5 star Antigo skilled nursing facility set to expand services

As our population ages, the challenge of providing the healthcare services when and how they need them grows. Eastview Medical and Rehab Center, already well-known in the Antigo area for its 50+ years of service to area seniors, is working to stay ahead of the senior care curve by developing a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF), one of only a few in the area.

Housed within Eastview, the CBRF will help skilled nursing patients “step down” from more intensive medical care to a semi-assisted living environment. Apartments with small kitchens will give patients the freedom to practice daily living skills while still having a dedicated nursing staff nearby to help if needed. The CBRF also will include a separate common dining room and facility entrances to further encourage independence.

The Eastview CBRF is scheduled to open by the end of 2015, and the new unit is part of the multimillion-dollar investment Eastview parent company MGM Healthcare is making in its seven Wisconsin senior healthcare facilities.

Senior care provider MGM Healthcare has launched a significant renovation of its seven Wisconsin facilities, committing between
$5-7 million in building upgrades and additional millions for new equipment, staff recognition, and employee benefits.

“We are pleased to now be serving Wisconsin seniors and their families,” says Chief Operating Officer Debbie Menzenberg, “and we want to bring all the MGM Wisconsin facilities up to the standards of MGM Healthcare throughout the Midwest so our residents can enjoy the best possible quality of life.”

The physical upgrades include new furniture, flooring, painting, transport vans, and electronics such as large flat screen televisions. They also soon will begin rolling out specialized units in a variety of senior skilled nursing care facilities depending on location and need. Additionally, MGM Wisconsin employees now receive tuition reimbursement, gifts from $25-$500 for service anniversaries, new work apparel, and the “Token of Thanks” awards for exemplary patient service. These investments in employees total more than $500,000 across the MGM system.

“Our employees are who bring the MGM Healthcare promise of ‘empowering better living’ to life,” says Menzenberg. “We know that if our employees are happy, so are our residents, and helping them achieve their highest quality of life is our No. 1 priority.”

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