Langlade County should keep watch on alternate drug crime options

In the Antigo paper today, in the "Views of others" section, there was an excellent write up from the Eagle Herald (Marinette-Menominee) about a new system that they are working on implementing for drug crimes. It sounds pretty good, with employment, counseling, drug screens and accountability for the offender. I have read about other areas also working on using other options than just throwing drug offenders in jail, to let them out, and have them repeat the cycle over and over. Granted, that does create a lot of revenue, but, I am sure that could be dealt with through fines and maybe community fundraising, etc. There seem to be some grants out there now, which is what the article stated. I think Langlade County could really use a new system for dealing with drugs. In the article, they are talking about their large heroin problem and not that we don't have a heroin problem, but, it is undeniable that we have a problem with bath salts. I truly hope that the persons in power in the Antigo community really do take a look and better yet, some action, in finding new and better ways in dealing with this growing problem.

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