Pair charged after discovery of drugs at Lincoln Street home

Formal charges have been filed against two individuals arrested Friday during a raid of a Lincoln Street home.

Daniel E. Rank, 32, and Cassie M. Smith, 28, both appeared in Langlade County Circuit Court this week where a cash bail of $500 each was set by Reserve Judge Fred Kawalski.

The pair was arrested after Antigo police, with assistance of sheriff’s deputies, executed a warrant in search of illegal drugs. Evidence of drug use, including a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia, including a scale, were seized from the residence.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


"a small amount of marijuana" What a raid! Your department is a joke but you knew that already. What a waste of time and resources executing search warrants for small amounts of marijuana. Michigan is putting full legalization on the ballot in 2016. Good luck with your Puritan colony. ;) Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Active and former Police Chiefs, D.A.'s, Judges, Officers, and Deputies belong to L.E.A.P.

I'm sure the warrant was for a small amount of pot because that's all they found....Moron

If there had been any other evidence of other drug use they would have been more than happy to parade it in the paper for all to read as any residue would have gotten them charged with possession of whatever other particular substance was found...moron. I don't give a hot damn if the warrant was for a truckload of pot. NOBODY should be getting raided over a harmless plant...moron.

They don't issue warrants for specific amounts. It's not like they get a blank warrant and fill in what they found later. I find it extremely ironic that you are calling someone a moron when you are obviously making a statement based on something you don't know.

Not sure if you were addressing "town is a joke", "get a life", or "big top" I know how the warrant process works. A clown; usually Bauknecht has to swear out an afidavit in front of a judge detailing the probable cause to ask for a warrant. It's not rocket science or police wouldn't be doing the job. Nobody in this comment section is inferring that they issue warrants for certain amounts of substances. Maybe you are misinterpreting the comments. Cops have a fairly damn good idea what they'll be hoping to find before they issue a warrant. What I am implying and YOU are failing to grasp is that any warrant to search for something as harmless as Cannabis in any amount is a waste of time and resources. "get a life" misinterpreted the first statement and decided to talk smack instead.

If you are talking to me, I was referring to the anonymous troll who was calling people morons, under the name "get a life" who seems to like to insult people, seemingly without understanding how the system works. I agree with you that an insane amount of money is wasted on punishing pot smokers when alcohol and tobacco (which actually kills hundreds of thousands of people, both users and victims of users) are both legal. I'm not sure this is an effective forum for that, though. I doubt you are going to convert many of this crowd.

Yeah probably won't convert many. But if they can profer bullsh-t as facts from the top of their lungs. I figure I'll keep hitting them back in the mouth with actual facts in hopes they do a fair evaluation and change or have a stroke trying to counter with lies. Take care!

I know the warrant wasn't issued for smoking pot.... And now I have two pot heads offended nice.... Morons

Until weed is legalized it's still against the law, while I do agree that some day it will probably become legal to some degree again it's still illegal. As I read some of the posts on here about the situation I have to wonder what some of you people would do if you were in charge of the drug problem in this County, would you overlook most of it or would you hold those accountable for breaking the Law. When a search warrant is done, I'm sure that the amount of possible drugs is not always known until they search the place.

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