Favoritism for Antigo teachers in drug busts?

I saw the story on channel 7 the other day about how the teachers have been treated in the judicial system from the pot busts and I am not sure what to make of it.

I was surprised to hear that Scot Peterson has actually been released from jail already on his six month sentence. If you look at his court records, he was required to report to jail by July 14, so he should have sat until January.

Anyone who has been in the criminal court system knows that if you receive probation with your sentence, then normally there is no "good time" in your jail sentence. If there is not probation, then you do get good time. So, how is it that Mr. Peterson is out of jail?

District Attorney Uttke and Sheriff Greening say no special treatment was given, but I am finding that harder and harder to believe...

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Good question, I would like to know how Peterson was able to get out already, it isn't right.

Scot Peterson got out early because the job that he was working at was seasonal and he was getting out on huber for that. So then he got to work in the laundry at the jail 16 hours a day. For every 3 days they work, they get 1 day off their sentence. That is how he got out early.

Anyone who knows anything about Antigo knows that people are treated differently depending on who they are. It's always been that way and probably always will be that way.

You can't believe anything that Uttke or Greening say, period.

This probably is due to the fact that Peterson helped the police and maybe he is testifying against someone in the future, there are other possibilities. It's hard to say.

Just another incidence of small town BS, happens all the time.

Mr. Peterson should not have been in jail in the first place. He was and still is one of the nicest coaches, mentors, and role models of our community, same with Mr. Lund. Just because a couple teachers got together and sold a plant to provide for their families does not mean they are any worse than the parents and adults that booze themselves to death at the 50 bars we have in our town. It's time adults started acting like adults and realized that pot is not a harmful substance and we should not be paying taxes to support these kind of charges in our jails. Maybe if you hipocrites mellowed out and took a second to study what nice, respectable people are being convicted for, you would understand how unjust and stupid the conviction of THC-related charges are. Now bath salts are another story, we should definitely get that crap out of this small town.

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