Bathroom pervert won't be listed as sex offender

In another post on this site, there was information that I find VERY disturbing. A man who was acting as a predator on young boys has received a plea deal, with charges that are not sexual in nature. Rodney B. Fleischman of Clermont Street in Antigo was the man who, on more than one occasion, texted with young boys and made arrangements to meet with them in public bathrooms. The incident I recall reading about took place at Mueller's Lake in Polar. So now, in a plea deal, his offenses will be lowered to NON-sexual crimes, which means that he will not be categorized as a sex offender. I think this guy is a prime example of a person who SHOULD be required to register for the rest of his life. He was targeting young boys, isn't that the definition of a child sex predator? For whatever reason Antigo/Langlade County seems to go easy on sex offenders and I do not understand why. If you look at the statistics, they show that sex offenders have an extremely high rate of re-offending. Nice one Uttke. Hopefully the next time this guy gets caught, it won't be AFTER he has violated young boys. Other post -


That is horse manure. I know of men who had relations with girls consentually who, were only guilty of turning 18 before thier girlfriends who are on that site,..this town is corrupt! I guess perverts stick together!

Start voicing your opinions to the Judge not this site and things can change. Ranting here is good in that it can bring a general awareness to get things moving. It still takes all of you to make it work. This town has no problem any other time calling everyone and telling a story. Get up and call the Judge and tell him how you feel about these people who are hurting children.

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