Pastor Fleming released from jail

Edward L. Fleming, 59, was released from jail on $5,000 signature bond on charges of first degree child sex assault, having sexual contact with person under age of 13.
Mr. Fleming was a Pastor at the Reformation Presbyterian Tea House on Neva Road in Antigo.
Early in the case, he had fled to California, where he was eventually extradited back to Wisconsin.
His bond was previously set at $100,000 cash, which was lowered at a hearing held in Marathon County.

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If your going to post this why not post the whole truth? And as I spoke with officials yesterday, all of info is incorrect its a 10,000$ signature bind as we were told and he was released for medical reasons, and is in a hospital for rehab in another state.......

Guess all your "and I spoke with officials yesterday" Don't mean squat! What a tool you are! Get the facts before you try to correct someone else. You look stupid.

Why stick up for a sick, sick man. Do you know what a signature bind is? It means no cash required. Sign on the dotted line and you get your freedom back. It don't matter if it is $5,000 or $10,000 Signature bond. All it takes is a signature to get out. And if jumps bail, all the courts can say is he owes the money. Then he has another stroke and dies. The tax payers are out again, who's going to pay for this case, we all are. Why stick up for this man? Why care enough to speak with officials? This man deserves no dignity or respect.

I wonder if that stroke was the same kind that Randy Spencer had, LOL

You bet... Kind of convenient him having a stroke when he did.... They ought to try him and stack his arse in a cell in prison and see how fast he moves when his fellow inmates find out he was convicted of child abuse. Now, if he doesn't move, well he gets what he deserves and then they can figure out what to do with him after that.

It just shows us all on how the court system works in Langlade County. Sex Offenders and Baby Rappers get treated as there is no victim attached to their crimes. Look at the sick basted we are all commenting on now. For criss sake he fled once already all the way to California and they let him out on another signature bond. Really, stroke or no stroke I feel they should have put at least a cash bond on MR. Sick Basterd Fleming. Keep in mind that this is the Preacher who did have signs in his front yard welcoming the public into his home for prayer and tea. This man deserved no special treatment. He got it and now he all have to deal with it. If this was me that did this sick crime to a person under 13. I would be in jail on 50,000 cash bond and I would probably get 10 years in prison. Sex Offenders in the Wisconsin Prison system are protected by the State of Wisconsin. They use your tax money to protect a guy who would get beat or stabbed to death in any other state.

I agree with everything you wrote. It sure is a sad world we live in. Unfortunately it is not just Langlade County.

I believe in God and I believe he has a special place for child molesters and an even more special place for the ones that try to hide behind the cloth.

Often, that is the only reasoning in my head that lets me sleep at night.


It's not like it's an isolated incident. If it has happened this many times in a small town. Count them : 1 Officer Gary Hetto, 2 Officer Jason Just (allowed to skate) 3 Deputy Michael Brayton. Makes one wonder how often it happens in big cities if it happens this often in little towns. There were other dirty cops in this town too. 1 who is allowed to this day to remain on the force. I just won't list him with the child molesters.

Well to who ever put Randy Spencer's name up here My god that name isn't bought up in this town he is the most piece of crap that walked the earth he just has sex with girls first he drugs them up so they don't remember & than he drugs his own family member like his nieces & sleeps with them.. yeah Maybe these police officers took lessons from Randy along with everyone else that gets off on charges.. Cause Randy Spencer records is so long & also he got out of pretty much everything & also Randy is the biggest piece of crap in this town & also he screws people over & takes money from ppl. & never pays back because he is a useless Spencer & I'm done I could go on but won't because I have a better life than all these losers...........

Not everyone who takes a interest is concerned about his welfare some of us are trying to support a sweet little girl who had no choice in what that sick man did to her and a family that has many repucusion from his actions the victims life is never the same again things don't wnd just cause hes dont molesting her

Edward "Fred" Fleming has made it his life's work to evade the law and is a part of groups who have nothing better to do than evade the law for "liberty" sake. It will take years before he is prosecuted if ever. He has a lot more tricks yet to come. I predicted this long before it happened.Guilty or not isn't the issue in this case look for what else is going on here, there is a bigger picture.

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