Man pleads to reduced counts in sex case

An Antigo man arrested nearly two years ago on allegations of attempted sexual assault of a 15 year old pleaded no contest to reduced charges Friday. A sentencing hearing has been set November 26th for RODNEY B. FLEISCHMAN, 46, of 1804 Clermont Street on counts of reckless endangerment of safety, a felony, and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. Fleischman was originally charged with two felony counts - Attempted sexual assault of a child under the age of 16 and use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime. The ammendments were made through a plea agreement reached between District Attorney Ralph Uttke and defense counsel Steven Kohn. According to court documents, Fleischman was arrested Sept. 9, 2011 when he went to Mueller's Lake at Polar in anticipation of meeting a 15 year old male. Authorities said that a week prior, an undercover sheriff's investigator, posing as a 15 year old boy from the Wausau area "engaged in a text message exchange of a sexual nature with the defendant, in which the 15 year old age was stressed." A meeting was setup at the beach rest room between 4 and 5 p.m. on a Friday, and at 4:39 p.m., Fleischman arrived to find the law enforcement agents waiting. According to the complaint, police first got notice that something may be amiss two years earlier when a mother reported concerns that her son was mixing with an older Antigo man and activities were suspicious. The case heated up in April of 2011 when a father reported activities involving a friend of his son's and messages on social Internet sites suggested a meeting at an Antigo apartment that hinted at sexual activity.


Are You Kidding Me?! WTF?! He's a Predator! And the Damn DA is basically letting Him off! He needs to be on the PREDATORS LIST!!! This is TOTAL BS!!!....Yet ANOTHER LangladeCounty County EPIC FAIL! USUAL!

@Disgusted: Then let your voice be heard. The Judge is under no obligation to follow the plea agreement. Contact the Judges office and be respectful but firm in your feelings regarding this matter. The entire community should be contacting him.

Yes he is. A friend was renting property from him on the North end of town that had two buildings on the property. One was a normal warehouse which my friend rented. The other this guy has decked out like an entertainment property in an Industrial park. He was living in that decked out warehouse building not the address that was listed. When my frined heard of the charges against him. He made a point of telling some of us that he thought the other building was a bit strange to have located where it was decked out like that. If you have a home already. Who strives to deck out a Industrial park building unless they are using it as cover for other things.

I remember when I was 5 years old had no job and gossiped on antigo buzz over someone you don't know, pathetic antigo

Over 5, have a job, and have met him. The above story of the buildings is true. This guys has ran around town after he was out on bail gossiping and generally ripping people when they have been listed in the paper for being in trouble. I would think if I were arrested for allegedly trying to get with some underage penis. I might shut my hole and not draw attention to myself, but nope not Rodney. He has had plenty to say of others. Just making sure he receives the same treatment. Turnabout is fair play. Besides that I absolutely detest convicted or alleged child molesters. Go lay by your dish Rodney!

Go defend a pedaphile somewhere else, jeez

Can u not read, obviously you having no job hasn't helped that, do u know what alleged means?

Then Antigo let's finally all work together on something. This wasted is trying to defend a "Alleged" child molester. Potheads and non-potheads alike can agree we don't want Alleged child molesters in the community, so everyone in the community needs to be calling the Judge and D.A. regarding this matter so that he isn't an Alleged child molester but a convicted one. Get to the phones people and finally stand up for something together. Only if you start working together will anything ever change in this town.

Having or not having a job doesn't make one allegedly crave little boys. Rodney had a job and it didn't help him not to allegedly crave little boys! To answer your question, yes I know what alleged means. Do you know what enabling means? Or how about child molester? Allegedly you are a joke for defending and quite possibly enabling this conduct to continue however long it did. Don't worry this backwards town seems to only try to crucify potheads. They seem to take it real easy on the kiddy fiddlers!

Everyone filmed on "To catch a predator" is an alleged child molester as well. They don't look any less guilty! Oh alleged one!

He is generally admitting guilt by his plea of no contest (reduced charges or not), so I don't think "alleged" really applies here.
Can you imagine, just for a moment, that one of the young boys that he was soliticing was your child, you may just feel differently.

Thanks for setting the pedophile defender straight and to that clown I would say. Be lucky he Allegedly moletsted who he did. Because had he allegedly molested ANY child I knew. He wouldn't have even had to worry about court. He would have never made it there! However keep defending him and show the world your true colors! Arranging to touch little boys...he's lucky his face isn't on a milk carton!

who did he allegedly molest? oh wait, there was no one. are we sure this isn't a made up story from someone who thinks like you guys do. and plea agreements aren't necessarily admitting guilt. they are more or less a compromised based off of evidence and it doesn't seem like there can be much without any victims

I guess after reading the official story and then reading your comment. I'm left with only 1 question. Does it hurt to be that stupid? I would think it would have to be a painful condition.

Where does this guy work?

He owns or used to own the wood products buildings to the East of Suick lures on the North end of town. The front building was the warehouse and the rear building set to the east is the one he had decked out like some type of entertainment place. Apologies to Suick lures for even mentioning your name in this article and it was only used to reference the location of the above mentioned properties.

West elementary

I think you have him confused with someone else, I don't think he works at West Elementary - at least I hope not!!! I thought he was a realtor

Who is the real victim here? Are you sure someone who thinks like you guys didn't just make up a story and tell the police a lie?

Holy smokes! Are you his family member? Did you even read the damn story! The alleged pedophile was himself talking to a Sheriff investigator pretending to be a 15 year old. Who then arranged himself to meet the pretend 15 year old. So does it matter at that point what story initially brought him to the Investigators attention? HE still arranged to meet who he thought was a kid! If you want to defend that then you are as sick of a piece of sh*t as he is!!!

If you are trying to imply that the grown man hitting on what he thought was a 15 year old is a victim somehow. By all means go suck on the tailpipe of your vehicle. So you don't pollute the World with your genes or at least as the old saying goes "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Cannot for the life of me believe some a$$clown is actually defending this pedophile. You must be a real winner!

He also had a bowling alley in said building... I feel horrible for his mother (who is the sweetest woman), and she is part owner of the Bagel/Pasty shop by Bucks Pizza, and have a son do such horrible things...and what is so strange.. the dumb sh-t still drives around with young guys in his car!!!!!!!!

I honestly think it matters a lot what brought it to the attention of police. They are supposed to investigate. And they didn't they just went after this phone number to make a case. Story I heard is police called him several times over and over and finally the dumb sh-t got pissed and went along with the story to go have a fight with who ever was harassing him. Sounds to me like curiosity got him screwed. This pissed off parent who made the allegations to police gave them the name of a so called victim and I am told they never even went to check on the kid to see if he was ok, instead they took the phone number and started texting and calling it and obviously got his attention. Believe they call that entrapment so most likely why there was a deal. It seems strange the police believe the story enough to set a trap but not enough to go check and see if the alleged victim is ok. Its a he said she said case and the media has the town believing there is a pedophile on the loose. You guys keep saying he is molesting people but there is no one out there. The D.A. and Judge wouldn't let someone on the loose if they are a danger to society. Something doesn't add up here, there has to be a reason why the new charges don't involve a sex crime. Also to catch a predator always has to start on an online site where the victim and defendant meet. There is no evidence that this guy was on any social media site anywhere so called or allegedly targeting young people. Quick to judge? We all have our opinion and obviously if there are people driving around in his car they are there by their own free will

No I am not a family member but I used to stop by his place from time to time. Thought I would stop by and get the real story

It doesn't seem that anyone here actually has any real facts, just second hand information. In reference to the "new" charges not involving a sex crime, have you ever heard of a plea agreement? Also, has it crossed your mind that there may be several victims that are not named for their own privacy in this specific charge but may have aided in this investigation? It blows my mind that people are so willing to jump to the defense of a pedophile. One would think that if you are truly not guilty of this crime you would plea NOT GUILTY and not try to negotiate a punishment. There is always more than one side to a story. Usually there are many sides.

Would you take a case like this to trial? All of you on here already judged the guy as would a jury most likely jeez

With the pedophile and molestation accusations on here and inappropriate police behavior, trying to convince someone to commit a crime, false information in the journal. Slander, libel, defamation all come into play here. I think the guy has a million dollar law suit

If you made your living from giving legal advice you would be one broke a$$ mofo lmao! Bring it!

I always find it amazing in Antigo that everyone is presumed guilty. Instead if getting off their lazy a--es and getting a job or doing anything useful the people here find it much easier to continue to tear others down. I would be much more concerned about whats happening in our schools to our kids than crucifying someone on a hearsay charge.

Here is a bit of advice for you. Go purchase a copy of the criminal complaint so you can read it. Or if you went to school here you can have someone else read it to you. ;)

Put away your scrabble dictionary and get out a copy of Blacks law dictionary.

Hearsay - A term applied to that species of testimony given by a witness whorelates, not what he knows personally, but what others have told him, or what he hasheard said by others. Ilopt v. Utah, 110 U. S. 574, 4 Sup. Ct. 202. 28 L. Ed. 202; Morellv. Morell, 157 Ind. 170, 00 N. E. 1002; Stockton v. Williams, 1 Doug. (Mich.) 570;People v. Kraft, 01 Hun, 474, 30 N. Y. Supp. 1034.Hearsay evidence is that which does not derive its value solely from the credit of thewitness, but rests mainly on the veracity and competency of other persons. The verynature of the evidence shows its weakness, and it is admitted only in specified casesfrom necessity. Code Ga. 1882,

Law Dictionary:

Now let it sink in really slowly so that perhaps you just might understand how dumb you make yourself sound.

Maybe you should also read the FULL story... the entire investigation started BECAUSE online contact and sexual comments posted... so when you stopped there to get the facts... yup he was an excellent source to ask.. cuz we all know.. a criminal always says EXACTLY what happens.

How dumb this is. The online contact allegations were all dismissed because they were proven to be false information. It was printed in the paper anyway.The cops made said they believed the story so they could set a trap. They made it up

wow maybe he needs to share a cell with jerry cousin was married to him. cant believe he wants little boys now what a sick freak.

He is a predator. I am a victim. He sexually mollested me when I was 15. I did finally go to the police, but it was too late.

I am so sorry to hear this, I hope you have gotten some help in dealing with it.

From the time we are young children we grow up on second-hand-information,hearsay. What our parents tell us,what our teachers tell us,the books we read. It is all information that just passes on from one person to another. We all live everyday on gossip. It's up to each person whether they believe what they read,hear or not.

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