My reason for not voting for Greening

How can Sheriff Greening live with himself, let alone run for Sheriff again after the death of those two boys?

I just can't understand why Greening didn't immediately fire the officer(s) that let the driver go free when stopping him, not once, but twice before the fatal accident happened?

The incident could have easily been prevented if the officer would have arrested the driver. Instead, the young man was let loose to drive erratically and ultimately lose his life, kill another & injure others.

It sickens me and I just can't see how anyone can defend the Sheriff or the officer that was involved.

There was not a single peep out of Greening's mouth to the public about the situation. He should have stepped up and taken charge!

I think the County is lucky that they didn't get sued.


Imagine that when Greening should speak up he's silent and when he should keep silent he goes on television talking about solving murders he never solves and icebergs he never melts. Facepalm! He also could have fired Deputy Brayton instead of allowing him to resign. He was after all texting "dick" pics to kids. Not like the evidence wasn't cut and dried. So that is 2 examples of Deputies that by any stretch of the imagination should have been fired. How anyone can say with a straight face that this man can lead a department effectively is beyond logic. If you cannot bring yourself to fire persons in your employ who are clearly guilty of breaking the law while employed to uphold those same laws. Why are you there? Maybe he could go on CNN and give us a public answer? Instead of when it's just to toot ones horn.

He should have resigned a long time ago!

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