$100,000 bond set for former Pastor Fleming

According to court documents today, the former pastor Edward L. Fleming (aka Freddy) was in court and received a bond of $100,000 cash.

Fleming appeared in court via video from the Langlade County Jail. When he was advised of his rights to obtain an attorney, he stated that he wishes to proceed on his own.

A preliminary hearing is now set for August 6 at 11:00am.

A condition listed on his bond is that he not have contact with minor females.

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Makes me sick

the problem is the mother of the child is his step daughter and she has a long history of making sexual allegations against family and close friends.

Give it a break why go thru all the trouble to spread lies on everyone of these links? Why fight so hard to convince others to think he's innocent when DNA was left all over this child who was a mere 4 years old. That's the facts before u go running mouth to get even remember this child actually needs a lot of help n support from family friends n community that ur fighting to free a man so sick in the head he tried to screw his own grand daughter n did very haince things to her.... You know its sick because you hide in cowar while me and others who love her n her mother are gere day in Fay out to hekp anyway we can and will fill the court room at trail to.show support for a little girl that never deserved what he did. You can feel like the horses sss and make public appiligzes to the family and the little girl and mother when it comes to head for being a bitter woman who can't help but be a ******? Because youlove m support a sick nasty fag. Scince sperm was found on the little girl you should either shut ur mouth or as u suggested we all do on another post appiligze.... Because the proof my dear is in the pudding

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