Sentencing delayed for John Hunter

Sentencing had been scheduled to take place today for John M. Hunter on federal charges for distributing drugs.

Hunter requested and was granted a delay in sentencing due to him being a potential kidney donor to a friend.

Hunter pleaded guilty to one federal count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Langlade County had filed charges against Hunter but eventually the case was taken over by the federal court.

Hunter was one of the fifteen people charged in the Antigo drug ring, which involved teachers and a principal and coach.

Hunter could be sentenced to 40 years in prison.


Unreal. Kidney donor? You buying this?
How long does it take to put this one to bed??

what is your big rush, he went thru the legal process and there were no delays on his part all the way thru it. Not like he will get off the hook so quit b-tching. Shut this damn site down its all full of crap, even the owner of this site has lied on here to start an untrue conversation

I wanna read the lies... what untrue conversation are you talking about?

I thought all blogs were opinions.
It says on the bottom of each page that this site should be taken as opinion not fact. DUH

Not about to wake a sleeping giant sorry, and yea this site is opinion based but anytime anything bad is said most on here take it as a true story and begin tearing apart reputations. That is stupid crap in my opinion and why even allow it on the world wide web. My opinion about Hunter, I doubt very much there is anything shaking with him testifying about anything, most of the reasons cases take longer is because they are fighting and threatening to take their case to trial. The D.A. fools all of us and even some local neighboring attorneys are in on this. They set a trial date at first to scare you into a deal and when you decide to continue and go to trial then they set a real trial date. All you have to do is look at trial dates whenever a case is opened and there may be 5 or 7 or 9 trials on the same date. Hell an attorney from Merrill even had 4 on the same date

Ok, so you bring it up and then don't explain what you are talking about? c'mon
As for Hunter going to trial, that is out of the cards now since he already pled guilty and is only waiting for sentencing. Plus, it is federal now, so the local court clowns are not even involved.

Wasn't referring to Hunter's case. Just all cases in general because the discussion was about other people involved and why their cases have not been closed yet. Yes Hunter's deal is done. Now he waits to find out his fate I agree and doubt he will be testifying to lessen his sentencing as was discussed

Just hazarding a guess. Maybe he is still needed to testify against others who may have been caught up in all this mess and they are putting forward the bogus donor reason so that he wouldn't be identified as the informant. Whatever happened to Michael Peterson that got this whole ball rolling with Leseberg?

mike peterson is still working at kretz lumber and acting like he can get awhile with anything

another good example of how this site does not provide useful information, what would you like the man to do, bow down at your feet and ask permission to go take a crap????

We would like the man to take it seriously not make jokes about it at work. After all he was the one with a cocaine habit not us. You are another good example of the brain dead public at large.

Now you want the man to follow your rules at work, retarded

You're right that is dumb. I'll just write the Judge about his cavalier attitude while out on bail and maybe that can help at his sentencing. If rats ever get time?

I am not a fan of Hunter or his actions and I believe that he deserves what comes his way, BUT, I must say that anyone who is willing to give up a kidney for another person is certainly not all bad. Kudos to him (if it's true)

Do know the procedure for donating a kidney? You have to have a absolute clean bill of health. one cannot be on any kind of drugs whether it is prescribed or illegal. If he was/is on drugs, there is no way in hell he is going to be a canidate to donate a kidney. What a joke!!!

you have no clue if he is using any sort of drug, that's the joke!

Does it hurt to be that stupid? It has been stated he is in the bar drinking. Last I checked alcohol is a drug. Albeit a legal one, but one still frowned on consuming if you are getting ready to donate an organ. Go crawl back to wherever you crawled out of.

the man is not about to donate anything, he simply may be a possible candidate for a donor, think you might want to re think who the stupid one is on here

It's you. If he isn't even sure. Why is that a reason to stop serving your time? It's not. The Federal Government is not just going to say "Oh hell take some time man, hell we heard you might possibly be a organ donor in the future one day. Take all the time you need and get back to the US Attorney when it's convenient for you to be sent to prison." ... Dumba$$!!! If you think a US Attorney is going to do that you are indeed an idiot.

you just keep digging your hole deeper putting words in peoples mouths and thinking you know all about the case in this discussion, go back and read the article over and realize the idiot here. they delayed the sentencing and when they get a new sentencing date set they will sentence the man. government isn't telling him to do anything with his time and come back when it is convenient like you say they did. for all we know maybe it is the government ordering the delay and not even the attorney. maybe the government don't have a time yet they can sentence the man. no clue no clue so anytime you want to feel free to stop being the idiot one

Talking to you is like clapping with one hand. I never said that is what the government said. I stated I'm sure they didn't do that. You state to reread the article that maybe it's the government ordering the delay. Well if you had taken your own advice you would have read: "Hunter requested and was granted a delay in sentencing due to him being a potential kidney donor to a friend." Doesn't sound like the government asked the judge does it? If I am digging a hole it's only for trying to get down to your i.q. so you will understand.

The original order/advice would come from a doctor involved in the potential kidney transfer. A doctor would advise the attorney and/or court of the situation and in this case the judge agreed and ordered the sentencing be delayed to address the medical situation as it is not the best route or most sanitary to take an inamte back and forth from prison for a surgery when that ordeal can be avoided. It is a simple medical request that was ordered upon by the judge. The sentencing is still inevitable, the case hasn't changed. He isn't a violent drug dealer, does not pose a threat or harm, and let it move forward.

Are you satisfied now all you morons that keep making up crap about him trying to get out of a situation. Unfortunate how it takes the real truth to shut up the haters in most of these discussions. Not the first time most everyone on here said a bunch of stupid crap for no reason just to try and be little others

The truth is if you are a potential donor sitting in the bar drinking frequently surely isn't helping anyone and surely not helping the kidney. Or is drinking good for the kidneys now? Maybe he's just flushing it out good before giving it away? Moron...

give it up dork

idk about Leseberg but I don't think he got squat.
As for Peterson, he is still going to court, which seems like its neverending and nothing ever happens when he goes besides the next date getting pushed back further. Im guessing Peterson has stuff in the works that they are waiting on before he gets a deal

I heard rumors quite awhile ago about something major going on overseas

A drowning rat will do anything to save there self! I didn't know kidney donors awaiting a federal sentence would be out at the bar?

A potential kidney donor that is. What seems to be the problem with him being at the bar?? Many folks go to the bar with friends, don't you?

When the corrupt sick prohibition ends, will he be released? War on drugs is an atrocity.

Kidney donor? Sure. They're waiting4 hunter to rat out who he bought his drugs from.That's why the feds took over the case from the idiot antigo cops. Most drug investagations go after suppliers. The don't try to ruin the lives of every little person who once or twice tried buying drugs. When the cops found out that some of the buyers had better jobs then them, their egos made them ruin their lives. Why doesn't anybody else see this?

Definitely the first very smart statement I've seen in awhile in reference to the "Antigo Iceberg". When did it become logical to go "Down the Chain" to bust the buyers, instead of Up to the suppliers?? Hence why this investigation is the laughing stock of law enforcement personnel throughout the area...nice job giving the city of Antigo a black-eye...and for what?

I am right there with you, I totally agree with you, they manufacture crime anytime they can. It does not stop at just drugs. They get government funds for programs and they need to keep the system turning. They nail the sh-t out of anyone who can get caught up in a sex charge. Most people don't think so but the programs they make people go through make it virtually impossible to get out from their watch. Fine if it is needed but they get funding for programs that go along with this sort of crime so they keep the crimes coming even if they have to make them up. They ruin more lives than anyone can imagine and nothing can be done about it because the cops and the media need to keep it going. The system needs to keep the money and the jobs so they screw the average joe when they can. Then blame it on them for being in a position they should not have been and we all believe it and bash the sh-t out of people on here.

Are you saying that most sex charges are made up? Someone the other day said something about AVAIL trying to convince their wife or girlfriend to make up frivivolus charges against him. I have had to go to avail. I guess the innocent who need the police and places like avail because we are victims of sex crimes are less important. The idea that the cops target people to ruin lives. What about the people who are victims of those so called "targeted" people?

As somebody that knows John personally I can tell you he is not this inner city drug dealer looking to destroy peoples lives just to get rich. Drugs are a problem for a lot of good people and I for one support john as he works through this chapter in his life. The people he sold to were all adults making thier own adult decisions, albeit bad ones. I laugh at how people make these judgments on people without ever meeting or knowing them. John may be a convicted drug dealer, but I can say he is also a good human being who I would have a beer with anytime. Unfortunately the bad choices he made won't allow for that for awhile.

This page is supposed to be for everyone's opinion but obviously someone is monitoring what comes throug. I have had three posts now that never made it on here. Posted last night and it should have been before this last one. Funny how it didn't get up here.

Yes, the site is monitored, it has to be with the huge amounts of spam that come in. If your post contained a lot of profanity, it will not be published. Also, if you attempted to post by typing in 'anonymous' in the name field, it may have caused problems in the system. We are working to correct that. Please leave the name field blank if you are posting anonymously. If you still do not see your posts, please resubmit them, they may have been improperly removed. Thank you.

I'm surprised a site such as this doesn't have automatic spam filters and other security. There's also Captchas on here, and as annoying as they are, they do the job, and do it well.


why in a rush? Hardly a rush..I just think its funny this has been going on for so long and keeps getting pushed back. and the reason. If he's donating a kidney that's amazing.
But if it's a BS ploy to delay what he's got coming to him, then I take an issue with it.
I'm more interested on the sentence...what he ACTUALLY gets vs what he could get. Many have referenced others who got nothing out of this whole mess. He playing the part of a high roller, and got busted for doing something illegal. Nice or not, he is guilty of what he's been charged with right?

Don't think anyone is denying his guilt, and if you watch cases they all get delayed if the defendant wants to keep renegotiating a deal with the prosecutor. Seems obvious to me the delay this time was when the feds took over the case not Hunter's attorney delaying it. It turned into a lot bigger deal so of course the defense needs more time to figure out their game plan. Don't think anyone was insinuating that most sex crimes are made up, that is dumb. Some are yes. The ones with no victims "ever" are baffling because it seems they use the idea that 15 and under cannot give consent and it is a felony charge involving a 15 year old or under. That will totally ruin a life for ever if prosecuted. You see that a lot in the sex stings around the state they seem to be doing now about every 6 months or so, but yet in the paper yesterday the police get a complaint about a 14 year old and an 18 year old having consensual sexual contact and so far decide not to press any charges because it was consensual. The law does not allow it to be consensual. Seems an example of police doing what they want, not protecting and serving and upholding the law like they claim to do. Brayton had consensual contact and he is in prison. Unless if the laws says there has to be a 4 year spread then I can see why nothing has been done but otherwise the police have an obligation and that girl should be in a world of crap. And if she has any nude pics of this 14 year old she should be going to prison for 3 years. That is the new law as of a coiuple years ago I believe

Admin, is there anyway you can start a positive part of the buzz instead of all the criminal issues, I realize crime sells just like sex but how about praising people or having discussions about positive issues in Antigo.
I for one and so tired of all the negative Antigo has gotten over the past few years and wish people would start building it back up as appose to continually tearing it down ot

I agree. There are a lot of positives in this town. It would be nice to hear someof them. Thanks aantigiian. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Thank you to both of you for finally sticking up for Antigo. I was born and raised here and think we have a fine little town. I'm pretty sure most of the nit-wits posting comments here are transplants here trying to hide from their own past, or just thrive on being miserable and negative all the time. Hey,....don't like it here ? Pack your bags and go back to where ever the hell you came from and leave us the hell alone. Better yet,...quit hiding in your Momma's basement and make yourself a productive piece of humanity instead of dragging everyone around you down. Got it, get it, good.

From here and have had family living her since around 1897. Antigo used to be a fun city from as long as I can remember until about a decade ago. Then things changed around here and the fun free loving little town was allowed to turn into what it is today. Not so fun. If you can't accept that. That is your problem. However for you to say if you don't like it move is wrong. I don't like it and I'm staying to make it like it was and get rid of all the clowns who changed it. You also shouldn't drink when you post or you would have gotten your ending typed correctly!

Your welcome, Admin with summer upon us lets start a discussion on peoples favorite lakes to hang out at and why. Mine is the Eagle River chain, I see a lot of people from Antigo up there and with so many different Lakes there more than enough room for everyone to enjoy.


What's good for the sawmill must not be good for the office of the sawmill, back in 1999 said sawmill started random piss tests and I guess smoking a little pot is worse then being a COKE head, or the office never got the tests, or " Petey" Peterson was lucky and never got handed the cup to fill, would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and been able to see Dan K. face when the feds visited

Michael Gene Mayville needs his parental rights fully terminated. Period. He is a sadistic lying excuse for a man.

I strongly agree and am so relieved that his victims are brave enough to help prosecute this hanious human!

I am Mike's mother, and am in total agreement with the anonymous comment.He is a sadistic lying excuse for a man.

Any word on this case?


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