Mental Health Services In Criminal Justice System Discussed At County Meeting

The Langlade County Public Safety Committee met for their monthly meeting Tuesday morning. One item on the agenda prompted a half hour of discussion, which regarded around mental health services in the county.

Sheriff Bill Greening requested the county seek "Request For Proposals" to different agencies and companies to find out the services they could provide. Langlade County is currently part of North Central Health Care Center, which also involves Marathon and Lincoln Counties. Sheriff Greening said there have been numerous problems at the jail with mental health, including one individual who attempted suicide, and making the situation worse, is there is no staff available on weekends, nights, or holidays. North Central Health Care used to have urgent care, where someone would be available 24/7, but there weren't enough calls to justify paying a person the entire time. The issue also presents itself in the public, as many incidents happen late at night.

Greening added that while the agency has been open to hearing the Sheriff's Department's concerns and changing, the problem usually reoccurs within a few months. Toni Simonson with NCHC, says they would be willing to try out different services including an on call counselor and psychiatrist for the jail whenever they needed it.

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