Langlade County criminal court activity 07.07.2014

Langlade County criminal court activity for 07.07.2014.

Shawn C. Geis of Fredonia, 32, failed to appear in court for a charge of knowingly violating a domestic abuse order injunction. A body only warrant was authorized for his arrest.

Matthew J. Howard of Marshfield, 23, had bond set at $500 cash for charges for burglary, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. Conditions of that bond include no use of alcohol and no contact with FS gas station. His next court date is August 11.

Matthew C. Fell of Pearl Avenue, 23, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for a third offense of operating while intoxicated. His license was revoked for 26 months. He must install an ignition interlock device on his vehicle for one year and undergo alcohol or drug assessment with follow through.

Zachary M. Moore of Summit Lake, 22, had his bond lowered from $500 cash to a $1,000 signature bond for a charge of theft of video service. He is scheduled to return to court on August 11.

Arthur J. Smith of Caddott, 62, received a $1,000 signature bond for a charge of theft. As a condition of bond, he must not have contact with the victim. His next court date is August 11.

Justin S. Szitta of Deleglise Street, 32, had bond reduced from $10,000 cash to $3,000 cash for charges of first degree child sex assault intercourse with person under 12, child enticement sexual contact, causing a child under age 13 to view or listen to a sex act and exposing genitals to a child. Conditions of bond include no contact with the victim and no unsupervised contact with minors. His next court date is July 21.

Michael R. Wedemayer of Tenth Avenue, 46, received a reduced bond from $5,000 cash to $1,000 cash for charges of second degree sex assault with use of force and disorderly conduct. Conditions of bond include no contact with the victim and no use of alcohol. He is scheduled to return to court on September 15.

Nicholas G. Yarie of Trout Road, 23, was fined $100 plus costs for operating while revoked.

New charges filed today:

Robin Steffen of Elcho, 43, is charged with disorderly conduct domestic abuse and felony bail jumping. He was released on a $1,000 signature bond with conditions of no violent contact with the victims. A status conference is scheduled for August 11.

Cathy J. Maki of Suring, 44, is charged with violating a harassment restraining order and misdemeanor bail jumping. She was released on a $1,000 signature bond with the condition that she not contact the victim. A status conference is set for July 11.


How can a Judge justify lowering a bond amount for someone that is charged with a Felony "B" that involves sex with a child under 12 from 10k to 3k? This charge is one step below first degree murder. Not to mention the lengthy criminal history that should be looked at as well.

I agree with you, but, I think the Judge is required to make the bond amount reasonable enough so the person charged can pay it. Remember, innocent until proven guilty.

I would never want to victimize a victim twice by not believing what they say happened .
What I would like to point out is the offense dates back 4 years ago and what I know of him now I am shocked as I would have never thought those accusations could be. Just saying....

you are never innocent until proven guilty anymore, in the public eye this mans live is ruined and he will be labeled as a pedophile no matter if it is true or not. If there is evidence and the so called victim is willing to testify he is screwed. If there is no evidence and the so called victim won't testify then the D.A. will cut him a deal and he will need to go thru treatment and probation and most likely do some time just so the government can tell the public they were not in the wrong in this case. The man is screwed if the D.A wants to push it because his only choice is a trial if he wants to fight. He is cornered no matter what is true or not. The evidence if any will reflect the deal that is offered

I would agree that sometimes people assume guilt before all the evidence is presented. However I did not or would not make a claim to this individual's guilt or innocence. Assuming the DA has evidence and with the Antigo DA one never knows I was merely implying that the bond was way too low for the severity of the offense. Criminal history should have also been taken into account.

totally agree with you also on that, but the D.A. does what he wants. he and the judge have not made much sense in other cases of this nature. some get hit hard with a bond and others not so much. this bond does not seem to make sense, considering the charges. are they going to be so generous when the deal is offered then?

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