Child Pornography and Day Care?????

I find it extremely alarming that the address on file for Brandon Neemann who is charged with 3 counts of possession of child pornography in Langlade County is the same address for Lovable Huggable Day-care run by Georgianna DeHart.
This is very disturbing !!!
Is anyone protecting the little children in this home????


It took you 2 weeks to come up with that???? or was your Daddy's laptop unavailable for trolling and If you were me you would be better off HAHAHAHA

How about you use your rights as a parent and ohhh say..........drop in at any state certified daycare you may have your child in and CHECK to see who is there at any given time? No time? MAKE time, they are your kids. I happen to know George and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would never knowingly put ANY person in danger, much less a child.

Key word there is KNOWINGLY isn't it though. Think about people who are married to murderers, rapist and molesters. They may not KNOW its happening...But it still IS

It's not that uncommon for a sex offender to fabricate information for their address. That is a form of identity theft that people don't realize happens.

Antigo is pathetic. This guy is on the streets right now. Out on SIGNATURE BOND which was all Ralph requested. I can bet money there is evidence that supports those 3 COUNTS. We'll see at the arraignment.

I find it interesting that this kid was found guilty of felony charges for this. Proof that he was guilty and the fact that this kid was living at a daycare is a disgrace! Shows extremely poor judgement on part of daycare provider. SMH


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