Pastor Fleming will be tested for competency in sex assault case

According to court records, Pastor Edward Fleming, who is charged with 1st Degree Child Sex Assault-Sexual Contact with Person under Age of 13, will undergo a test for competency. Fleming's attorney, Paul Goetz, has made this request. Fleming is accused of sexual assaulting a young girl. Charges were filed against him in September of 2012, after a few court appearances, Fleming had fled the state and was eventually found in California. He was extradited back to Langlade County and has been in custody since.


I must be just fine to stand trial and face the music if he is able to flee. What a crock.

Where was this man a pastor?

He used to preach at the Reformation Tea and Coffee House on Neva Road in Antigo.
It's just a green house and apparently he was using it like a church. They took the signs down now.
Not even sure if the guy is/was actually ordained, but, I would think so if he claimed to be a pastor.

Anyone can go on the internet and become ordained these days...I don't see what is so surprising, concidering how many Priests and Pastors are out thier molesting children hiding behind thier religion these days.....SICKNING! They should casterate them all!

Let's not convict this man before he's proven guilty. While he may have committed the crime, the mother of the child has a long history of accusing people of sexual crimes they didn't commit. I have known her for years and it's a constant thing with her. She's accused and made up rumors about many men, family, friends, the father of her children, among others of sexual crimes they were not guilty of.

No offense, but seriously I am family to the mother, this is bull, and I know that she was harmed as a child and that I could prove as much, regardless that has nothing to do with this case, the man left his sperm on a four year old little girl, can u explain that away? Willing to bet noone can, the facts are clear, he even admits it to his wife and others. So now what? Care to run your mouth some more spreading lies and untruths? Can you explain away the facts? Nope you cant. This family has been thru hell and this man needs to pay for that ....and his sick wife as well. Out of the three kids she made guess how many don't hate her? None.....she's hiding in cali porking his brother while Fred uses her to try and get legal counsel....he's fired two attorneys because they cant get him off the you people really believe that sounds like a crazy man? Or a person who is innocent?

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