Naptime ends in citation for Antigo man

An Antigo man was cited for driving with a suspended license after found sleeping in his vehicle parked at the intersection of 10th Avenue and Hudson Street just after midnight today.

Police were told that the man had been parked there for approximately a half hour and the vehicle’s high beams were shining at homes in the residential district.

The 29-year-old explained that he recently had surgery, his medication made him drowsy and he needed to take a nap.

Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


But did police actually SEE him driving? If he was napping in the vehicle, he wasn't driving..
How could he be cited for driving with a suspended driver's license when nobody saw him drive? Only in Antigo.

It is the law that if you are in the drivers seat with keys in the car (not the ignition, just in the car) you are assumed to be driving. They have used this a lot in the past to arrest people for drunk driving even if they are trying to be good and just sleep it off. Put the keys on a tire or something to save yourself.

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