Former Pastor skipped court on sex charges

The former pastor, Edward "Freddie" Fleming, failed to appear in court on Tuesday for sexual related charges.

He is charged with first degree child sex assault by sexual contact with person under the age of 13 and felony bail jumping.

At one point, he had fled to California but was extradited to Wisconsin to face the allegations. He has since undergone competency testing and he was released from jail on a signature bond.

It was stated on this blog that he was released due to health related reasons & was sent to a hospital for rehab in another state.

A hearing was scheduled on Tuesday, where he failed to appear.

How long is it going to take before this man goes to trial and receives his punishment (if any) and how many times is the Court going to release him so that he can skip court?


UPDATE 08.07.2014 - According to court records, a warrant has been issued for his arrest.


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Amen, another who believes he is above the law.

He needs to receive his punishment!

he will have his day in court, cases can take years to get to the trial level, what is so disturbing is the judge letting this man out to run and skip court once again, while in other cases that have no merit other than he said she said crap, the judge nails them with 5 and 10 thousand cash bonds


When the corrupt violators of constitutional rights can rake in so much easy money by targeting nonviolent too poor to defend themselves marijuana and prohibited medicine users, why would they want to be bothered with stuff like this? They have no personnel with the intelligence to do police work.End the failed war on drugs. Restore community confidence in law enforcement and court.Free them to hire adequate personnel to get real police work done.

He had a masive stroke and is still in the hospital recovering.

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