Methamphetamine charges for couple from Bowler area

According to news reports today, there are charges pending against two people from Bowler for meth. A woman, April M. LaChapelle, 23, is charged with 3 counts of purchasing pseudoephedrine for another with the intent of facilitating another person's manufacture of meth. She is accused of buying Sudafed from different locations so her boyfriend could use it's ingredients to make methamphetamine. Stuart L. Long, 27, was charged on 08/05/2013, with 3 counts of manufacturing or delivering amphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting or obstructing an officer. He was arrested in August after selling drugs to an undercover officer.


I wonder madam or sir administrator, when you post these blogs if you can post your own opinion or do you have to post what is reported or the news paper? I was also curious if you work for the Antigo Daily Journal writing stories?

You can post whatever you would like, I think opinions are better, but, the ADJ doesn't put everything on the internet and there are many people who do not get the paper. No, I do not work for the Journal.

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