Hopeful that Sheriff Greening will have opposition in next election

In a recent article in the Antigo paper, it stated that Bill Greening will be running for Sheriff again in the November election. I sincerely hope that Langlade County has not forgotten some of his public statements and hopefully he will have opposition in the election.

There are few things that rubbed me the wrong way with Sheriff Greening, one of them being the murder investigation Cathy Nameth. I can recall seeing the Sheriff on the news more than once stating that the investigation was close to being concluded and that he believed the person responsible would be found and prosecuted. I have yet to see or hear anything about that again in last few YEARS. So, what is happening there? An update would be nice.

Another statement that Greening made is still on this website, when he was on the phone with CNN and talking about how the big drug bust with the ex-principal was just the tip of the iceberg. Hmmm, not much happening with that now either. What's going on there Mr. Greening?

And wasn't he the Sheriff when Officer Jason Just was quietly removed due to his illegal actions with minor females?

Sorry Mr. Greening, but, I think you have proved to me that you are not who I want to see as Sheriff and at this point I will vote for anyone who runs against you!

source article - http://antigodailyjournal.com/index.php?ID=18296


How are you going to come on here and get after someone posting as anonymous when you posted the very same way? lol! Oh anonymous one! I take offense because the person who posted the comment on their page has in the past also posted outright lies on their fb page as fact. Like with the saturation incident when all the state patrol and locals found it necessary to flood town and pull over God knows how many people. That same person posted a lie that the locals were not involved and had no idea. When in fact they did participate and had full knowledge. This isn't about an election for me. It is about calling that person out on their bs. If you work for the public. The public should be able to trust what comes out of your mouth or your fb page. When a person who works for the public posts lies masquerading as truth and 3 days later the Sheriff admits that the locals participated proving that person working for the public was lying then I take issue with that. Better to have said nothing than to lie to the public. Or do you disagree with that as well? Also anyone anywhere is afforded free speech anytime and any place in this country. Doesn't mean someone cannot take issue with said speech. Especially in the 2nd instance when from the mouth of their own "boss" their words are proven to be lies. Have a great week anonymous!

Oh, I love it... inter office squabble. This s#it is gonna get real. You obviously work at the safety building and know the inside scoop, how else would you know this was a lie or what their "boss" said, or know what their facebook page says. Being a fan of saying "have a great week", I tend to think you are the same person who posted earlier saying the same thing but professes to not be affiliated with Stegall. Something doesn't smell right.
Give me a second to get my popcorn and soda, settle back in my easy chair and watch the show.

Just because someone knows what the post is about doesn't necessarily mean that they work at the safety building. I know exactly what this is about and I don't work there. I saw the post on fb and then later read what the Sheriff said about it, which was completely the opposite of what that person claimed to be true.

So,by your post you don't work at the Safety Building but have intimate knowledge of what information is provided to the employees there?
You are either clairvoyant or psychic. Hope you choose to use those powers for good use as opposed to bad.

Inter office squabble? Uh no. I have no problem making the statement that I have never worked with any governmental agency and am not nor have ever been affiliated with any candidates campaign ever. I know what their boss said because he made the statement to the paper and it was printed approximately 3 days after the lie was posted. If you read the paper you would know it also. I know what the other person said as I have friends who are friends with that particular person. So take your popcorn and soda and go catch a movie not going to get much more interesting. Unless they decide to lie more in the future. Then I'll call them out again. Take care. It is ok to say take care isn't it? Or has someone typed that before also? Maybe good year then? Or happy festivus?

I agree with Wait Just a Minute. Someone let out a little too much information and now they are trying to back pedal. It is pretty obvious who's "camp" they are in. Once again, say what you want about Greening or Wurtinger but watch what you say about Stegall. Your will be accused of slander or your a liar, joke, clown. Boo Hoo!

What is in the water around here? "Wait a minute" didn't even reply back to me. They replied to another poster. Why would I need to back pedal? Everything I have stated is the absolute truth. If it wasn't the persons cited by me could easily have these statements pulled and file a claim against me. Guess what? They never will because I have only said the truth. Don't give a damn if you believe it or not really.

To "wait a minute" : No by my post. Not by whomevers post you replied to. Ask the admin to run a ip trace and you'll see we aren't the same person. The schools around here must not teach critical thinking eh? I actually welcome any person to sue me for the statements I've made. Please by all means bring it. Guess how many are going to come forward and do so. NONE. Because one would have to be lying for them to even bother and anyone I have alluded to or mentioned knows it's the truth. Please be dumb enough to try though.

Ive read more Stegall bashing comments than any Wurtinger comments so I don't know why some are saying that all Stegall supporters are bashing him when it is quite the opposite. Please stop spreading lies and saying that Stegall supporters are bashing Wurtinger and are being the ones causing all the drama. From what Ive read most of theses comments are about Stegall and bashing him or trying to make him and his supporters seem dumb or childish. If anyone reads these comments they can clearly see who is being bashed and who is doing the bashing

More Stegall bashing than anything else? I see people pointing out a discrepancy in what information Stegall provided to the journal and what is factual. But what is coming from his supporters is a spewing of name calling. Hmm..questioning his credibility vs. juvenile retaliation.

Apparently you have not been following along. Several post from Stegall supports have been pulled down and rightfully so. One being the personal attack on a Langlade Co. Dispatcher and telling everyone she is a liar. Completely untrue and completely uncalled for. This election is between Greening and Stegall now and unfortunately that Dispatcher got caught in the cross fire. I personally feel neither candidate is the man for the job but that is just my opinion. I am entitled to an opinion, am I not? Does that make me a Wurtinger supporter, probably so. I think the guy should run as a Write In. He showed professionalism and actually told the people what he planned on doing as Sheriff.

My posts are still up and have not been pulled down as they are factual and I stand by them. You just have to click back one page as this particular topic has garnered 4 pages of comments. I won't keep going on about it. But stand by my words. Take care.

Apparently you are the one not following along. No posts have been deleted. The assertions made against the dispatcher were completely true. Furthermore if she pushes the issue and brings it into a legal venue I will subpoena everyone from her facebook friends list as well as the deleted statements from her fb account on Facebooks server logs to prove my point. So why lie get a grip? Or if you believe yourself not to be lying why speak on what you don't know factually? You state the assertions were completely untrue. We already have read other posters on this thread who have also stated that they had read the fb posts in question. Are they crazy or lying? lol! I may not know their identity but if need be will subpoena them as well. The beauty of computer forensics is that even when someone deletes something it can be retrieved. Unless of course your close friends with Mr. Zuckerberg I doubt he is going to withhold deleted files from your account if needed. I do agree with you that you are certainly entitled to your opinion. The dispatcher put herself in the crossfire by knowingly or unknowingly making untrue statements regarding the saturation patrol. If she didn't know she shouldn't have spoken on it and if she did know she lied. Being that she is a dispatcher I would lean towards it being darn near impossible that she didn't know of the local participation in said event. I also find it mildly amusing that only 3 people were kicking around the idea of not conceding and writing Sam in for the general election. The dispatcher in question being the first to bring up the idea on Sams fb campaign page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sam-Wurtinger-for-Sheriff/765182163549429 If I was a betting man I would venture to say I'm most likely carrying on a conversation with her right now. But who knows right? You are certainly entitled to vote for whomever you'd like to. However if you are truly trying to get the Republican candidate elected then splitting the Republican vote would be foolish at best. Unless your motive is to get Greening back in by dividing his opposition. Again that is your prerogative but foolish in my opinion. I do find it odd that some on here have accused me of being a Stegall supporter and some have claimed I must be a friend of Sam. When I haven't even voted. Would someone call me a Greening supporter so I could be well rounded and cover all the bases? This is the last time I will be addressing this topic. I would have hoped they would have just admitted their wrong and moved on. Apparently they are in denial mode to the end. Not to worry all my i's are dotted and t's crossed. I am prepared to stand by my words to whatever degree I am forced to defend them. Let the chips fall where they may. I will not be replying to anymore of your posts on this thread. I'm sick of kicking this horse. It's dead and lying in the road and I don't want to boot it again. I'm sure you'll try to taze it to bring it back but I am done with it.

Oh Boy.....subpoena everybody from her facebook friends list. Wow, now that's a lot of subpoenas. You go get your subpoenas and run your I.P. traces and let me know how that works out for you! If you think post won't edited or removed from the fourm, you just go right ahead and think that if that's what makes you happy. One other little piece of advice, I would be cautious in gauging Sam Wurtinger for Sheriff facebook page by only 3 people suggesting he run as a write in. One other thing, I feel very confidant in saying this, you are most certainly not a friend of Sam. In closing, I say we all rally and try to get Mr. Wurtinger to run as a write in.

Just how many individuals have to be crucified on here before you people will be happy? Tell me what purpose it serves to tear a person down? Will you finally stop and feel justified when you have completely destroyed their life? What did they do to you? Where did they come on here and personally attack you? I fail to see it, and do not understand why the vehement need to call them out at this time.
Is this a case of I need to make myself look better by bashing another? Well congratulations, put yourself on a pedestal and deem yourself the winner.

Apparently your life and perception of reality revolves around the Buzz and Facebook.... Since that is the case, and yes I AM a Wurtinger supporter, I also would love to see him run as a write-in candidate for sheriff. btw, I haven't posted this anywhere else.

Subpoenas and courtrooms and threats oh my! Wow, you really have anger issues if one person can make you so aggressive.
So they took something off their Facebook page, big whoop. It is their page and there is such a thing as personal choice. And as to whether or not a post on Buzz has been removed, well that is the prerogative of the administrator. Ah, free will.
Computer forensics... that's a big word, or do you watch a lot of CSI? You do know that real life problems/crimes aren't solved in an hour time span, don't you?
Let me make this as plain as possible.... get over it!
Since we seem to be taking a survey, and I just love surveys, I too support Sam Wurtinger and would be thrilled if he ran as a write-in. Oh wait, I can vote that way even if he doesn't. And before you get back up on your soap box, it has nothing to do trashing Greening or Stegall, I personally, (I can have a personal opinion yet, can't I?) felt he was the best suited to take over the position.
How about you find an original name to call yourself, Im not certain anymore which anonymous you are. Hate to address the wrong one.

Hey anonymous with anger problems, I'm all in to write Wurtinger's name in for sheriff. Add me to your list.
Or, as you went on your rant, no where did I see anyone else talking about legal action. You seem to be the only short fuse here.

When somebody posts on here that I am a liar. Yes I take great offense to that. Anyone is free to have an opinion and no difference of opinion would get me angry. However if you state someone is lying when they are not don't be surprised when they get pissed off. Happy Festivus! I'm over it.

I would vote for any candidate for Sheriff instead of Greening. I would vote for a Scarecrow before I voted for Greening. The APD and Greening are a joke that cannot do any actual police work unless they have an informant. Keep it up with the "Heroin busts" that never happened, keep taking our taxpayer dollars and wasting them on a defunct war on drugs in this town. Most of the people here only smoke marijuana, Bath Salts is nearly a thing of the past, at least I haven't heard very much about them recently. This town gives excuse after excuse as to why there's such an increase in police presence and yet they offer no results. OUT WITH GREENING!

So happy to see the residents of Langlade County did not buy into Stegall's garbage and put Greening back in office. You can't fabricate your education or exaggerate it and think people will not see through you.

Looks like Greening beat Stegall. Congrats Bill


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