Weekend Law Enforcement Activity

On Friday afternoon, the Langlade County Sheriff's Office received a call from an Antigo elementary school, stating that a suspicious vehicle had been parked outside the school all morning. Officers contacted the registered owner who stated she didn't own the car, even though it was registered to her, and she didn't care what happened to it. A call was received later from the school saying a person had been dropped off and someone drove away with the car. Authorities are looking for the driver, to question her about registration issues and why the car was in that place for so long.

Just before 3AM on Saturday morning, Antigo police were dispatched to a fight behind a 5th Avenue Bar. A man had left the bar, to find an intoxicated male leaning up against his car. He was upset and punched the man, forcing him to fall. Four of the victims friends then attempted to assault the car owner. Officers arrived and separated all parties involved. No charges were filed and no one was hurt.

On Sunday afternoon, a man on West 5th Avenue in Langlade County, called sheriff's deputies to report his house had been broken into and was vandalized.

Read more: WACD

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