Berner hits bicyclist, van damaged in mishaps

According to news reports today, there were two mishaps on Tuesday. John Lund reported around 4:00pm Tuesday that his van had been struck while it was parked at Remington Oil Company. He thought it may have hit by a semi tractor/trailer. In a separate incident, Fred Berner reported to police that he had hit a boy who was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk along Superior Street on Tuesday. The boy, Jeremy Krause, was checked out at Langlade Hospital, but there has been no report on how he is doing.


Do you think they gave Berner a breathalyzer test. I highly doubt that why would they after all he is the biggest drunk and he reports stories how the police wants him to write them.

" he reports stories how the police wants him to write them." John Schuenke cannot even argue with that part of your comment. Antigo is a joke!

To venture a guess regarding your question: Not a chance in hell

Why wasn't he in da paper when he got his o w i a while back ? :)

He must have some pull cuz that OWI isn't even on the court site either...

In all fairness, can you blame him? If it was you, would you put your own name in the paper?

In all fairness. If he doesn't have a problem listing everyone Else's family when they get themselves into trouble. Then he should have the personal integrity to list his own troubles. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Same example the Police set when they have no problem listing any citizens issues when they get in a jam. While in the same breath they are dead silent to the public when one of their own is removed (Jason Just) Double standards are the norm around here. Always have been always will be as far as I can tell.

If he did have it listed then good on him for treating himself in the same manner as the public. Maybe the Police could learn from Fred then?

He didn't have a problem with putting a nice write up about mine!!!!!!!!

Actually, it was in the paper when he got his OWI. Yes, I was just as surprised as anyone. Rest assured, I read it in the paper.

Ben D---- is not in the paper for doing narcotics when working at langlade memorial hospital? Was he stealing them from the hospital again? And he is married to the Dean Of Students at Antigo High School!! Who is covering this one up the hospital or the school!! How many people died under his care cause they did not get the right meds? Or cause he was high!! Yea Antigo is some town.

Must we just put up peoples names like Ben D---- was just served up? Gosh i do not even know the man but what does what he has or has not done have to do with the topic at hand?

Gosh, people are talking about things not making the paper. Well it seemed like a good time to post it. People should know these things. Our hospitals are supposed to be a place where people take care of us!! It hurts to even think of all the elderly people that were under his care or should I say not cared for!! If I could have posted it on the front of this page I would have.

@Small Town.. you are a frickin IDIOT! Shut your damn mouth. Get your $hit together before you start slammin people and throwing them under the bus on here!

@ WOW fact he was caught before stealing narcotics from the hospital!!
Fact he went to rehab and was got his job back with the condition of random drug testing.
Fact he recently relapsed and now got his nursing license taken away. The most important fact is people were in his care.. So it's obvious you are a friend or family member. I hope people catch wind of this so some one can be held liable. The hospital should have never hired him back. So what's your story WOW.

Fact is mr small town he got plenty of awards and letters from people who's lives he saved. I know this doesnt make it right but the hospital handles these things just fine without your help. You obviously don't know him. He is one of the most caring loving people in the world. The hospital hired him back because nobody else could handle that position as good as him. I guarantee that he always gave patients the best care. And saved many lives. Small town I think You need to mind your own business. This type of thing happens quite often in hospital settings with nurses and doctors in every town. And it's being taken care of. You should start worrying about yourself instead of everyone else and that's how you make a difference in this world. Not by assuming the worst. Shame on you for the terrible things you say. You are obviously just jealous of people who make a positive name for themselves around here.

@ soul one. Bottom line what he did was wrong!! Say all you want about awards, cause they won't do him any good now!! Well they have yo find someone to fill that spot now don't they?
Should have did it the first time. And as for this happening all over yeah that's quite the observation. News flash Soul One this is Antigo Buzz not all over buzz. It should be in the paper bottom line.

This is my first time checking out the Antigo Buzz. I never knew you could leave comments. I guess after reading some, if so many people in this town have complaints about sooo many things, why do we all put up with this stuff?

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