Thieves get jail time and probation

In the news today, it is reported that two men from the Antigo and Aniwa area will be sitting in jail for burglaries that they committed. David Illikainen of Aniwa, 20, received a sentence of 30 days in jail with 18 months of probation for his offenses. He pleaded guilty to one count and another count was dismissed. Donald Jueck of Fred Street, 24, pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property and 2 counts of burglary. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and two years of probation. Another man, Steven Spencer was also involved in the crimes, but, has already been sentenced. They must pay restitution of over $5,000. The men were convicted of burglarizing Silver Dollar bar, along with thefts in the Town of Wolf River and the town of Langlade. Items stolen consisted of copper piping, aluminum wire, CDs and movies, collectible toy cars, fishing poles, car jacks, and 5 swords. Some of the items were found and recovered at a local second hand shop.


Who is in prison and who isn't. Makes you wonder who the snitches are???? Hhhhmmm

Your brother went to prison becuse he was on parole for the samthing and he did it to him self ( from a far )

And whos ganna have to pay the money I bet jueck cuz he is the only one that has a real job the other two never had one in like years

It was juecks first offense like that and spencers what 20th and not one of them are on here to deffend themself so I'd just. Back off it from a far Kelly st

Some people should.move.out of.there grandmas house before they worry about others losers

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