Child Pornography and Day Care?????

I find it extremely alarming that the address on file for Brandon Neemann who is charged with 3 counts of possession of child pornography in Langlade County is the same address for Lovable Huggable Day-care run by Georgianna DeHart.
This is very disturbing !!!
Is anyone protecting the little children in this home????


That is totally MESSED up!!!

You could not be more wrong with these accusations, I work within this company and no such person lives here. Check your facts before you post such slanderous accusations.

FACT: CCAP lists his address as 236 FRED ST. ANTIGO
FACT: DeHart's day care is at 236 FRED ST. Antigo

FACT: CCAP lists his address as 236 Fred St.
FACT: DeHart's daycare is at 236 Fred St.
FACT: I am disturbed by this.
FACT: I am wondering if the children are protected!

Perhaps it is an old address of his? If you look at the court record, the addresses do match.

Perhaps, and I would think as a business owner who has a lot at stake I would work very hard to clarify that.

No they dont match

What doesn't MATCH. plaids and stripes????? Look into the court history and see that on 8/7/14 a CHANGE OF ADDRESS NOTIFICATION was filed listing his new address as PO Box 292 Antigo. PRIOR Address 236 Fred Street. So again... hold your hands up. find the L push the button and BYE BYE!!!!

The same people have lived in that house since I was a child, pretty sure it's not a prev address.

Charges have not been made. At this point it is an accusation. Innocent until proven guilty! Some people just like to run their mouths huh? ;)

Brandon W. Neemann of Fred Street, 23, is charged with three counts of possession of child pornography, which occurred in March. An initial appearance is scheduled for September 8.
This was just copy and pasted from the police log.
If you can get someone to read this for you ,you will see it says he is CHARGED with these crimes. You are an IDIOT ! Get a dictionary .Or a speak n spell.
He is PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty and has not been convicted! But HE HAS BEEN CHARGED!!!!

He does not live there.....but has been at the house during daycare hours and when children were around. I have seen him there!!!!!!!

This is disturbing and if he does not live there he must be close enough to those who do to use their address as his.

You people are ridiculous with your accusations. Cut the drama and shut your mouths.

The 1st amendment of the constitution of the United States of which Wisconsin is one of and Antigo is a city therein affords us FREEDOM OF SPEECH Sooooooooooooooooo
who has to shut their mouth. No one has mad an accusation FACTS were only pointed out and questions pondered .You appear to have the market cornered on DRAMA.

First of all, my name is Doug Theisen, I live at 619 Mendlik Ave, in Antigo. I got the balls to attach my name to something I write. There are three steps to this process. Cited-issued a ticket by the police, Charged-prosecutor makes formal charges, Verdict (Innocent or Guilty) determined by the court of law. Now Brandin is in the charged phase, but you candy -ss anonymous people have him as a guilty person. I was born and raised this town, growing up here feel free to check out your CCAP if you would like, you will find lots of vehicle citations, and a restraining order, check out the name on who wrote the vehicle citations. I was being harassed by law enforcement in my teens. The restraining order, if you threaten to cause harm to my family, and tell me that you know where they live their addresses and phone numbers you damn well better believe to expect some form of reprisal from me! With that being said let’s look back a few years to officers of our city who were guilty of charges while on duty no less, Teachers in our community and their convictions. When it comes to me I was charged with a few disorderly conducts, take the time to think what does a disorderly conduct sound like to you? What do you think it means? Actually what a disorderly conduct is classified as is a “catch-all” from drunk in public, disturbing the peace or loitering, pretty much an officer can site this to a person if they would belch in a restaurant, because it would qualify according to the law for this misdemeanor.
My point is this that officers, make mistakes, our judicial system has its procedures, but many of the laws are flawed, taken advantage of, abused, and manipulate the system and procedures of our judicial law. How many people have been convicted that are innocent?
Maybe Brandin is guilty of whatever his charges are, and maybe he is not, but what gives you the right to make comments like that, to a person who hasn’t reached that process of innocent or guilty? You destroy not only his reputation, but that of the day care center, and for what? Do you feel better about yourself Chicken Little? Running around “the sky is falling, the sky is falling” do you like to cause drama? Get people worked up? Or are you just some vengeful, atheist person, who is self-righteous, and pathetic that the only way you can feel good about yourself is by the pain of others. In the history of our country its people like you mr./mrs anonymous, who do the most damage to people’s lives! People like you devalued and dehumanized, Native Americans who slaughtered them, forcing them from their lands, to lives of desolation and no hope and nothing to do it with! People like you that tore apart families in Africa to create slaves, and the many atrocities they had to endure, the Chinese, the Jews, the gay and lesbians, your not happy unless your hating something or somebody, how about a little heads up why don’t you tell us who is next on this list to be hated? Or is it what it appears to be people with charges on them and Day care centers?
GET A LIFE that is real!

no drama, haters, etc. - but didn't you have some input about Mr. Bieri some time ago?

Wow, sounds like someone needs some help. To blow up and call a person with a VALID point the reason for all that has gone wrong in the history of humanity is verging on hyperbole don't you think? The fact is this site is a place for people to discuss, and yes gossip about what goes on in town. If you are going to cry like babies over having this site for this reason, why don't you visit every restaurant in town while coffee time with the older guys goes on and whine about THEIR gossip? How about visiting playgroups and parks to shout at the Mommies who chat and gossip there. Hey why not even stop by church after services when the coffee clan hangs around and....what's that? GOSSIPS! Gee golly gosh. If you want to stop gossip in a small town you have your work cut out for you. Some people NEED to vent or they will start slapping every idiot around and others think, boy if MY child went to a daycare where someone was charged with ANYTHING in that context I want to know NOW...not when they are potentially pulling pictures of my child off the pervert web spun by sickos! So to sum up my rant , Quit whining, NOBODY is FORCING you to read this. And if someone IS forcing you to read this they sure aren't forcing you to reply....The End!

Well put. It never ceases to amaze me how many people cry and whine about simply pondered facts and news articles here. Don't log on and for sure don't stop by this page. That is what the BUZZ is for.

no offense to anyone here, but, I find that any "news" is really just fact-stated gossip. There are questions asked on this post and they are good questions. I would want to know if a man charged and/or convicted of having child porn was in, near or living at my child's day care center. It is very reasonable in my opinion.

Unfortunately, at this point, your "good questions" are invalid at this point. The only facts in this post are:

A. That Brandon Neemann is, at this point, being accused, but not found guilty of Child Pornography. You can read further about the basics of the legal process in Mr. Theisen's post in this discussion.

B. There's a lot of people here that either don't know what the hell their talking about, or they are simply the common internet troll who has nothing better to do than sit in their parent's basement and surf the net and start drama, all the while thinking their cool by using the name "Anonymous". That is a name that is reserved for an elite few, if none, in this town.

I would suggest that you read other people's posts and do some research before slandering other people. Have yourself a nice day.

no drama, haters, etc. - but didn't you have some input about Mr. Bieri some time ago?

I find it interesting and a bit amusing when Anonymous people post sh*t like get a life, basement internet trolls etc .WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THIS??? Oh that's right, you are not in your parents basement rather in your own GLASS HOUSE!!!.
THIS VENUE IS TO COMMENT AND RANT ABOUT THINGS RATHER THAN RIP YOUR FACE OFF. If you don't like it there is an arrow button on the left upper corner of your screen. That is the side ,if you hold up your hands your thumb and index finger (Mr. Pointer) will make an L. Click on that and say BYE BYE

LMAO...I like the way you talk:-)

First off, my name isn't listed as "Anonymous", fool. Learn to read. Furthermore, I am not in a glass house. This is supported by the fact that I'm not here to slander someone's name. I am simply posting facts, and use this site to keep tabs on the community that I live in. This case at this point has not yet reached the stage where he would be found guilty/not guilty.

A simple online search on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access system would prove this, I'll even provide a link to the case at the end of this post. Trolls are commonly too lazy to do their research, and often have poor spelling and grammar in their posts, just as you do.

Here's the link, as previously mentioned:;jsessionid=BE834E4097FB7CE2103E9...

I don't think it was a misreading of your name..... I think being called Anonymous instead of Anomaly was based on the fact that I seriously doubt ANOMALY is on your Birth Certificate...maybe I'm wrong but yeah I'm guessing you were called anonymous because you are not using your ACTUAL NAME! Or maybe it was being used in the generic sense..example...Adults use being anonymous as an excuse to call others names like children. BTW on CCAP I see there is a request to change address on this case, but previous address IS listed as the same one used by the Day Care like the OP said. So I don't see why people are flipping out over what was said. OP DIDN'T say he was GUILTY just that charges were filed and the addresses match and it's disturbing. I guess I don't see a lie filled slander of a post. I see some basic facts that nobody who looked up the CCAP page and the mention of the charges, on this very site, could deny what is in front of their own eyes. I also would be disturbed by something like that. How can someone NOT be...It is part of what makes us human, knowing WHEN something is wrong and WHY it's wrong. It's not like it was made up purely for malicious reasons.

I suppose your right, judging others makes most of us human. However, some of us choose to rise up and become a better breed of human. I choose not to give in to that basic, twisted impulse. Until this man is tried by a jury of his peers, I will not say anything bad about that man. Hell, if I saw him on the street, I'd talk to him like nothing was wrong. Yes, indeed. Some of us are of a better breed. After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box.

You yourself shouldn't talk about not using our real names, "OnlyHuman"? Come on now. I choose not to use the name "Anonymous" out of respect for those on the internet who truly are.

That better breed thinking is the EXACT mindset that led to the rise of Nazi' believe you are a better breed of human, so does that make those not JUST like you a lesser breed of human? Because if there is better, lesser must exist. Hitler and the mindless drones that helped perpetrate one of the worst examples of twisted humanity also thought they knew better. Who gives you the right to determine who is better and who is inferior? By saying you are a better breed of human, you are JUDGING me...but you rise above such base traits, do you not? As a stay at home mom who also cares for my ill, disabled and elderly grandfather who requires as much, if not MORE care than my homeschooled daughter, when I grab a moment at the end of the day I realize I'm too tired to worry or care what ANYONE other than my Loved ones and the Lord think of what kind of person I am.

I don't get what that last statement means...I choose not to use the name Anonymous out of respect for those on the internet who truly are. Please explain how that means respect. I don't understand how NOT using Anonymous, a "name" used by MILLIONS online somehow makes you better than the rest of us. It makes ZERO sense

If you haven't heard of "Anonymous" as a noun, then perhaps you live under a rock. My statement only needs to make sense to those that would read and understand hat I say.

As for the better breed of human, I don't want to take anyone off of the face of the earth. It's the "lesser" as you put it that work for the "better" breed. Face it, some people just have larger goals in life, and therefore accomplish more. I applaud those that do settle for less, however, and am not trying to put them down in any way whatsoever. What's good for one person isn't always good for another. The old saying "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander", isn't always true.

I also would like to thank you for pointing out that I indeed judge people, but on a different scale and different level than what you do. See, I don't care who you are. You may be someone that's never committed a crime, a thief, or even a murder... if you respect me, I respect you. Plain and simple.

Of course I know my nouns, it still makes no sense how not using a freaking noun makes you special. I guess I don't understand HAT you are saying. Damn trolls and their typos!!!!

You are right, I did settle for less than I planned. Because some things change in life, some people have to unselfishly change their plans and take care of others. These are the rare people in life. The ones who truly care about people. The ones who don't cling to their personal plans when people in their lives NEED them to bend and be flexible. I was not able to say no, I have higher goals for myself, I won't move 50 miles away, suddenly change my life and take care of you Grandpa. Because the kind of person I am would never allow that. So you may cling to your higher goals, and be selfish all you like. I will wallow with the lessers and continue to be a BETTER person for it. And your remarks about not caring who someone is, even if they never committed a crime, a thief or a murder. Do you mean you will respect people even if they never committed a crime, where criminals get your respect, or are they typos and grammatical errors like trolls usually have...your own claim is you recall.

And yes I see is instead of tablet is malfunctioning with autocorrect.

I find it hilarious that Anomaly talks crap about OnlyHuman judging, and when told they are judging also, Anomaly starts in with I do judge but on a different level, why wasn't that stated initially? That better breeds judge"differently" than us lower life forms. That sounds to me like some hypocritical crap to me. You don't mention different levels of judging until you are accused of it. JUDGING is JUDGING no matter HOW you spin it Anomaly!!!

Some of us judge for money, some because we have to, and some of us simply do it for the lulz. I could honestly care less about some people freaking out over somebody that broke the law. He will be judged.

The question is, by whom? Kawalski? Nah. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back into the same box. Kawalski has no more right to judge than I do. We are our own judges.

If you can't live with yourself, then you are guilty. This is what I meant by my previous post. I judge those that judge others. If no one judged anyone else... if we could all live in peace and without hate, then I wouldn't judge.

All of you are guilty. Guilty of causing drama in a community. Guilty of spreading hate. Guilty of belittling a fellow human being. Reflect upon yourselves and ask yourself... what gives you the right to judge? You yourself are guilty of a crime in some form or another, whether you have been caught or not. You are all hypocrites, as you have been so quick to call me.

Well only human, thank you for restoring my faith in humankind .It is great to know that SOMEONE's neurotransmitters are being released into their synapses and are attaching to their receptors!!
How do facts set off so many high defenses in people who are not guilty of anything or is it that they lack the capability to decipher fact from created fiction, yet another name for DRAMA???

Yes I wrote an article about Mr. Bieri some time ago. It was an article based on facts in the dealings that I had with him, and more or less a warning for others who would be dealing with him. If I remember correctly, I think I called it "the closing of Zingali's" Good memory.

"First of all, my name is Doug Theisen, I live at 619 Mendlik Ave, in Antigo. I got the balls to attach my name to something I write."... Being stupid and filled with hate is nothing to be proud of. The least intelligent seem to NEED to embarrass themselves.

well now there is no reason to come unglued because some people jump to conclusions based on charges and articles in the newspaper. the sad truth is almost everyone gets the same type of treatment from these bloggers on here. reputations and lives get ruined more often than you realize because of bogus accusations. whether these charges have any merit to them or not the man is ruined for years to come. the man is ruined for life if the charges are true, but that is self inflicted and well deserved. may as well gossip it up the damage is done with no help of social media of course

I have to say, if a reputation is RUINED by gossip on a site like this, it couldn't have been a very solid reputation to start with. I think in all my time in Antigo I only got wind of two stories that ended up being completely untrue, and those people still maintain intact reputations. Those whose rumors were based on fact, well they EARNED the destruction of their fragile reputation.

Bruce, are you stalking me still? Damn son get over it, I haven't thought about you in a long time cause you just weren't important enough to remember until you brought your name up. I don't waste my time on hate, but its apparent you still are filled with it, so what would you like from me so that you feel better about yourself and are able to put this down and move on?



Court Official

Court Reporter



Change of address notification

Event Party

Neemann, Brandon Wayne

Additional Text:

ADDRESS INFO for Brandon Wayne Neemann Current: P.O. Box 292, Antigo, WI 54409 (Effective: 08-07-2014) Prior: 236 Fred Street, Antigo, WI 54409

Copied and Pasted directly from CCAP..Court Events

I think that any parent who has concerns over this is a great parent! I would be worried also if i would see this, no matter if he is guilty not guilty whatever the hell it would be!

ALAS Common sense!! Thank you Jess. I did not think it should have been so hard to figure out that if parents are hyper vigilant in an effort to keep kids (theirs and others ) safe that they need be damned for questioning issues like these.

Antigo people are all crazy and quick to hate. so go do your bath salts, have sex with your cousins, and dont ever stop the cracks me up.

I still do not get why anyone would think anybody else is HATING by questioning something so high risk.
Would you take your children to be babysat at the TLP house on the main drag ???
I am not judging the day care nor hating on anything.
The coincidence of both having the same address was a perplexing situation and this venue is one that should be able to clear up the issue, instead a bunch of self righteous people twist it into something it is not. If you know so much about either the day care or the accused maybe you should think about posting a supportive tribute to either rather than "SHOOT THE MESSENGER"
Makes me think the bath salts are sprinkled a bit heavy already. Hmmm?

I hope that Anomaly(genetic anomaly?) Doesn't get seriously injured patting him/herself on the back as often as they must. Or injures their back carrying around that HUGE head!

Oh don't worry about an injury I am fairly sure ANOMALY has a 3rd arm and hand protruding out of his -ss to better pat him or herself on the back, but thanks for your concern, it is a kind and human jesture.

I suppose that I have to spell it out, Anomaly is a play on Anonymous, who are the hacktivists responsible for taking down the Church of Scientology as well as many world government sites.

Now if I was you, I'd stop acting like the common child who sneaks onto daddy's laptop and decides those few minutes are best served trolling.


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