut then.

4) Irrelevant due to answer on 3

5) Again irrelevant due to 3

6) Which you failed to number was Greenings fault again as nobody forced him to go onto CNN and talk about "The tip of the Iceberg" if he didn't even know what charges would be coming down the pipe from Ralph. So thanks for putting Greenings incompetence in a list form. Tell him to enjoy his last few months as Sheriff.

Chelle, you are not in touch with reality. Brayton was not Antigo Police , but, Langlade County Sheriff deputy. The most ignorant are the loudest.

Come on Greening is just spreading todays pussified version of freedumb. Like Antigo needs those Orwellian surveillance cameras all over downtown to monitor the public. On 5th ave by the bank, behind Smittys, and the one placed out the back of the safety building that can zoom to the front of Nicks tap. Why do they need all those cameras when they have officers circling like sharks around those blocks trying to drum up revenue. Aren't the sharks enough by themselves? Is he a democrat or part of the National socialist party? In a free society that is creepy to me.

Joe Stegall is running, and will make a awesome Sheriff!! He has roots in the community and actually cares about the people in it. Anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with him knows the type of stand up man he is. It's definitely time for a change an Joe is the man for the job.

Can't argue with a thing you stated. I agree and will be voting for him. The first vote he will be needing everyone to show up for is the primary against the cop from Forest County. What day is the primary election being held? I searched online but as usual nothing is listed.

Mr. Stegall could be the nicest guy in the world, but he has no law enforcement experience. He is a Corrections Officer. How can we have a Sheriff with no law enforcement background other than corrections? The Sheriff is the go to guy when Deputys, Dispatchers and Jailers need direction. If you have no experience or training, where does the guidance come from? You can be the nicest guy in the world but, that doesn't mean your qualified for the position. Wurtinger is not from Forest Co. He is a Deputy Sheriff who works for Forest Co. He lives in Antigo and has all of his life. He is a resident of our community. He is very personable and easy to talk to. I have know him for years. He also worked for the Langlade Co. Sheriff's Dept prior to taking a job in Forest Co. He has Jail experience, Law Enforcement experience and Emergency Medical Services experience. Please keep in mind, we are talking about the protection of our community and the service to our public. It takes years of training and experience to gain the knowledge in how to do that...... :)

If a person NEEDED law enforcement experience to be Sheriff it would be a requirement now wouldn't it? So why lie? A Sheriff manages the department much like any other manager at any other occupation. Determining how and why and where Deputies should be be used given current resources. They also oversee the operation of the Jail facility to make sure it is running smoothly and that staff is handling business. To your comment trying to minimize Mr. Stegalls credentials you state "...we are talking about the protection of our community and the service to our public" Any able bodied person with common sense has the know how to protect and serve their or anyone elses community. It is not something that is only exclusive to Deputies. Brayton(sexual assault), Just(alleged misdeeds with girls and alleged evidence room misdeeds), Hetto(sexual assault), and a current cop(buying stolen property) have law enforcement experience. How's that working out? Their experience gained in law enforcement surely didn't help protect the community. It gave them a short lived immunity blanket. I feel safer already. (sarcasm) How much training does one need to know the law? The way a good many police operate these days I would guess they had very little training to begin with. Feel free to list how you are going to run the department that much differently than the person who is occupying the position currently. Lastly we have had Sheriffs who had no prior Law Enforcement training and they handled the position fine. As any intelligent able bodied adult could do. Feel free to state your position but blow smoke up someone elses backside. That don't fly around here.

To begin with I am not lying about anything. I guess nobody is entitled to an opinion unless of course their opinion is one that you would agree with. I never said you have to have experience to run for the Office of Sheriff. #2 I am not running for that Office, so I don't feel I need to "list" how I am going to run the department. I already have a job! #3 The Officers NAMES you mention are no longer employed as law enforcement officers....are they? #4 People in managerial positions are usually promoted to those positions because they have gained the knowledge of the job either by training or experience. Finally....shame on you for stereotyping police for the actions of a few bad officers. You should talk about blowing smoke!

Shame on your damn self. One is still employed with Antigo P.D. and one of them was allowed to skate without any repercussions by those still in management.

I heard the feds took stuff out of one officer's house but never heard anything else after that, perhaps he is one that you are speaking of? although I believe he is a county cop

Nope. one cop on current APD payroll was busted years back for buying or receiving stolen property or something of that nature. He is still a cop. Was demoted from Lieutenant to patrolman and has now worked his way back up to Sgt.

The other person in question was Officer Jason Just who was also a city cop. With what he is alleged to have been doing I would guess that is the one you are referring to if indeed the feds went through anybodys home. Not a Deputy. Other than Brayton the pedophile and Greening embellishing things to news networks the Sheriffs Department has had fewer corrupt people than the city has. Not defending either. Just stating the facts.

You said ".shame on you for stereotyping police for the actions of a few bad officers. You should talk about blowing smoke!"

If the person is blowing smoke as you assert. How many good cops have the public heard from regarding their outrage that these bad cops have not only tarnished their image but that some were allowed to get away with what they did? I'll tell ya how many. ZERO, 0, nadda, not one. I won't be holding my breath waiting for the very first write in to the Antigo Daily Journal from one of the "good" cops in this county who openly condemns the actions of Just or of the other cop being allowed to still remain. Because it will never happen. So take your self-righteous spiel someplace people fall for your garbage.

Primary is August 12th

Joe has more than enough experience. He knows first hand how to take charge and make decisions quickly and effectively. I have a good hunch that if Joe gets in there WILL be a change and 180 degree turn around with all the underhanded and corrupt dealings in the whole police dept.

Ok! Will Joe also be willing to break up the long running click in the Corrections Dept?
Management needs a fresh face there and not be passed down to another internal person.

Great question that you would have to ask him. I personally don't think he would have a problem with that. However I'm not him so cannot speak for him. I do understand what you are saying though. If it was only internal that would be one thing but it was a position handed down from husband to wife. Baker to Baker. Nepotism at it's finest.

To Anti Go, 6/9/14 8:36 am, so if Joe is such a stand up, honest kind of guy, why has he sat by until now and been satisfied to simply "watch" the underhanded and corrupt things going on in the police department. Wouldn't the proactive thing be to make a call into the state to have an investigation begun on these "illegal" activities? Also, the police chief is not up for re-election. Does that mean the sheriff's department is exempt from any of these activities/dealings?
To Concerned,Wed, 6/11/14 7:41 am, I also agree that a fresh face is needed there, but not by someone internal. I'd prefer to see someone from the outside realm come in and clean house.
And last to Anonymous,Wed, 6/11/14 11:56 am, Nepotism has no place in any business, especially in the Safety Building. I couldn't agree with you more. Resentment and dissension can easily set in among other employees prompting low moral, let alone safety concerns when family works under/for family.
To that I pose this question, doesn't Joe Stegall and his wife both work in the jail? I think a crystal ball might reveal his wife stepping into the jail administrator position when Baker retires. Now that is the ultimate in nepotism! Pretty convenient to have your spouse as the sheriff when you want to advance your career.
I see more negatives to Mr. Stegall being elected than positives.

Joe and his wife are good people and I don't see them doing what your imagination has conceived. They have never come across as greedy or power hungry people. They are both down to earth and nice people and that is coming from someone who is not in the habit of giving compliments to those with a uniform on. Operate on facts not assumptions. There is only 1 person running from outside "the realm" as you put it. So at least we know which camp you are from. If your guy is a stand up guy why did he start working in Langlade County only to take a job with another county? Then come back and run for Sheriff when it's time to advance the career? My take and I could be mistaken but my take is that those in the department know Greenings days are numbered so they are trying to bring in one of their own to plug in so it can be business as usual. Forest County is like Langlade north. So no Deputy coming from their is a fresh outsider. That is my opinion on the matter. I'm sure others will have their own take on the situation.

To Major Concerns: you might want to get a new crystal ball. I have no intentions of applying for the JA position, and I'm pretty sure that the county board also has a say in who's hired. If that's your negative spin to Mr Stegall being Sheriff you might want to check your "crystal ball" again. So please stop making assumptions.

Regardless of who are in favor of, hopefully you get out and campaign for that person, if you don't vote please don't give your opinion, winners and losers may be the difference between 1 or 2 votes, look at the school board race. If you want to make a difference make sure you get involved, complaining about it is the easy way out.

Major concerns..remove your head from your -ss! You want our county to keep running like crap than keep your head up greenings -ss.

I guess I would like to address Jess who so eloquently told me to remove my head. You may want to take a reading class as I stated I prefer someone from outside the realm of the safety building to win the sheriff's position. So maybe you are the one with your head firmly inserted, not I.
To Tammy, Good to hear that you truly don't want to continue the nepotism going on in the county. I mean you no harm, but have to be skeptical. That is what makes a person an informed member of the voting public. (Yes Antigoian that is directed at you, I do vote)
As to Anonymous from Saturday, I don't recall saying that the Stegall's are not good people. The person I support can defend himself, I do not care to get into that debate here. I am anxious to see what the two Republican candidates have to say, to hear their full background (from them and not anyone interjecting their personal ideals), qualifications and views on where this county should be headed. It is interesting how you refer to Forest County as Langlade North, I take it you either live or work there so you have intimate knowledge of the county and can accurately assess the two? If not, you have just done a very good job of letting your own imagination conjure up conceived assumptions. (Kind of the same with assuming the other candidate is simply a puppet for the present department. Care to share where your facts for this statement are coming from? Funny how you trash talk me for voicing my own concerns, but yet feel qualified in giving yours.
I agree that Greenings days are numbered, as they should be. He has been as ineffective as a sheriff as possible.

You state " I don't recall saying that the Stegall's are not good people" You implied that they were not good people with your statement implying they would be no different than the Bakers and would immediately use the position for gain by advancing a spouses career not performing the tasks of the office honorably. If that wasn't an attempt to besmirch someones character then no comment ever was. It was nice of you to apologize in your reply earlier to her.

My comment referring to Forest County as Langlade North is common knowledge that you can read in any newspaper. Maybe read more? Several of their Deputies are from the Langlade County area and they just did a huge write up in the paper a few months back of the Langlade County drug investigator working with their guys in Forest County to bust a large group of people from that county. Change is coming to the department. Good Ol' boys don't like change. It's about to get interesting under the big top. Hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up! (cue circus music) Like I asked you earlier and you declined to answer. If this Forest County Deputy had such a concern for Langlade County. Then if he was employed here why take the job up there? If you took the job up there why come back just to advance your career when it's obvious by your choice of employment where you chose to work?

Look at the brightside and let's focus on the things we can all agree on.

1 Greening days are numbered 2 He has been ineffective as Sheriff.

Really....I have to go with *Major Concerns* on this one. If Forest County is commonly known as being "Langlade North" What is Oneida County.... Langlade Northwest? Shawano County....Langlade South? You know Oneida Co assisted us the other other night when the cops had that stand off with the armed man. So did Marathon Co. It's called Mutual Aid....Cops helping Cops. No Good Ole' Boys system going there. As far as "several deputy's" being from Langlade Co. and working for Forest Co. Again....your are wrong....check their website. There are only two and one of them lives in Antigo and is running for Sheriff. Who knows why that Deputy left Langlade Co. to work for Forest County. I probably be would be willing to bet it had something to do with how the department here was being run. People don't have the right to switch jobs? Nobody ever does that? Is there a law against doing that? If that's not an attempt to besmirch somebody's character, then I don't know what is. The fact of the matter is Stegall has no experience. A Sheriff needs a law enforcement background and if you think I am wrong, feel free to call the other 72 County Sheriffs in the State and get their opinion on that. I bet everyone of them tells you a person needs experience to be a an effective Sheriff. One more thing...as far as nepotism, that has always been a problem at the Sheriff's Dept. The fact of the matter is Stegall's work in the Jail, same shift, same hours and they are husband and wife. That is more Good Ole Boys than a Langlade County Drug investigator working with other County's.

When will the 2 Republican candidates be debating one another? So we can hear them both out.

Dear Anonymous, sorry that I can't do anything about how you personally interpret what I write. Asking if they intend to use the office of sheriff for personal advancement of a spouse is not saying they are not good people. Its just getting them to state their intentions. Shame that you need to slander the Baker's by implying they are bad people. Guess you must know them personally to make that kind of a statement. And if you do, I would be amazed if they consider you a friend.
As to getting your "approval" for my comment to Tammy, don't really care what you think about it as it was not directed at you.
I need to inquire as to how much reading you yourself does. I did read about the two agencies working together on a drug investigation, nothing new or odd there. Seems like that happens quite frequently, not only hear but across the state and country. Take last week's Antigo Daily Journal article about a standoff. I recall reading in black and white how Langlade County called Oneida and Marathon Counties for assistance. By your definition, Langlade should then be called Marathon East and Oneida South. Nice job on discrediting the job done by some very hard working, "good people" law enforcement officers of this county.
I think you may want to pull your head out of that Big Top you are under.
Also on the subject of reading, I did in fact answer the question you posed about the Forest County officer running for sheriff. It is not my place to try and assume why he left Langlade County for a job up there, or why he feels it it time to return. As I do recall reading in the newspaper, he is still a resident of this county so that would make this home for him, don't you agree? How about you hold on until all the facts are unfolded before you throw out the smoke and mirrors.
Other than the two points you closed with, we agree on very little.


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