Pastor Edward Fleming found in California

According to news reports, Pastor Edward Fleming of Neva Road in Antigo is now behind bars in California.

Fleming is charged with First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child under the age of 13. A warrant was issued for him in Langlade County in February.

With help from other agencies, Fleming was found at a family member's home in California.

He is now waiting to be extradited back here to Antigo to face the charges.

The Reformation Tea House that he was preaching at, was closed when the charges were filed against him.

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Pastor Fredrick Edward Fleming


I happen to be the brother of this man's wife. I have no problem with your reporting this incident. However you put my sister in great danger by supplying her address in your report. In the future could you please refrain from doing such dangerous actions in future reports. My sister has had to leave town because of your report. People were throwing things at their house and blaming her. She had no idea he did. Thank you for your cooperation.

You sister had a rummage sale. Marshals questioned her the day before they arrested him. She denied knowing his whereabouts, and stated she had no contact with him. THE TRUTH is that she was putting together money for a plane ticket to California.

As for the address on Neva Road: this information is displayed in the paper, his warrant of the week which also appeared in the paper, on public court access, and a MILLION other places. This is not an Antigo Buzz problem. This is not only an issue of legality but of morality. She knew where he was and she openly lied to local, state and federal authorities. Eggs and toilet paper should be the least of her worries.

Russell Ramsey u claim to he the brother of the wife so u are also chooseing pedifile over innocent lil girls whom paper says are the wife's grand babys ur nieces wow what a winner u are by defending the sicko hurting ur family

According to videos the wife n Fred post on YouTube damage to there home was a political incident and had nothin to do with his sick behaviors n she did know

It only says Neva Road in this post, there is no actual address given. You should be contacting the Antigo Daily Journal, since they did put the address in the paper, which is a matter of Public record anyway. Not much you can do about it. Sorry to hear that your sister has to deal with all this.

The wife ALWAYS knows. If the eye sore sagging house burnt to the ground, I bet the fire department would be too late. Russell Ramsey, you are outrageous to say your sister was put in danger. Unless she is mentally retarded, she knew. The wife always knows but denies.

too bad relatives are now concerned and stepping forward were was all the attention when the child or children needed to be kept away from this selfish predator .im just saying .

The wife aided him in his flight from the law. She knew where he was the entire time. She knew the evidence against him and knew his guilt. She knew all of these things and still chose to lie to the authorities. SHE CHOSE A PEDOPHILE OVER AN INNOCENT CHILD! She deserves eggs and t.p.! Save the child not the monster!!!!

The children involved named the wife as knowingly allowing it to happen that she told one its not her bussiness to not repeat it so how dumb are u people ???? Russell Ramsey its disgusting ud defend her she knew Noone is that stupid

First, yes that is my real name. I am not afraid to put it out there. Second, I want to know when this *beep bleep bleepin bleepity bleep* is going to be in court here. I also what to know why his wife hasn't been charged with aiding his flight and hindering his capture.

Anyone who defends people like this monster (by helping them, ignoring what they are doing, hiding them, pretending like it isn't happening, etc.) should all be charged as parties to sexual assault of a minor child under the age of 13. Each and everyone of them should be held accountable for their actions, not only by God but by state and federal courts.

I can't wait to see his Karma to come around bite him right square in the butt in prison when the other prisoners learn what he did.

Hey when is the jury, we'd like to be there in the courtroom to hear the case???

You can look ANYONES Name up on CCAP...just search CCAP--choose Wisconsin..Put in His Name, It will tell Cases that have been filed. Open and Closed ones. Then go to the one You want to know will have Court Info on it. Good Luck.----By the way---Its ALWAYS an Open Court. ONLY the Judge can throw You out.

The child is under age 6 it will be a closed court room they don't want everyone in the town running mouth bout the child n her family sorry guys

unfortunately, that is untrue. Its open to the Public. ---But-If You People are just going to go for Your Own SELFISH reasons...then DONT! This is a SERIOUS case and The Family deserves Respect and Privacy. Would YOU want NOSEY People going just because they have nothing better to do? HELL NO! So---I suggest if Your going to just be judgemental and to spread rumors then---Just stay the HELL OUT!.....IMAGINE if THIS WAS YOUR CHILD!! Be Respectful of the Families involved.

Not sure if he has even been extradited yet, but, I will be watching the case and post any updates. At this time his next court hearing isn't scheduled.

just keep patient

Wow! Wow! That is all that I can say. All of you have this man convicted and sentenced based on what the media is filling in your small little brains. WoW you guys really are gullible. I guess you would believe the moon is made out of freaking blue cheese as long as you read the shit on this web site. Did you not know that the mother of this child has accused over 8 to 10 people in her past of either molesting her (the mother) or both of her female children including accusing their bio logical father. I don't think this is a case of saving the child from the mean old man monster you make him out to be... this is a case of saving all the children in this home that are being used for the sole purpose of attention on the mothers part. Come on people use your brains... if you know the whole story you would all eat your words and give him a fair trial. I repeat A FAIR TRIAL. I know he ran... so I guess he must be guilty. ... wrong! If you had stood by for all them years watching others be fa-sly accused and seeing innocent lives be destroyed not only by Antigo but from other compassionate communities who thought all the facts were in then I guess I would run too. Enough is enough. Lets catch the real child molesters and put away the ones that fasely accuse people as well. What law can protect the next male figure that steps into these kids lives. I can tell you from what I am reading.... it won't be any of you! I just pray that your son, your husband, your friend , your babysitter isn't the next one to be accused. Sometimes things are not as they always seem to look like.
As for his wife you all drove her out of town. How could anyone live with there home being vandalized. Not only did they lose a church and a congregation as well as friends but she lost the ability to live all alone. How do you survive without your spouse to support you. So you hold a grudge over a yard sale. Did you guess what she made... it was enough to buy Food and medication .... the horrible things that being said ... I understand the frustration but lets just remember that this in not the only case that someone has been accused of such a horrific crime... and been found innocent. Do your research! That is all I am saying.

I totally agree, to me the mother (Amanda Rosio) is very suspicious. Either way I think to go to the case and perhaps hear both sides would be helpful.

Amanda rosio is not the mom just a friend who's been there from the beginning what we all know is Fred has friends clearly trying to side track ii from evidence and undyiable facts

I'm so sick of all the lies being spread in this site none of u have a clue what this family is going thru or truths of this case or what the little girl is going thru what u all need to remember is the da does not take every case there has to be certain amount of evidence and facts proven to get to this point in case and even if the mother was sexually abused does that take away from the fact this little girl was harmed ? This pan has a prior history Noone knew about till it happened again the mother trusted a pastor and family member and has now been thru hell dealing with the aftermath of Freddy

@ Anonymous...I am a Mother of a Child that was Assulted by "someone" that We trusted...and I can tell EVERYONE THIS---YOU TRUELY have NO IDEA what this Mother is going thru! To findout that Your CHILD has been harmed is One of the WORST things EVER! It TEARS Your HEART apart. I hear People saying SH-T about the Mother--well SHAME ON YOU!!! The Mother is just as much a Victim. People have NO IDEA, how hard EVERYDAY is! ---I ask this from MY HEART---PLEASE People leave Your Nasty inappropriate comments to Yourself, This Mother and Her Child are going thru the Most UNIMAGINABLE HEARTACHE EVER!!!! ---PLEASE People...Have a DAMN HEART!!!!

Thank you glad to see.someone with a heart

@ Anonymous, I know what Your feeling. My Heart is breaking. Stand Your Ground! Don't let ANY of these cold hearted immature Animals get to You. You are doing the right thing. He needs to be stopped. Im Proud of You and Your Daughter.---Please make sure You get Her in Therapy...and YOU NEED Therapy just as well. I know that some Parents don't believe They need it...But-The BEST thing You can do for Your Child is to Also take care of YOU. Your Emotions are going haywire right now. This makes Me cry. I can feel Your pain. I wish the BEST for You and Your Family. ---STAY STRONG! and DONT listen to All the BS. Your Daughter deserves Justice. Many HUGS and Prayers coming Your way. You Don't know Me...But-know this---Your NOT ALONE!!!!

This actually brought tears to my eyes my daughter is in therapy and continues to go thru hell because of him. I don't let these people get to me they have no idea what really happened including this site we neither attended his church or most of the other things reported n if u ever want to chat u have a friend and ty

I don't know any of the details about the case. Its hard for Me to see and hear about all of the Abused Children in this town. The numbers are staggering. PLEASE Stay in CONSTANT Contact with the DA and the Victim Wittiness Coordinator and the Avail Program has an Wonderful Lady Named Diane that works there...She is Very Understanding, Helpful and compassionate. She helped My Daughter and I. ---Communication between You and the DA id VITAL...Stay on top of it. Hes Very forgetful.(trust ME!)...I would really like to Help You thru this process but, its really hard on Me. I still see a Therapist-Often. It helps but, All the Anger and hurt still remains. Its a bit less...but, atleast I can get out of bed these days. Im Here if You EVER wanna chat...I know this is a lonely time...but, Im HERE...Im not sure where You are in the Court process Nothing is listed on CCAP of Wisconsin...I was going to try and go to Your Court Hearings.---I went to EVERY Court Date in Our case, including the ones that I didn't have to attend. You need to keep Yourself Informed.---Best of Luck. Give Your Lil One HUGE HUGS...and tell Her EVERYDAY that what happened wasn't Her fault. Don't ask for details(unless asked to) Its so much harder for Children to discuss it with Parents or Loved Ones. Talk to You later. I hope Your sleeping Ok. I know its hard. And Please don't EVER hestitate to ask for help. (((HUGS))) You and Your Family are in My Prayers, Every nite-and Every day.

I am sorry to tell you this, but AVAIL is a joke. They are just a bunch of man haters! My ex wife was told by them that if she can get me to commit a crime against her they will give her a lawyer! What kinda crap is that? She turned them down, but how many more have gone for it? As for the "pastor" I have met him and his wife before and I never thought they played with a full deck. I can see him doing it, seems the type, but just remember one of the basics in this country is innoent till proven guilty, no matter what it looks like. Unfortuantly in Antigo it is not that way unless you are a member of the club, just like the teachers getting a slap on the wrist for drugs...

The wife was purchasing a plane ticket to California to be with her husband. And at the same time she said she didn't know where he was. She got busted in her own web of lies. California police and the United States Marshals Service already confirmed that she was on her way there when he was arrested. As for how does a wife support herself without her husband? Get a job. A woman doesn't need a man to support her. That is just a cop out.

Melanie who are u really n how do u no that?

Why did They go to California? He KNEW he wasn't suppose to leave...right?

He ran he had family there and he knew he had court n fled the state right before preliminary hearing he was advised to take plea by lawyers

the da doesn't know WTF hes doing anyway---even if there is "evidence"...he will probably walk. just like all the other child molesting druggies that are let free to riddle the streets with more drugs and attack our children. the so called "judicial" system in Langlade county is a F'N JOKE!!!! ----HONESTLY, if I was this Childs Parents---Id take it to WAUSAU!!! ---TRUST ME!!! and YOU CAN DO IT! I Pray for this Family. My Heart is so broken. My Family went thru ALL of the BS...court-court-court...only to have My Childs RAPIST -WALK! ...Get Your Child Justice! Keep a VERY CLOSE eye on the da...stay on top of it! Make sure he is doing his DAMN JOB!---Good Luck!

Obviously He KNEW he wasn't suppose to leave...that in itself SHOWS THAT HES GUILTY! WHAT other reason would he skip state?? C'mon...How IGNORANT! ...GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY!

Hey u no I have been thru what they are going thru this family is under going emotional financial and mental stress the little girl has PTSD amongst other things and instead of gossip maybe we could fins in our hearts a way to relieve some bruden from them a friend of theirs told me she has to go to a special school intense counsoling and several apts with specialist

She's a single mom of 3 I agree with anonymous....we could help her some how we could dro off money qolice station or victim speople at sd office

Just want to update u guys who are watching and supporting us with prayers and a shoulder to cry on or anger in what he did to my 4 year old at the time thank u all btw and the police have informed us Freddy will be here by end of this month from there he will go before a judge to get punished for running da says probably 6 years for felony bail jumping then. They will set court dates and we will start back at the preliminary hearing which will be horrible for our family to watch they have to expose evidence like the video from the day after it happen and was sent to a special interview and all evidence collected from a terrifying exam at 4 she went thru people touching and swabbing my little girl a child shook up and terrified she cried out and begged them to stop touching her there is a lot of info as her parents we aren't even given before trial as not to leak details we no what she told us and the counselors and special people she does have to see she does attend a school for entisve therapy and does continue to suffer a great deal as we take her for the help she needs I hope each of her followers of this will pray for her she's gonna need it he wants her to have to testify in a jury trial Fred that is my daught now 5.5 to rehash details she trys do hard to forget thank u all for following and support

Along side u thank u and idove to. Chat don't want to post my info tho art

Sweetie, We are here for You and Your Family. HORRIBLE what that MONSTER has done to Your Lil One and the rest of the Family. I Totally understand why You cant speak of details...It is Vitally Important that You listen to the DA and the VWC. Follow Their direction-But, having experienced what You are going thru---PLEASE stay in CONSTANT contact with the DA. He has ALOT of cases and is forgetful. PLEASE...Keep Yourself Informed. My Heart HURTS So Much for You and Your Family...Im sending You SO MUCH LOVE!!! Stay Strong-I know how hard All of this is...Makes Me cry. ---Im VERY PROUD of You and Your Lil One. ---HUGE HUGS!!!...and Remember---WE are HERE for YOU! ___Prayers___

I don't get people in this town! One family has a crisis and everyone goes out of their way to ease a burden, while in this case people just stand back and watch a mother and her child go through hell and do nothing to help but instead make comments about the mom. While I personally know the mom and do all I can to help. First off this DID happen God didn't put his DNA on her child Edward did. Second this mom checked ccap before leaving her child with him. What she didn't know is ccap only covers state of Wisconsin and not other states like Minnesota where he plead guilty to similar charges. And last of all she's lost her job cause she kept getting called home from work to take care of her daughter who has issues cause of this. After the job she lost her apartment and has had a lot of financial burden and never asked for help once. The judice I seek is we as a community help one victim but not another victim of a horrible crime. I ask where is the Justice in that?

Wow! First time on this site and for sure the last. It should be called Antigo It's sad to see all these speculations and negative comments. Don't people have anything better to do these days? I came here to find out about an accident that happened because I am living in another state now and I was hoping to find some information to send condolences to the family. I will gladly wait to here it from friends rather than expose myself to all of this bs. To whoever created this site, I really think you have issues! These are personal matters and should be left that way...private and personal. If convicted, the public will be notified. Where I live, they put a big red sign in your front yard. Maybe you people should be putting your energy into setting up a fund for this little girl. She's going to need it and our prayers whether it's true or not. Think twice about what you's there somewhere forever.

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