Jail time, fines, probation ordered in court last week

According to news reports and court records, a variety of cases were heard and sentences dished out from Judge Kawalski last week in Langlade County Court. Anthony Vest of Oshkosh, age 48, received a sentence of nine month jail time, minus time served of 133 days. He had absconded from probation, which caused revocation on his term of probation. Robert J. VanSchyndel of Pickerel, age 26, entered pleas of not guilty for charges of burglary of a firearm, possessing a firearm as a felon, criminal damage to property and bail jumping. He is accused of stealing a firearm from a cabin of a relative. Jamie L. Marten of Antigo, 31, received a $2,000 signature bond for charges of disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and battery. She is accused of fighting with a man at a North Avenue home last week. She is not to have any contact with the male person, nor drink alcohol or possess bath salts. Tanya Menting of Antigo, 26, was ordered to one year of probation for a child neglect charge. A child in her care had ingested adult medication and had to be treated. She is also ordered to cooperate with social services. Mark Karlson of Custer, 56, received a fine of $817.50 for a first offense of operating while intoxicated. He must go through alcohol assessment and his drivers license was revoked for six months. Joseph R. Jaros, 25, was ordered to serve 30 days in jail for operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration. Additional counts were dismissed in a plea agreement. He was also fined $1,250 and his drivers license was revoked for 13 months. Shade L. Kennicker of Antigo, 19, was put on probation for one year and fined court costs for charges of possession of THC and bail jumping. She must go through alcohol and drug assessment. Other charges were dismissed in a plea agreement. Crystal S. Brewton of Antigo, 25, received a fine of $100 plus costs for possession of drug paraphernalia. Dallas A. Davis of Antigo, 24, was orderd to pay restitution of $2,158 for absconding without paying rent. He was placed on probation for one year.

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