Suspected "salter" picked up on Pine Street

According to news reports, a 43 year old man was arrested on Pine Street for a probation hold after officers suspected he had ingested bath salts. The arrest came due to the man being on probation. He was acting 'strangely' and when asked, he had originally denied any drug usage but later admitted to using bath salts within the last hour. He attempted to put his wallet on his foot when police asked him to put shoes on before they hauled him off to jail.


All of you as a town need to come together. All the division and cliches is pulling it apart. When talking with a friend from there over the last 2 days. They are at a loss as to how this is ever going to get better. In their estimation there are over 500 persons using that crap in your town. Given the nature of the incidents you have begun to see. That doesn't bode well for the future. Some of you need to look past your differences and come together to get rid of this poison. Then after you have eradicated this death amongst ya'll, you can go back to bickering about pot and how it hasn't killed anyone but that your still mad about it for some reason. For now though. Focus on what is actually harming your community and come together to be rid of it.

To all the users: I don't care how bad your life seems. Please get away from this poison. Even I a stranger care about you and don't want to see anyone on this poison! If you are truly a friend of one of these people drop everything in your life and be there for them. Do WHATEVER it takes to keep them away from this poison!

well that's easy to say but when ya don't want to be anywhere around these zombies because there so mentally unstable it makes it a little hard. I think they need to put these bath salt users in a mental ward were they can be evaluated instead of releasing them over n over again just to gain revenue from there bail jumpings. wake up judge n D.A. MURDERS ARE RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOO ? keep us safe lock them up...........

Never said it would be easy and I also said do WHATEVER it takes. I agree that family and friends should use whatever tactic they need to, to help these persons out. Unless I am mistaken family members can still place a family member in for evaluation if 3 family or friends agree to have them committed. Better putting them in for a mental evaluation than and removing them from the street. Than this endless repetitive cycle that does nothing for these people who don't even care about themselves and is just bilking their families out of cash.

No doubt.

I don't think trying to rehab these jackwagons is the answer. They need to know people are sick of their spreading this "cancer" in this town. Some time in jail with hard labor is probably the answer.

Well that would be great if we were in Louisiana. However there is no hard labor in jail or prison in Wisconsin. In many communities they put the jail inmates out each day to clean around town. Push for inmate work crews. At the very least it could take some work load off the park and rec department. Plenty of roads to be picking up trash on. It is also not so much about rehabbing anyone. It is to give them a competency evaluation to determine if they can even function in society anymore after melting their mind with that poison. I don't think anyone is saying pat them on the back and turn the other way. I do feel the ones who were selling this and having it sent into town. Should have the book thrown at them. The users need to be punished as well, but not to the same degree that as the unscrupulous people selling this sh*t!

Well in this case prison didn't work the first three times.

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