Antigo native charged with sex offenses

An Antigo native has been charged with sex assault and drug-related offenses in Shawano County.

The charges against Darwin Davis are as follows:
Second Degree Sexual Assault of a Child, Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child (At least 3 violations of 1st or 2nd degree sexual assault), Possession of THC (marijuana) as a 2nd or subsequent offense and possession of paraphernalia.

According to court records, he has been released from custody on a $2500 cash bond. His next court date is scheduled for March 11, 2013.

View the court record.

Update: Davis released from Shawano jail
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Surprise, Surprise, They need stiffer penalities for sex crimes against children and maybe this sort of thing would happen less!

The question I have is whether or not the school district or the local police are going to do anything about the fact that this man is now living literally next to the West Elementary School in Antigo.

May be a good question. I see there is a post today about people having sex in view of children at West elementary.

He is also a suspect in the case of the girl that vanished after attending an after hours party at the bar he ran in shawano.


Ignorant. Stiffer penalties would have no effect. Fact. Why do the most ignorant people need to comment?

Dear Ignorant,
Stiffer penalties would have
1. Kept this sick piece of garbage in jail longer for the LAST time he did this, (in case you were unaware, this is NOT his first offense) and
2. Perhaps make him think twice before he did it again!
Also, in MY opinion, castration or the death penalty are my preferred stiffer penalties.
Personal opinion here, but I think your name fits!

@ Ginger. You may be too emotional to understand . I am sure you mean well ,and maybe you are angry because you yourself were 'touched," but, you are way off the mark in regards to this field of study. You come across as"tetched." Obviously you are not qualified to work in this field. Your comment:"2. Perhaps make him think twice before he did it again!" is pathetically ignorant of these offenders. Your comment:"Also, in MY opinion, castration or the death penalty are my preferred stiffer penalties." Makes you appear "tetched."The name fits alright. Ignorant.

As someone else wrote on a different post, castration would resolve this problem, either chemically or physically. Maybe a little behavioral therapy too.

Very few could be reached with behavior therapy. They just ''act" then get out to re offend. Those trained and experienced know this to be a mostly hard wired trait. Very few are environmental able to be corrected.

Prohibited plants are the only thing that MIGHT help. LSD , 'shrooms ,and other psychedelics ,including cannabis ,can ,and do work ,in cases of those not hard wired, but GROOMED for such behavior. Do not trust any professional in the field who does not know this. Sadly , this is just a big profiteering political red herring . The prohibited plants ,in fact , also treat alcoholism and other drug abuse quite well. Big pharma ,alcohol and tobacco fascists have committed crimes against humanity and the politicians, the entire ''government" is owned by these sick sociopaths. Approval seeking, obedient low IQ robotniks ,that block the truth ,are placed in key positions to thwart healing and create profit for their programmers. Look at our own county health dept. nurse ,Ron B. What an insult to true health and freedom. His violent ,alcoholic ,criminal record son is a perfect example.

He isint ever gonna change. Lock him up and throw away the key. He is a sicko wanna-be Businessman.

That would be an example of a stiffer penalty. FACT. Because, in my experience, which I do have, these predators never are "cured"

@ Boof72 : So ,you are advocating mayhem vigilantism ? Your stiffer penalty is to commit an even more serious crime? You claim to have experience ?

I have experience as a survivor of child abuse. sexual and physical.

Sorry to hear that, no one should ever have to go through any kind of abuse, let alone all that you mention!

This is the kind of thing we have come to expect from cops or priests, who mostly had been getting away with it.

Boof didn't say anything about castration, I did! And yes, they should ALL be castrated, why should it matter if they are priests and cops? Actually those should be the first in line!
I also said chemical or physical, obviously chemical would be more "humane".

I didn't say that but not a bad idea.

To clear up confusion, the stiffer penalty I was referring to was to lock them up and throw away the key. Of course then taxpayers would foot the bill.

$2500???? Should be $25,000

pretty sad we already pay more for people in prions to keep them there than our children's education. Now really what is more important. and we wonder why there is stupid people running around

take these sicko child molesters. junkies, thieves, and murderers and just gas 'em. its time to thin the herd people.
and if you wanna read up on this guy, who some of you (idiots) are defending, then heres the link to his big ole list of convictions and felonies. sad thing is, i coulda swore i saw him in wal mart the other day trying to be in disguise. shoulda shanked his a--.... :;jsessionid=C2B1E820623979751B22A06D655...

Truth of the matter is that this guy was messing with young girls for going on 20 years that I know of alone. I was 13 when he was "dating" a friend of mine and he was in his 20's back then. Castration is not going to help this guy. This kind of thing is about control and domination, not plain sex.

Unless you have been a victim or a parent of a child who was a victim. Keep your negative comments about cruel punishment to yourself. You clearly don't see anything wrong with people who do this to children. I am a parent of a child who was a victim and our wonderful ANTIGO D.A. let the SOB go free and clear. My child is forever scared and it has effected her for the rest of her life. So don't sit there and say that stiffer punishments are uncalled for. However, castration is statistically proven to be ineffective. It is in the brain of cruel nature to torture someone not genetics or hormones. Please do your research on it prior to making assumptions.
Until you are there with a child who wakes up every night in fear because of nightmares due to what has happened to them, do not try to understand what you have not experienced. Personally Wisconsin needs to bring back the death penalty. People like that do not change or recover. It isn't an illness that can be recovered from.
I am astonished and appalled that anyone would ever defend a child molester.

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