2010 theft case, bath salts, bonds set in court

A variety of cases were heard in Langlade County court. One dating back to a theft in 2010. Shane Smith, age 30, of Jackson Gap, Alabama, turned himself in on theft charges from 2010 where he allegedly stole a firearm from an Antigo home on First Avenue and pawned it at a local resale shop. He is being held on a $5,000 cash bond. Eric Wetzel, 50, of White Lake received a $500 cash bond for his involvement in an argument with his son that resulted in property damage. A firearm was also involved, which is prohibited due to a prior felony conviction. New cases filed that received bonds by the Judge are following: Jason J. DeRuyter, 20 of Highway G, received a $200 signature bond possession of drug paraphernalia, dating back to Sept. 2nd when law enforcement found rubber tubing and straws that were "consistent with the comsumption of bath salts". He is set to return to court on November 4. Ryan J. Lenzner, 32, Highway S, received $500 signature bond for carrying a concealed weapon. A traffic stop initiated a search and find of the weapon in his car. Cole E. Stone, 30, and Kesha Wanden, 31, both of White Lake received signature bonds of $500 for resisting or obstructing an officer. They lied to police and said their vehicle was stolen, when allegedly they had rolled it over in an accident. The car was not registered and the driver didn't have a valid license. Kevin R. Case, 22 of N. Rollwood Road, entered a plea of not guilty to a bail jumping charge after he allegedly drank alcohol when prohibited from doing such due to probation orders.

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