The truth about Antigo Buzz

I would like to set the record straight on many things with AntigoBuzz. First off, the reason the site was removed is due to a somewhat common scam that domain name registrars use, which I won't get into since that company still has some control of things.

Secondly, the website was put up for good reasons, although people just seemed to use it to bash others. I was put in a spot as to whether to let ALL posts and comments go through or to moderate and censor, so I choose not to censor. For those who don't realize it, blogs are NOT news stories or anything like that, which was the point. Blogs are opinions, period, I never claimed it to be a "news" site.

Thirdly, the website was run by one person, not many, as some people thought, and a LOT of time and work was put into it. I tried to make it as useful as possible, but, again some people just wanted to bash others. Many of the sections took a lot of time, adding all the businesses manually, and all the cars in the "Autos" section manually. There was also postcards sent out to business when they received a review, so that they knew it was there and could respond to it and/or make changes (contrary to what someone posted on facebook, which just shows ignorance to me).

Fourth, the people who were bashed, in my opinion probably deserved it. The truth was told and that was that. I know one bar owner seemed very upset by that, but, hey, he shouldn't have said and done things like that. You can't go around stabbing people in the back and expect it not to come back to bite you. MAYBE some of that truth will help them to realize that they shouldn't be so arrogant and maybe they should think before they speak and stop talking behind others backs.

Fifth, although the bar owners were obviously not happy about some of the things being said about them, I would put money on it that the website was free advertising and helped them gain customers. I wouldn't expect a thank you or anything though.

Sixth, and probably THE most important thing, just like anything else, the site was put up to MAKE MONEY, and after 5 years of trying to make it worthwhile, the profits just weren't what I had hoped. Not that it didn't get a good amount of visitors, but Antigo is just too small in the realm of things. In order to work on bigger and better things, it was time to let it go anyway. Which brings up another point, about not having to use a login or a real name, when you have a website that you want to make money, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to comment, since comments help the site. It was a business decision.

Seventh, for all of you who are so adament in bashing me for the website, think about this, how much of the same type of thing do you see on the news websites? Even on facebook lately, where real names are used, people are very mean to each other and the news is pretty much all negative. It doesn't matter WHO says something, it is their opinion and for those who are always crying about "it's not right because people aren't using their real name", well, I think you just say that so that you can "discount" that person's opinion and that isn't right either. A person can defend themselves without knowing who made an accusation.

I do have a heart and the site was becoming very stressful, it is somewhat of a relief that it is done. I am still uncertain on the future of the site but I would like to THANK all my loyal visitors, commentors, and posters greatly!

I know many people were upset about the teachers deal, but, I feel that they deserved it, they should not be treated any different than others around here and I have first-hand knowledge of how "others" get treated. There are many things about Antigo that should be opened up and straightened out and that I will remain doing, one way or another.


Im hoping you keep the website up. You did what you could. For those people blaming you, why did they keep coming back and reading articles and commenting? They could have just not came on the website. I am one who did enjoy your website, good luck in your future endevors.

@whatever - thank you, I appreciate your words. It seems to me that a lot of the naysayers were actually regular visitors to the site, they just wouldn't admit it to others, pretty sad. There seem to be a large amount of "fake" people in Antigo.

Antigobuzz admin: "I was put in a spot as to whether to let ALL posts and comments go through or to moderate and censor, so I choose not to censor."

Unless you disagree with the page admin then she deletes your comments. Goes to the integrity (or lack of) for this site. I'm quite sure I made my point.

Printing slander of your own website would be counterproductive. So no, the things you said weren't put up.

You are a valuable asset to Antigo .Sorry to see you go. Antigo Buzz was great.

Thx, and don't count me out - I will still be posting!

I for some reason do not believe your reason for taking down the site. I think, rather, you were ordered and threatened to do so. Antigo has a very large crime ring and it's definitely getting worse due to the economy.

@gyp - I'm sorry to hear that you do not believe me, but you are wrong, there were no threats or orders to take the site down.
Is there a reason why you feel this way?

What are you? A cop?

NO, I am absolutely not a cop. (far from it)

omg, why would they lie about it? seriously!?

Are you kidding me? Look around.

Christine Salm - I think we have a major difference of opinion and point of view. On one hand you tell me that I should have moderated things, but then you seem to be bashing me, so I removed a post and then you are critizing me for that. Which way do you want it? You can bash me all you want, I believe in free speech. How many websites do you know of that allow it's visitors to bash on the very site that they are on? I don't think there are too many, but, I let all that go through, along with the good. I guess maybe I just proved my point about censorship...

Christine - Another point I might add, when you post multiple times, of the same content and multiple links, it is usually considered spam.

As for the websites you had posted, I did look at one, and I'm sorry, but, the author posted 3 articles and has under 2,000 views. I do not consider that to be an expert by any means.

Wow, not sure what's going on here with these comments, but, I appreciate the original post. I am surprised to hear that it was one person behind it, must have kept you busy...

The truth is the truth and sometimes people just don't like facing the truth. I found some of the posts and comments to be vulgar. It seemed like you had people who either loved it or hated it. I think a lot of the 'haters' are friends with the teachers. I always felt like Antigo is so divided and never really understood why...

It started out good, but, went downhill fast. I get what you are saying, but, some of the posts were just SO distasteful. I think you could have done SOME moderating.

I always thought Antigo was very divided too. One thing that I did appreciate about the Buzz was that it wasn't edited to Freddy's taste. He seems to be falling short a lot lately in the spelling in the paper.


I think it is a bullying tactic to tell someone how to run their website and some people are obviously bullies. That is one of the things that I liked about the Antigobuzz, they didn't pick and choose what was posted and what wasn't, at least as far as I could tell.

Just a little FYI for all you folks who like to keep up on the doings of Antigo's (former) most controversial bartender.

He has ben arrested again, in Shawano, for sexual abuse of a 15 year old girl, who was hired to take care of his kids.

Of course, being in Wisconsin, state of one of the most corrupt judicial systems in the nation, he is out on bond, again.

Ok.....This is some really weird shite going on here. For what its worth, I actually enjoyed the AntigoBuzz. I spell and write erronously like Mr.Freddie, but Im ok with it. haha Antigo has its faults, but I must say I am glad I live here and proud to say I am from Antigo Wisconsin. Ahhh, love that Antigo Wisconsin...Where there aint no shame, in playing the game.

The teachers got what they deserved? How many drug busts have u heard of where the cops go after the people who bought from the dealers? They always look where they got it from &don't bother trying 2 find out every person that bought from them. Everyone is laughing at antigo & their witch hunt. A lot of lives were ruined over what-smoking a little pot? My god people, grow up

My 13 year old has never had near death experiences such as this or falling off bk play land as he was on the out side of the netting. Risk taking behavior is not always good u no

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