Antigo man charged with crimes including arson

An Antigo man who has made headlines the past few days, has been charged with a variety of crimes, including arson.

Chadwick L. Wogsland of Antigo, 39, has been charged in Marathon County with burglary, arson, first degree recklessly endangering safety, arson of property other than building and fleeing or eluding officers in a vehicle.

Saturday evening Wogsland took off from police after a domestic disturbance on Sixth Avenue in Antigo, from there he drove to Bushman's potato warehouse on Franzen Road, where he was employed. After failed attempts from law enforcement to get him out without incident, he allegedly started a fire in the building and drove his vehicle through a door from the inside out. The chase ended in Shawano County on Highway 153 after he drove into a ditch. He was then taken into custody.

A $100,000 cash bond was set during his initial appearance today.

Chadwick Wogsland mugshot

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Was he all smoked up on weed of high on bath salts? It really doesn't maske a whole lot of sense otherwise, unless his woman was shagging someone at the warehouse, or something like that. How many people are out of work now because of this pusshead. What a shame.

I thought he was most likely at your place drinking beforehand. Idiots usually hang together.

lmao if he was "all smoked up on weed" he would have stayed home that night i promise...

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