Hallucinations from pot at local grocery store?

News reports today indicate a man was acting strangley in a parking lot of a grocery store on Tuesday night, when police arrested him, pot was found in his wallet. The 39 year old Antigo man was taken into custody on a probation hold since police thought he had possibly been drinking alcohol. The pot was found when he entered the jail. This is not the man's first marijuana offense, so it will be a felony. The inital caller had reported that the man was acting strangely, and possibly "hallucinating" or "was on something".


Lol uneducated people.... try doing some research once. You don't hallucinate from pot

That is what happens when the public gets involved with things. They can say anything they want to the police even make up the biggest lies if they want and the police can do anything they want with that information. Arrest you, call you, text you, set you up, anything they want. Then you end up with some sort of charge that sticks out of the whole thing. Felonies, misdemeanors, they don't care what they do to your life as long as they look like they are doing their job. Job security is what that is. Probably even get government grants who knows. The people making false statement and falsifying information should be getting the obstruction tickets but the charges they created for the other defendant will bring more money and a bigger pat on the back so why investigate the truth when its working to believe the lies. All you need is a name and you can ruin a life if the police choose to want to believe you or need something to do that day

It says the caller stated possibly hallucinating or on something-not the cops. The cops are the ones who said the person had pot. Good lord people, blaming the public for calling the cops and giving a description? The caller didn't know what they had on them!

You need to pay attention, where did it say the public gave a description for this instance?? The fact is that police can do anything they want with informstion, the point is the public can call and say anything they want wether it is true or not. Not referring only to this situation but in general. When people make a false statement to police they should be the ones getting the tickets and criminal charges no matter what happens as a result of the police actions or circumstances with that information

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