Valid warrant for Antigo bath salt bust?

There was recently a few articles in the Antigo paper about a drug bust of bath salts. If there is more to the story, then the paper should really publish it. From what I read, it was stated that the Police overheard a jailhouse phone call and made the assumption that bath salts were being smoked due to the sounds of inhalation over the phone? Now, if that is all that the police heard and there was no actual discussions about drug activity, or the person saying "I'm sitting here smoking salts", then I don't see how this could be enough evidence or probable cause to obtain a search warrant. Here is a quote from the article today (02/06/2013), "Kelly appeared to be heating and ingesting bath salts while a child cried in the background." So, I find it impossible for a person to know that someone is heating something over the phone, or ingesting bath salts. There is no probable cause here in my opinion. I think if these people get some REALLY good lawyers, they could probably get the whole case thrown out if it is, in fact, based entirely on what the newspaper quoted. I find it to be outrageous!


except it is true. So they will need a good lawyer.

That is irrelevant. The process should be followed properly.

you would not think it is irrelevant if some of your family members were buying it from them. You would be screaming for more action.

You would not think that way if a family member of yours was buying from them. there are a lot more in town still to go down. They should have been arrested by now.

We all know that Freddie Berner publishes what he wants. He only works to make the ADJ more revenue. Not publish actual news.

Yeah no sh-t!!

Glad to hear that Laura Kelley finally got busted! But the the details of how nd why they obtained that warrant, does sound sketchy. Good luck with it getting "thrown out"! Antigo Police Dept. will do what they want. Baths Salts are a nightmare for the users loved ones, I've seen it first had, it tears families apart. Hope they can make these charges stick!

Hey if your going to talk sh-t atleast spell my name right....
For one my charges were bogus.. And if people want to write bout sh-t then get the f****** facts. First its I said the words choo choo train & in the drug world thats slang for shooting up plus i was making a blowing sound.. I aint ever shot up and who n the f*** makes a blowing sound when there shoting up anyway? Then they do a raid n fall over a laundry basket talk bout a bunch of clowns falling one by one. Whole family was there n they found one bag in friends purse and charged my bro with meth and me with LSD like that will stick oh i got child neglect for a child that was not even mine crying in the back ground. All you dam people can kiss my F****** A$$. So can Antigo's Finest lol

All this stuff going on around here and there still is no place for addicts to get any real help besides a na meeting once a week. Get to the root of the problem and then our community will be a better place.

They gotta wanna be helped....and more need to get into rehab and maybe they'll think or come up with a treatment plan!

This is a health care issue NOT law enforcement.

Throwing a drug addict in jail isn't going to reform them one bit. Get them real mental help and they have a better chance of becoming a productive citizen. Like Anonymous said, it's a health care issue, not a law enforcement issue.

@ Bulls---t. Not only does it not reform them it creates more sickness and crime because of their hatred for the whole system of sociopath profiteers who seize the opportunity to capitalize on prohibition and illness. Crime/ prisons have become a for profit industry with robotic thugs in blue enforcing . Other countries using a different approach that does not merely capitalize have become a healthy model and the crime and misery are greatly reduced. Slavery did not just cease but blossomed into the thriving profitable war on drugs. If organic harmless plants were not prohibited this nonsense would not be a problem.

What most people don't understand is that there is no intent to stop drugs. From history of alcohol prohibition ,the facts are indisputable. It can not be stopped. Prohibition just makes the misery worse and breeds organized crime and corruption. I attended a DEA meeting headed up by boss from Washington. He stated that they know it can't be stopped but just try to control it.(Profit power and control in the hands of them and theirs.)What the average citizen needs to know ,is, that the laws, as they are ,only create black markets controlled by dirty cops and gangsters whom they unwittingly support. All prohibited substances ,and prostitution too, are like monopolies for the corrupt. It breeds crime and sickness, which ,of course, they profit from. Decriminalize , and then you can get a better handle on those who are addicts, not drive them to burglary armed robbery and prostitution and overdose. Who would harm themselves ,and others, using this awful stuff ,if they could get healthy organic cannabis, which is not only harmless, but ,immeasurably beneficial; or even a pure controlled healthy dose of the poppy or coca plant for that matter. The suffering, the children, the devastation of families and communities,the crime. The majority of damage ,is from prohibition ,not the plants. Prostitution, murder, mayhem,burglary, armed robbery, gangs, overdose... The real damage comes from the prohibition, the law, not the organic plants. This bath salts farce ,for more funds ,for careerist sociopaths, posing as cops, health department ,social services, and a million other for profit cottage industries ,would cease, with the end of sick corrupt prohibition. Developing a substance ,similar, but not legally, one of the current controlled substances, is the goal of capitalists. The original organic substance, a plant, if legalized ,would be a minor issue ,if not prohibited. You may mean well ,but are grossly mislead by prohibition propaganda. The indoctrinated citizens are fooled into believing the financial crisis lie. Legalize and tax ,the prohibited beneficial drugs, and ,unemployment sickness and crime will dramatically make a one hundred and eighty degree turn. When legalized, then, and only then, like as in alcohol prohibition, can we begin to keep it away from kids and treat addicts. Jobs, plummeting of crime ,violence sickness ,death and misery.

If I was to print that last post out, I could wallpaper my house. What a whopper. The thing is, drugs are illegal and will most likely stay that way. I seriously think maybe your a bit smoked up, thinking that way. You want to smoke you weed, do it at your own risk.

If you think legalizing weed and other dope will make jobs, then why are do many places have random drug screenings? Maybe it's so they can promote those liberal thinking individuals they have thinking for them into a management position when they test possitive???

Sounds like Big Sucker needs to study for his grade school equivalency . This is the type of dumbed down citizen who believes what the news and their government tell them. Retarded worker/soldier types like this are the commodity that the establishment values.

I have a strange feeling that I can figure out the type of A$$hat you are.... your a probably about 16, never worked a job in your life, and if you did, you probably got fired for playing pocket pool. You try to smoke weed, but found it takes money to buy it, so you leech off of your friends, or better yet, steel money from your parents. (gettng close ?) You should watch who your calling retarded... those soldiers are defending your right to even post on this forum. You know, I could be wrong on your age, you could be one of those 40 year olds that fit the same profile that still live with your parents and fit all of the criteria above.

In either case, you are entitled to your opinion, even if you are talking out of your hind end. I can only hope your a$$ gets tired of saying the things your mouth knows better to say.

I fully understand the argument with regards to the methods of obtaining the search warrant but after dealing with people addicted to various drugs I applaud the police. There are way too many drug users out there and even thought the police put the drug dealers away due to the demand there will always be a drug dealer to fill the shoes of the few that gets sent to prison.

Read more about treatments for addictions

Big trucker states... "Those soldiers are defending your rights..."... I think this grade school drop out has completely missed the point . Lies have led us into war for profit. The population of limited thinking serfs ,like Big Trucker ,actually believe the lie it has anything to do with freedom . Cannabis,might help these robots see the truth and that's why it is illegal. Maybe the reason veterans are killing themselves at such a rate. The pharmaceuticals they are being fed are as much the cause as prohibiting cannabis. Pathetic.

@ Paula. Sugar alcohol and tobacco are the biggest followed by prescription drugs meat and dairy. Legalizing cannabis would greatly reduce the real problems. Soda causes more health problems than prohibited drugs. Your attitude is common to believers of propaganda.The prohibition causes way more misery than just the drug itself. This is a common fact learned from alcohol prohibition. The war on drugs is a sociopath trick.

Go ahead and smoke your weed. If you get caught, you'll have to pay the price. Plain and simple. Quoting those liberal rags will not convince me that legalizing dope will do anything but make a bunch of potheads wandering around in a daze that most likely were not working or paying taxes before legalizing dope, and most surely not after legaizing it.

@ Big Sucker. Try to study for your grade school equivalency.

Lay off Big Trucker. The low IQ people ,with total subservience to their superiors, represent a valuable commodity. Not questioning authority, having any sense bred out of them is what it's all about. Besides, you will never reach him, he is not capable of understanding.


Forget the legal implications of this act, and try to remember the moral ones! There was a child in the room, watching and being exposed to BATH SALTS! This is what everyone should be enraged about. I don't care if the search was legal or not! THe police finally, FINALLY save a child from something terrible!

PS: Grow up, this isn't a pissing contest!

I think the police are doing a great job in busting all the low lifes who are ruining other people's lives by selling Bath Salts! Point the finger where it belongs.

Kelly is a low life mother who's been dealing for over three years. Because she has little minions do her dirty work she hasn't been caught, until recently! And to put her children into harms way that many years, I feel terrible for what her children will turn out to be. She should never have had them children returned to her. She and the remaining losers who are out on Pit |Road selling drugs to children/teens/stupid adults...need to rot in prison ALONE!!

PLEASE people - refrain from using bad language.

The whole problem with any one blaming Police Officers for doing things illegal is.... If you have nothing to hide you will never be in trouble. So stop blaming the police when they do have a reason to arrest you. She states in a comment that there were drugs in her house. Enough said!

Legalize weed across the board put a stiff tax on it, charge 40$ for 3.5g of G13 give that a try for awhile and watch other drug related incidents plummet. I believe drunken driving would probably be cut in half. Have the dispenseraries at every local city or town hall that way everything's copasetic.

i have a question. i have snorted ice/glass and smoked it in the past but as i read about these bath salts it seems nothing like what i experienced. so what does it do how does it make you feel and how long does the high last? some of the mugshots are the reason im asking.

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