Troubled Antigo man taken into custody

According to news reports, a rural Antigo man was taken into custody after threatening to harm himself. The incident call was received around 8:30am. Marathon County was called to help with use of their armored response unit but it was not needed. The Langlde County Special Response Team was able to handle the situation. The problem ended without incident around two hours later.


A guy threatens to harm himself and the logical response is to call for a armored vehicle? Sounds legit...if your mildly retarded!

So I am assuming this is what was happening on Old 26, looked like a friggen swat team was there, road was blocked off and everything.

How would you like to be a cop dealing with these bath salters all the time ?

The point being the person in question was threatening "himself" not the Police. So pound sand with your blatantly weak defense of their poor judgement call. I don't feel bad for Steel workers who don't like heights. I don't feel bad for Nurses aids who have to empty bed pans and I don't feel bad for cops who have to deal with salters. If they can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. On any given day the local cops around here have a cushy job to "real" cops in larger cities. If they don't like dealing with suicidal people tell them to take their fake -ss out to be a crossing guard instead. However if they want the pay and benefits that go along with being a paid Law Enforcement Professional. Then suck it up and do the job. I also don't feel sorry for any of these local cops because when these things were taking hold they sat around for months "surveiling" instead of swooping and arresting. Now they have their desired job security, so get their -ss to work. Research the number suicidal responses by Law Enforcement and by all means let me know what percentage felt the need to call for a armored car when "they" the Police were not being threatened.

There was no mention of bath salts that I saw, I thought this person was legitimately suicidal, like mental illness stuff?

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