Jacob Ball charged AGAIN with lewd behavior

Charges have been filed against Jacob L. Ball of Deleglise Street in Antigo for lewd behavior in public as a repeater. The incident occurred on 10/23/2013 in jail, he is accused of performing sex acts in front of female corrections officers. This is not the first time Mr. Ball has been charged, currently he is on bond for another case that is still open in Langlade County. That case has multiple charges including exposing genitals to a child, causing a child under age 13 to view or listen to a sex act, false imprisonment, and more. In August of 2012 he was convicted of lewd, lascivious behavior-exposure and he served 8 months in jail. In July of 2004 he was convicted of Causing a child under age 13 to view or listen to a sex act and lewd, lascivious behavior-exposure. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail and 5 years of probation, but, he was not able to complete probation and was sent to state prison for 4 1/2 years with 3 years of probation. Again, he was not able to complete probation and in 2009 he was sent back to state prison for 2 1/2 years. (updated)
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Yuk! I am gone from Antigo now but have been hearing about this guy from family. Seems like he is just a time bomb waiting to do some very serious damage. I just doubt someone like that can really be reformed. This is going to sound awful but maybe chemical castration for a guy like this? I mean it would help mitigate the damage he could do.

Chemical castration for a guy like this. He keeps being a complete pervert just can not seem to help himself. At least with court ordered medication the harm he can do is mitigated.

I would prefer his laughable harmless sickness to somebody teaching my kids to drink alcohol smoke tobacco and eat fast junk food ,while professing how awful cannabis is. Demonizing a non threat masks the true threats.The embarassing mistake of busting our teachers/principle, is far worse for our kids than this political red herring.You robots are reacting so predictably.

His behavior is not laughable or harmless and it will get worse. Then you bring Marijuana into the topic which is about a pervert not Marijuana. I do not care if you smoke your pot,none of my business. Just keep your deep passion to yourself, some of you marijuana proponents act just as over the top as the Jehovah Witnesses, or Born a gainers only for pot. Good grief not every topic is about that,but I notice often some real devotee out there always interjecting it and wanting to spark a fight or a debate. I do not care if you think pot will save modern civilization. Start a church.

you would rather your children be with a sex offender than smoke a cigerette or eat fast food? you are insane and should have your children removed from your house they are not safe!

Your comment is ridiculous. The teachers/principal did something wrong and got punished. That is a good lesson for our children. And what this man does is NOT laughable or harmless. I don't usually like to tell people that they have said something unintelligent, but your comment doesn't make any sense.

which is why it's on the gossip site

You have made a big mistake. What they did was not wrong. It was illegal. This is a huge distinction. What's ridiculous to the slave may not be ridiculous to the master. Rationale of the inferior.

Seriously. Are you serious? I think this guy has some
1real issues. You are going to defend this behavior and you wonder why you have child molesters in your mist?

@ Anonymous.You came into the thread late and misread. ..."The teachers/principal did something wrong and got punished. That is a good lesson for our children."... The principal, is the man being referred to as doing something illegal not wrong. There is a huge difference. In studying law, one finds out the distinction. Without using Latin, let me educate you. Inherently wrong, is Ball's crime. Prohibitted for corrupt economic reasons, is Lund's crime. To not recognize the distinction means you probably could not get into law school.

this guy is a molester now, troubled I would agree, but molester?

Lets explore the true meaning of that word,MOLEST. Vex, bother, trouble , harm. Children forced to inhale the smoke of law abiding christian cigarette smokers. Now that is harm. That is bother, that is vex and annoy.http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/effects-of-secondhand-smoke ..."Here are a few statistics on the effects of secondhand smoke exposure:

126 million nonsmoking Americans are exposed to secondhand smoke at home and work.
Secondhand smoke exposure causes nearly 50,000 deaths in adult nonsmokers in the U.S. each year.
Nonsmokers increase their risk of developing lung cancer by 20% to 30% and heart disease by 25% to 30% when they are exposed to secondhand smoke.
About 3,000 deaths from lung disease in nonsmokers each year are caused by secondhand smoke exposure.
An estimated 46,000 nonsmokers who live with smokers die each year from heart disease.
Between 150,000 and 300,000 children under the age of 18 months get respiratory infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis) from secondhand smoke; 7,500 to 15,000 of them must be hospitalized.
More than 40% of children who visit the emergency room for severe asthma attacks live with smokers.
Secondhand smoke can have a number of serious health effects on nonsmokers, particularly cancer and heart disease."... Now Bauknecht will tell you that cannabis and a mentally ill man's penis , are the big threats. Are there any citizens in Langlade county not too brain damaged from christianity, television ,alcohol ,tobacco, big pharma, and poisonous food like substances?

You are disgusting. Laughable and harmless? A pervert sexually assaulting people is NOT harmless or laughable. You need the kind of help we just can't give you!!

i went to school with this guy and was in jail with him a few times. im not proud of that, and i was in jail for cannabis. with that said, this guy has serious issues. not only did he explain in full detail of what he did to himself in front of little kids on one occasion in the langlade county courthouse parking lot, but he would laugh about it. he doesnt understand the wrong in his actions and keeps doing these things. this is what we call a 980 " life ". if you would rather have this man out free rather than hypocrits, then you deserve to in prison right along with him.

@ West. You have made a winning case for the defense. You know him and have heard his intention. He lacks the intent to harm . You have stated he is not competent to understand the wrong or harm. Prison, although profitable for many, will do absolutely nothing to treat this man's illness . He has not intended harm nor touched anyone. Second hand tobacco smoke which is known fact to cause serious harm and death in innocent bystanders is more of a threat than this scape goat. THe more you call for murder or mayhem, the more you appear ignorant to the study nof law sociology or psychology. I would bet she has seen more on line or at home. THe outrageous aspect of this is that it is so rare. This happens countless times daily with step dads brothers uncles neighbors teachers priests cops guards who get away with it. THe ignorant insecure masses are emotional about these silly cases so the sick kid becomes a scape goat for brain damaged obedient serf constituents. THis is a political red herring and all the ignorant serfs are jumping on the bandwagon.

Exposing sex acts before children harmless?

Is rethink that statement.

Any sex act dealing with kids should be death. I hope something bad happens to this guy

Gather all the stats of harm done to people who have seen a penis. Compare this to the stats of people dead or injured from tobacco. Compare this to those harmed by alcohol. Now, find a winning argument that seeing a penis caused billions of deaths suffering or billions in health care costs. This is an argument of serfs so retarded by the real threats that they have no ability to think logically. Ignoring facts does not make them go away. All the billions with loss and misery from something KNOWN to cause this horror. This harmless man intends to harm no one. THe new smoke shop opening up, knows for a fact that tobacco causes misery illness death suffering. I would have no problem walking my kids by this man. I would have a problem with my kids taught by teachers(sic) who think molesting and abusing good citizens for being intelligent enough to know that the war on drugs is corrupt sickness.Law enforcement has failed us again. Yes, I would allow my kids by this man before I would allow them around tobacco pushers. Real threats. For those whose brain is not too far gone from legal products over the generations, be a great parent and this man won't bother you. I have been a serious student of wi sex crime statutes for 20 years. My whole life effected by such things. THe ones that you never suspect are the threat. This guy is totally up front and does not have a priest cop or teacher job. Look there... this guy is not a true threat.He does though ,take the heat off the real ones. Chalk up another one for corruption.Causes of misery illness broken families and epidemic death mostly corporate diet tobacco alcohol and prescription meds. If seeing what a penis can do ,caused all that, we would all be...

You are very disturbed if you think it is just fine to flash his organ.Not cool not ok. If you think so you need help.Nothing normal or wholsome about it!

NIce try , bully. Nobody believes it's cool to expose. Facts are facts though. Somebody close to children is almost always the abuser and these harmless stranger flash cases are not so common. He touched no one .You completely missed the point.Read the entire thread before you embarrass yourself.

well of course it should be death, why not. what about the 12 year olds having sex should we kill them too

He showed his sex organ. He did not give millions of people cancer suffering or misery. He is scape goat and harmless, relatively.Those with tiny sex organs that don't work , are gonna have a difficult time with this. The kid who saw it can see far more on tv and internet daily. Poor parents with no time for their kids will junp on the castration wagon too. This is a political red herring. Yes, by directing the lower IQ worker soldiers to focus on this comical fact of life, they ignore the real threats. What harm has this man caused, that an adequate parent couldn't remedy? If you can't see,that our law enforcement is focused on wrong agenda, you are not worth educating. The capitalist "arts" have suceeded.Perspective. There is a gifted, an average intelligence, and low intelligence way of seeing everything. Our tax dollars are going for some complete toad to get cameras out capturing cannabis growersand destroying lives of great committed teachers. That this is not considered a waste of time and money to all our citizens, proves that the ignorant obedient citizen is a valuable commodity.Have some more alcohol and tobacco.Go lynch some mentally ill man.

you are nuts!

@ Obedient Serf : Your'e casting pearls before swine! The weed reference, is genius, even if the toads don't understand.

you two should get a room, you could smoke a bowl then smoke some pole.

Hey ignorant, obviously this man is not interested in this type of sex .Also, it does not take a rocket scientist Zumba ant burner to know that jail will not change his sexual practices. Kids don't want to see his penis when kids can see a hot cops, anyway!

@ Anonymous: "Smoke some pole?"Never heard that before. The mention of the new smoke shop in The Professional Building, reminded me of something because of your vulgar comment. I used to drive by that place and see some dumpy unfit young man sucking. Yes, sucking. Sucking hard on a tobacco stick. You know, cancer ,bankruptcy ,and misery? Populations of people tortured to death for the profit of others. Legally. Having spent much time in big cities, the first time I saw that guy standing there sucking cancer, I thought he looked just like the male prostitutes you would see standing by buildings in cities soliciting. They usually sucked cancer sticks as the solicited.Monkey see monkey do. ART? THEATRE? Teach your children well. I must agree with some others. Our teachers should have a duty to the community not corporations who hijack politicians who focus on corrupt unjust laws that prohibit sacred healing cannabis and promote cruel sociopath profiteers. That some unfit dumpy cancer sucking corporate whore stands in front of the "arts centre" sucking poison and misery for the community while healing sacred herb teachers are rounded up by corporate slave catchers, does very well sum up our teachers our theatre and arts scene. Capitalist tools of corrupt sociopaths with low IQs the prerequisite. Popular entertainment that appeases and makes complacent ,assures the community is brainwashed misinformed by sociopaths and their shills.

Well now we know there are two of them out there, Ball, and Obedient Serf.

I can't believe someone would say this is laughable or harmless! This pervert continues to do harm to our children and you find it laughable. He trapped a 9 year old girl in a bathroom and masterbated in front of her. HARMLESS!!! I think not! I do not know if he is on drugs but this posting is not about drugs it is about a man who needs to be put away forever and away from children.

This guy should be turned loose to the parents kids that he has possibly screwed up there lifes. And let the parents take care of this guy. Its so sick to here about this sh-t. I am a father of 2 and if this happen to my kids I can tell u I would be sitting in jail cause that person would be really hurt or dead. I just cant believe a person can be so sick and nasty. If he need to get off that bad to do this sh-t with a young child buy a hooker. Idk how people parents can look at this lightly and not get sick about it. I live down the road from this sick a--hole. If I see this bastard im going to try running him over for the kids he already has scarred.

I can not believe you would think this man is harmless! He trapped a 9 year old child in a bathroom and masterbated in front of her. I don't know if you are a parent but that is not a harmless act! He continues to do this behavior, but at least he is in jail. I am not saying doing lewd acts are ok but I would prefer he do it behind bars to an adult than in a bathroom with a little girl! This has nothing to do with drugs so start your rant on drugs for another forum.

now did he masturbate in front of a 9 year old girl or are the police saying he did in the criminal complaint to make the charges harder to work with from an attorneys stand point, everyone knows or should at least know that the police do not have to tell the truth they only have to provide evidence of a crime should it ever make it to a trial. impossible to have a fair trial because you people already convicted him and others and how ironic that you are the same people on the jury that would be selected. not defending the guy, just saying you make all the allegations and threats on here based off of the police side of things. most likely not the true version, only a made up version to make the public and the media blow it way out of proportion and make it a much worse situation for the defendant than it is. forcing the defendant into a plea deal that will benefit the court. a forced conviction by police without the threat. they let you guys convict these people all they have to do is make the story, thruth or not. what do they care, its a paycheck that never quits. job security for ruining lives wether or not it was deserving by the defendant

The ignorant closet pedophiles with low IQs sure can talk big powerful. It helps bury their urges. After all, they would like to do this too, but they refrain. Why should they not be all upset when somebody else does it? This man has caused no damage that an adequate parent couldn't easily handle.It sure does take the focus off the true threats. Yes, publicly stone to death the mentally ill. You ,without sin, cast the first stone. Politicians are laughing how you behave just as they predict. Obedient serfs.Open your eyes and see the true threats. First degree murder for a man who exposed his sex organ to a nine year old girl. Being insecure about your own sexuality sure does make for some stupid comments. Sounds powerful and important, but most of all, you think it hides your own desires. Sorry, obedient serfs, to one of higher than average intelligence, you have exposed your own criminal dangerous stupidity. Go ahead, hero, kill a sick man. After all, maybe somebody will find out just how inadequate you actually are.

sounds like you want in. you defend a pervert and call out those who are against him a perverts. classic narcissistic projection.

I wouldn't waste anymore time on the PERVERTS that are defending this MONSTERS DISGUSTING ACTS. Apparently it doesn't occur to them that a 9 year old Child has been scarred by his actions. It wasn't just an "OOPS" the Kid saw his penis...the F'n PERVERT LOCKED the Child in the stall and did it INFRONT of her...YOU SICK B*STARDS that think---"ohhh it's harmless" need to get Help...or better yet...yea-I can't say.

You obviously have something wrong with you as well. You're probably already aware of this, though, being so highly intelligent.

The ignorant closet pedophiles with low IQs sure can talk big powerful. It helps bury their urges. After all, they would like to do this too, but they refrain. Why should they not be all upset when somebody else does it? This man has caused no damage that an adequate parent couldn't easily handle.It sure does take the focus off the true threats. Yes, publicly stone to death the mentally ill. You ,without sin, cast the first stone. Politicians are laughing how you behave just as they predict. Obedient serfs.Open your eyes and see the true threats. First degree murder for a man who exposed his sex organ to a nine year old girl. Being insecure about your own sexuality sure does make for some stupid comments. Sounds powerful and important, but most of all, you think it hides your own desires. Sorry, obedient serfs, to one of higher than average intelligence, you have exposed your own criminal dangerous stupidity. Go ahead, hero, kill a sick man. After all, maybe somebody will find out just how inadequate you actually are.

Funny. How can you think killing a man who exposed him self to some ugly stupid female guard who has no business with male inmates, is just? The bottom of the barrel idiots take those sadistic jobs. How many LE personel have lost their jobs there at safety building for far worse child sex crimes than this? Do you threaten to slay them? Female guards among male inmates is disgusting. What bottom feeding moron would do it?https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tribute-to-survivors-of-child-sexual-assa...

This is funny. Did Jason Just, Michael Brayton or all the other threats to our citizens get such death threats? Just, did not even get charged! Our citizens are so dumbed down by alcohol diet and legal drugs. No wonder weed is hated. Might help them break the block to education.A parent who takes adequate time with their kids should not feel harmed by this pathetic man. Dirty cops though...

Go molest some peaceful good people with marijuana. Destroy their lives. Lock them up. So absolutely stupid, but, obedient cretins ,can have a job? You wonder what's wrong? Here's a good answer! http://www.exposingthetruth.co/police-aiming-low/#axzz2isbP6Adh Who are the real threats? Some unarmed caged sick man showing some IQ of 90 guard their penis?

Do not compare this man to the Hot Cop. The Hot Cop actually did something with kids. The resources of law enforcement wasted on the corrupt war on drugs.

So let's get this straight. A jailed,powerless, mentally disabled looking young man, allowed his penis, which all men have, to be seen by female corrections personel? This is the wicked crime? Maybe they could bring their psychiatrist to civil court and sue for their damages. Lost wages from hospitalization etc... What are these morons doing in the mens jail? Sick! Also he stood in the latrine doorway showing same penis to a girl once. If this merits death penalty or mayhem, what does the hot cop Michael Brayton merit? Alcohol and legal meds have created a population of toads.

Do you even know what this man has done?? You think all he is guilty of is showing his genitals to somebody ONCE? This man has a HISTORY of this...people here know him and know what he's done over MANY years. I, personally, have encountered this creep follow me around at my job on several occasions. And had to run and hide at my own place of employment because I didn't feel safe or comfortable. A man thinking he can sexually assault people over and over and over again....and get away with it is disgusting. You who support his disgusting habits are also guilty of something shameful!

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=387917024672355&set=a.3212970046... By focusing your aggression and hate on a harmless sick disabled men, the true threats get away with this. Theatre can educate and enlighten. Too bad all we have around here is theatre of the obedient serf. Keeping the ignorant toads ... ignorant toads. Now that's ART. Convincing a population of people to ignore facts.A theatrical production of sickened and retarded by diet,obedient obese handicapped in all aspects,TEACHERS. Teaching our kids to be total toads of corporate agenda.

http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/health/120201/sugar-tobacco-alco... Suffering and dying from simply seeing a disabled man's penis? No contact? Where are the statistics? This is as stupid or stupider than war on marijuanna. Not surprised, the community theatre or arts groups don't have some desire to enlighten the citizens. They too, are chosen for same reasons as cops. Low IQ and sociopathic tendancies , which they have confidence none can discern.The irony is their complete ignorance of their own stupidity which they teach to children. Have a drink, teachers.You're the best and brightest ( wink). Certainly your kids should have the "star" roles.

..."The UN in September pegged tobacco, alcohol, and diet as big contributors to chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes contributed to 35 million deaths worldwide each year, ... I read this in link provided by Hot Cop. 35 million dead per year from using what teachers teach us to use. I doubt that anywhere that many die from seeing a jailed man's penis. Still, our best and brightest(wink) ''narcotics investigator" busts those teaching us how to prevent and treat the threat. Low IQ and sociopathic tendancies are what we expect from law enforcement. If we could eliminate 35 million low IQ sociopaths each year by eliminating cops, what a better world it would be. They will teach you, in their theatre, that marijuanna and a jailed man's penis are responsible.


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