Weekend police happenings include disorderly conduct & drugs

Local law enforcement dealt with a few incidents over the weekend, including a domestic disorderly conduct, drugs, and a few traffic mishaps. A rural Antigo man, age 27, was arrested for a domestic disorderly conduct incident after he allegedly threw a hamburger at his girlfriend & blocked the door with a chair so she couldn't leave. He is also accused of hitting the woman. Another man was taken into custody for a disturbance at his girlfriend's home. He was placed on a probation hold. A 21 year old woman from the area will likely be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while under the influence of a controlled substance. Law enforcement smelled a pot odor when she was pulled over for a traffic stop. A pot pipe was handed over by the passenger of the vehicle. There was an attempted break-in at the Antigo Family Chiropractic Center on Fifth Avneue. A Crandon woman, age 49 was charged with retail theft for stealing from Mills Fleet Farm. An 11 year old accidentally put a car into gear in the Copps parking lot while his mother was in the store. The car hit two parked vehicles as a result. No injuries were reported when a car struck another vehicle when backing up from a driveway near Eighth Avenue.

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