Former Elcho official receives sentence

The former Elcho clerk/treasurer has made a plea deal after the alleged embezzlement of what was estimated as nearly $100,000.

Melissa Bloechl, 44, had been charged with theft, two counts of forgery and 40 counts of misconduct in office acting with excess authority, all of which are felonies.

According to court records, she will serve three months in jail and five years probation for the theft charge, with restitution of $68,271.65.

For the two forgery charges and eight of the misconduct in office charges, she received three years probation, which is consecutive to count 1. Restitution to be determined.

The remaining counts of misconduct in office acting with excess authority will be dismissed.

Melissa Bleochl mugshot


Since she is currently giving home care to a disabled woman and receiving the woman's social security check. You can be sure the court is going to let her out early. This woman worked for langlade,forest, and Oneida county sheriff's depts. Her sentence is lenient. It kind of makes me wonder what she has on a public official. Watch and see if she serves that full three months. The disabled woman
will be the courts excuse to let her out early. Three months wasn't long enough for the offense. She stole from the public that elected her. Shameful.

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