Hunter Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges - Not a Surprise

According to news reports and court records, John Hunter appeared in Langlade County Court today and pled not guilty to the 50 felony drug charges against him.

Although no other names are mentioned, we know from past reports that some former Antigo teachers and principal had also been charged in connection with this case. Some of those teachers have already reached plea deals in their misdemeanor cases of possession of THC.

The former Elementary school principal, John Lund, is scheduled for a Jury Trial in January, with a final pre-trial hearing set for December 20.
John Lund court record

Scot Peterson received a sentence of 6 months jail time, 250 hours community service, 4 years probation plus fines for a total of 26 counts related to Manufacturing/Delivering THC, some of which were dismissed.
Scot Peterson court record

Michael Peterson is set to return to court on Nov. 30. He is currently charged with 2 counts of Possess with Intent Cocaine.
Michael Peterson court record

Richard Leseberg is set to return to court on December 7. He is charged with 6 counts of Possession of Cocaine. He has other open criminal cases also.
Richard Leseberg court record

Since the criminal complaint had been available to the public, it was obvious that John Hunter played a very large role in this investigation and I will be curious to see how he is treated in relation to the others involved.

What would be a fair sentence for someone who was admittedly running cocaine and marijuana from Milwaukee up to Antigo and Bass Lake?

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I think he should get at least 6 months, like Scot Peterson got, but more time than that would seem appropriate. It seems like a lot of the story here may be missing and frankly, I am getting sick of the BS in this county.

Jail time would be appropriate in my opinion, but only because of the coke. I don't think anyone should get jail time for pot anymore.

This guy is one of those who has been getting away with this crap for YEARS and the reason being that his family has some money. He is right in with that group of people who have done whatever they want and no one bothered him becuz of who he is. He should have the book thrown at him.

Hunter's family has money?? Are you serious? His dad sold used cars and his mom was a secretary...not exactly millionaires!

Never said they were millionaires, I said they had SOME money.

Probation and fine. Corrupt sick laws should be broken.

A fair sentence can be way different depending on who you ask. I'm sure friends would say that these guys shouldn't be punished at all, but, others who have had to face criminal charges themselves would probably say at least a year in jail, if not more since that may be considered a "fair" sentence for the average person to face.

Looks like Leseberg got a little jail time. On the court site, it says 90 days, but, different cases than the one linked on here.

how about some drug testing? at time of hire or random or both? hard to believe we have drug testing for almost all types of employment and yet we dont for the one's educating our future, is there a union? why are they not testing?

Actually tigger, they are drug testing now, after all the crap that happened, they almost HAD to! A little late, but, nonetheless...

heard he was working as an informant down south where he got they can't officially charge him up here until that shakes out. if the feds are involved, those charges probably supercede what he has been charged with in Antigo.

Bradley Maas from Wittenberg was also involved in this deal and he just recently pleaded no contest to 2 felony charges of manufacturing/delivering marijuana, while 4 other counts were dismissed. He is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

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