Antigo Rummage sale sites

I enjoy all the rummage sale sites that are available on Facebook. One of the main rules are NO DRAMA and well it should be. I do however think that people who run off at the mouth and talk trash on these sites should be called on it like CINDY LIPINSKI who is a smart mouth condescending pompous see you next Tuesday that thinks she is above that rule so if you see her name on any of your posts BEWARE she is a trouble maker and a lying POS.


Maybe it would be helpful to try to communicate directly with her on things?

You would think however my peeps who were dealing with her forwarded all correspondence and this women was crazy derogatory foul and accusatory without any basis. Then she plastered all kinds of slanderous statements until the site administrator had to delete all posts!!
Then you may say that I am being slanderous well what I say is fact ere go not slanderous and this is a venue to rant.

I honestly hoped this was a blog about rummage sales.


Hahaha typical Antigo. Someone talking smack about someone talking smack lol priceless. What a miserable little town.

If you saw the whole postvshe was mad that someone sold her 12 y/o son a pair off boots that were bad. As a parent why would you not look at them too. She said she wad having van problems and needed to get it to the garage.

The rummage sale sites are very nice to use, but sometimes I cannot believe the amount of drama.../ It's JUST STUFF, peoplePeople!!! The fact that material things are causing people to stoop to such low levels of being vicious and name calling, etc. is just sickening.... I don't know what your specific experience was with this lady, but name calling and publicly trashing over the situation is very uncalled for.... If you have felt wronged in some manner, maybe speak to the person directly? (in a Reasonable, adult-like manner)

No. She just did not look at them. There was nothing wrong with the boots the lady and her boyfriend had looked over them before she even put them on the site. Cindy just calls kids scummy. I don't think she should be working with the school district if that is how she treats people.

Yeah I also saw the texts the woman was sending. She claimed there was a 2 1/2 inch crack in boots. (I would have checked them before buying. ) Then she was threatening the seller via text. If you go to a regular set up rummage sale wouldn't you look at something before you buy it? Do you think you can get it home and decide it doesn't look like you thought and take it back? The seller did NOT deliberately sell her damaged merchandise. It was not noticed by EITHER of them..... I just think this woman was out of control, the fact that FB deleted her posts should say something. The part that bothers me is she was horrible in texts BEFORE she posted her nastiness online. If you didn't read the texts personally you are only getting half the story. This woman was threating to take further action. What did she mean by that?....could be calling cops. Slandering on FB or worse. Caveat means that the item could possibly be defective or unsuitable for the buyers needs but it is the buyers responsibility to determine that before purchasing the item....I guess the sale site should say Caveat Venditor....seller beware. Once you have given contact information to a stranger buying from you they can harass you constantly if they are not happy. I realize times are tough for many people,but if you want merchandise with a warranty.... Buy it new.

I just think the drama needs to stop. Dont buy crap and dont sell crap. But it is sad it had to happen to a child. I guess he will learn about the real world the hard way.

if the seller had truely thought the boots were in good shape, and the buyer later pointed out they wernt, the seller should have cheerfully refunded the whole purchase price. not try to evade the buyer. I think the seller was intentionally trying to get 25 dollars for junk. And I think Cindy had every right to post the sellers devious conduct. like you all say its only stuff. refund their money if they arn't happy.

The shoes weren't invisible until you got them home. God people sound dumb. So you just gave the lady 25 bucks and put the magic invisible shoes in your vehicle until you got home and they suddenly became visible and now you seen the crack? Sounds like bullsh%t to me.

she does not work for the school district as far and I know so who do you think she is???LOL maybe everyone should keep there nose out of it I agree with someone else, to many people are sure the other party is not guilty so maybe Rachelle McGhee is guilty???

there is to much being slung at cindy, does anyone Know or believe Rachelle McGhee is honest?? hard to say and maybe the finger should be pointed at her for a while.

I don't even know what to say other than I seen those messages back and forth also, and if I could show you I would. Cindy was being very rude calling Rachelle a liar for "avoiding" her calls when she clearly stated in previous messages that she had been out of town in bad cell service. Cindy also lied about how much Rachelle was asking for the boots, AND there were two pick up dates that were set up and MISSED without any notification, and then took about two to pick the boots up on the third pick up date... and then three hours AFTER she gets the boots there's magically a 2 1/2" crack?

The accusations of avoiding calls irritate me too. So Rachelle can't have a life? She must sit at home in case this woman needed to call her again. I have a Straight Talk phone and I do not get service in a few areas. In my own home there are two spots it doesn't ring if someone calls, just goes to voicemail. Before cell phones you had no choice, someone's not home leave a message or you could call back. Now people swear up and down they're being avoided if the phone isn't answered immediately. I don't know about other people but sometimes I just turn my phone off to have some dang peace and quiet. Or for church. Sometimes you just can't answer your phone, be it because you are with someone and have enough manners to talk to the person you're actually with, or because you are somewhere cell phones MUST be turned off. And if this woman thought it was OK to not show up twice and was hours late when she finally picked them up, how can she DEMAND Rachelle drop EVERYTHING and fix a problem no one knew about until the property was in her possession.....just saying

Well Cindy's Facebook page SAYS she works for The Unified School District of Antigo, so I guess that's where some may get the idea she works for the school district. If she does not I guess SHE'S lying right there. I also know Rachelle and have known her since she was 11 years old. She is not a liar or someone who deliberately sold junk.

It is so funny how this keep's dragging on, some people spend to much time on the computer!!! If more people would get involved in other stuff that is important this would end come on People GET A LIFE... and there are to many people that are for Rachelle they need to change there mind and see what she does or who she is read he fb page sling nasty comments at her I bet there are people out there who have things to say about Miss Perfect Rachelle..!!!!!

I'm guessing that if you are TELLING people to go to Rachelles FB page and sling nasty comments at her YOU are either Cindy or someone that lives up her butt!!! And yes I remember seeing Rachelle in the paper years ago raising money for Katrina victims. When she was in middle school. I wonder if these boots were bought from someone who was 40 not 20 would Cindy still be doing this. Or would she know that someone older would be harder to harass and slander online.

I copied this page. If anyone takes this losers advice and starts sending nasty messages to Rachelle, I have this to show you were doing it on the say so of an anonymous troublemaker, it will be reported to proper channels if it happens. Just putting this out there.


I have to agree about the foolishness about avoiding calls! Anonymous is right. Cell phones have caused people to be socially inconsiderate and down right rude! If you choose to have peace and quiet for a few minutes or are in a poor reception area ( WHICH HALF OF THE NORTHWOODS IS) you are accused of avoidance. If you are in the check out and on your phone you are RUDE. if we are visiting and you continually check your texts FB and take calls (SAN EMERGENCIES ) you are RUDE. So my guess is that if these are the expectations of Cindy is would seem she qualifies as RUDE!!!!!!! Enough said.

Maybe GET A LIFE needs to get a life? Telling people to change their mind about Rachelle and post nasty things on her FB page? REALLY??! As for GET A LIFE saying its funny how it keeps dragging on... it looks as if your the reason for the comments following yours. How does that make sense?

I'm kind of laughing about Get a Life, so too many people are for Rachelle? Heaven forbid people might KNOW her and LIKE her. People care about her and know she isn't what Cindy is trying to make her sound like. She spent years in 4H and works hard at her job and sometimes jobs, she takes in animals and cares for them, she sent diapers, wipes and hygiene products for victims of Katrina. I have known her for 10 years. I have NEVER known her to be a scammer. I have known her to bust her butt earning money only to give it to someone or something that needs it more than her. I've never even heard her talk crap about anyone. Even this incident, she is upset about the accusations, but not talking trash about anyone. I know for a FACT that's why others are making this known, because Rachelle WON'T!!

I see Cindy changed where she works on prob I got screenshot to prove that's what it used to say. Just to prevent anyone calling ME a

Rachelle McGhee is my daughter and I came on here to see what was being said when I heard about it and possibly to defend her. However, I see that I do not have to. I am very glad that I can say how proud I am of her after reading the many comments from the people who do actually know her. Yes - she is the child that raised money for hurricane victims and bought presents for Toys for Tots instead of getting Christmas presents herself along with many, many other generous things throughout her childhood. And these things were always initiated by her...not me. She has always had a very generous and giving heart for other people and animals. And unlike many people who just take or think that they are owed something by others, she is honest and hard-working and trying hard to support herself. Thank you to all who have stood up for her on this site. And to anyone posting negative comments about her and choosing to remain anonymous, I believe that you are just being childish and mean-spirited. If you have an issue like this, it should be worked out between the two parties. And anyone who buys anything from a rummage sale (or rummage sale site)you would think would know enough to inspect merchandise before making the purchase. And if you think you have true reason to post nasty comments about others, then you should at least have enough balls to claim credit for it and post your name! Thanks all for listening to my rant.

I do not know any of the people being discussed on this site but just have to say something. Does anyone stop to think about the fact using full names and running that persons reputation down could be considered something called libel which I believe is against the law and that finding where it is being written from is not that difficult. Has the internet really made people that unaware of real life?

Maybe you could give this girl cindy a name of a few lawyer's? Did anyone ever think she could of had a bad day or week you never no!!!! Well as I read this she did not put her great feats in life maybe she did lot's of great things she did not brag about it or have people fight for her, she just sat back and took the trash talk, which I don't think she deserved it was taken down from all eye's at the admi click and yes she wanted to return the boots due to her son being ripped off, I just hope one day it does not happen to your children OR grandchildren maybe than you will feel like her and don't tell me or anyone you in your life have never talked or did something like this and if you think I never well I am not really that religious but GOD will know you lied and you will pay for your sin's.

Is this for real??????? Or is this a transcript for a Jerry Springer show? It's a pair of shoes. Can I give the displeased purchaser $20? And have everyone involved care about something of value or to go spend this energy in the backyard with your kids. This is such a tragic metaphor for what is happening in our communities. And more specifically in Antigo. To help turn around this negative energy I am going to do something extra for my elderly neighbor after work, clean out my pantry this weekend and donate to the local food pantry and jump through the sprinkler with my son. I hope you can all focus on something more important too. Good luck y'all.

I am an admin for one of the sites. First glance at this site I thought it would give a lil info about the sites. First aware of this posting was an admin on a fellow site. Amy of course made everyone think it was bout her and threatened and to take down her site. With mindfulness minds saying she does a good job and asking her not to do so. But for this lady she posted on Amys site, MINE AND OTHERS bout the transaction. Sh-t happens! I got screwed once. EVERYONE SHOULD LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE BUYING PERSONALLY BEFORE TAKING IT HOME. BY BUYING IT U R ACCEPTING THE PRODUCT AND U SHOULD EXPECT NO ONE TO DO RETURNS.Legally u can take them to small claims but a pair of shoes! Thats sad.

I dont care whoes a SAINT. Everyone is sinners. But this is bull sh-t. Cindy really embarrassed herself.

Wow people is this all you do is complain about the little stuff..
My gosh Stop & look in a mirror & say what you want while you see your self saying it & see how childish you really are..
I have one thing to say & it goes like this..
Be happy for what you have & also be happy you are in good health because one day you go walk out side & heck it is all over you go to the hospital & you have to sit & hear doctor's after doctor's say nope you can't ever work again if you go work you will not be able to walk one day & than the other doctor says your arm will always be like that you can't use it at all you tell those doctor's No you have to try more & they go no we tried everything all ready.. Well they leave the room & you sit & say No this is not gonna take my life I'm gonna do whatever till you get home & you try to do everything you did before & can't cause the pain is so bad you just sit & cry cause your life is done.. Yeah that is me. So MY GOSH BE HAPPY THAT SOMEONE PUT A RUMMAGE SALE SITE TOGETHER SO EVERYONE CAN USE IT & BUY THINGS THEY NEED CHECK YOUR ITEMS BEFORE BUYING YOU DON'T BUY A CAR WITHOUT CHECKING IT OVER FIRST.
I'm saying LIFE IS WAY TO SHORT TO BE FIGHTING OVER SOMETHING SO SMALL.. I can't even hold my Grandchildren that long cause of the pain I have all the time & I TAKE NO DRUGS FOR ANY OF THE PAIN. So everyone needs to be happy & move on with life. If your not happy with the sites & I mean all sites REMOVE your self from them & go on with life............

I have a question which I hope will be answered.

I assume that prior to selling the boots Rachelle McGhee took photos and then posted them to the rummage sale site. If so, I hope she still has them.

And I assume that after Cindy Lipinski found a 2.5" crack in the boots that she took photos for proof.

Assuming both women have before sale and after sale photos of the boots-did they ever get posted? This honestly, would solve everything.

don't you all think it is time to move on? this was a few weeks ago, give up what is done is done, everyone has there day to be judged MOVE ON there is more than this in antigo to get excited over!!!!!!

Time to move on there is more than this in ANTIGO that can be talked about!!! GET A LIFE PEOPLE unless you have nothing better to do than keep up on the trash talk and gossip you are no better than the rest that are trashing cindy she only did it once and your gossip keeps going, do something fun and go play get off the computer

WOW. The city wide rummage sale came and ENDED several days ago where people actually got outside and looked at what they were buying. But this story goes on. Its summer people. Our cold winter when no one wanted to go out so they sat on the computer is over. Go outside and do something else.

I get it but if I am not mistaken, and I could be , Antigo's water is NOT FLUORIDATED ..Next idea??

When did they stop? It certainly used to be and I would imagine still is. Mr. Zupon used to show up to city council meetings to have it removed from the drinking water and they used to make fun of the guy and he was right on the money. I would watch it on the cable channel and that is one reason they switched the council meetings from having open comments and started the bogus rule to have people submit their topics prior and then they would be notified when they could speak. How un-American is that? So although I do not mean it in a mean or disrespectful way I believe you are mistaken. I would actually love to be the one wrong considering we are talking about poison in the water.

I think rummage sale sights should be shut down. There's more drama than a soap

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