Michael Peterson from Antigo drug ring receives sentence

Michael J. Peterson of Bryant, 48, has finally received his sentence for his involvement in the Antigo drug ring that included former teachers and principal. Peterson was charged with dealing cocaine, while the teachers were charged & convicted of cases with strictly marijuana.

In the plea agreement, the charges were amended to three simple possession counts of cocaine, which are misdemeanors. He was originally charged with two counts of possession with intent to deliver cocaine, which are felonies.

He was sentenced to one year probation on each count, but, all of them run concurrent, so he will spend one year on probation. He must continue counseling and pay court costs.

In relation to this case, John Hunter is still waiting to receive sentencing, which is now set for December 1.


So, this guy who was dealing coke, got the same punishment as a few the teachers (and others) who were just in possession of pot!?! How does that work. Pathetic! Nice message to send out there

Yeah I agree so now more people are gonna do this because they will only get probation.

How anyone is surprised is beyond me. He's a snitch that cut a deal. Your town is full of them. Thank Uttke and Bauknecht for cutting deals with rats to keep their caseload fat.

It all depends on who you are! It is a bunch of crap!

It was a plea deal between the attorney and the DA. It has been said many times before, we need to vote Uttke out of office. Next election, let's get rid of the enablers in this town.

you cant vote out the insiders in langlade county. read and study the district vote tallys abit. you will see the pattern im talking about. that is all.

It's all about the revenue. A P D is just like the rats in this town no integrity. They don't want to solve the drug epidemic in this town Just profit from it like they always have. : (

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