Tourism changes should be made in Langlade County

In the northwoods of Wisconsin the amount of tourism is a huge factor for the economy. With the recent warm temperatures and lack of snow, it may be another bad year for those business who rely on the boost of business during the winter months.

It seems as though by now there would be changes made to help make up for these problems. Some years back the train tracks were pulled out since the train no longer runs through here and it is sad that the property was not used to provide trails year round for ATVs. The land was sold to private owners, who in turn did not want it used for that purpose.

As far north as we are, in the Langlade County region, it stumps me that we aren't more of a tourism area. The Antigo area could use any boost and if the local government would seriously look at the benefits, how can they not do something?

In other areas nearby, you can ride ATVs just off the side roads, which actually have posts for ATVs. So, it is obvious that this type of thing works and others are implementing it without major issues. Maybe if there was an expansion of this type of recreation then people would actually come here.

I find it a little ridiculous that Langlade County is tagged "The County of Trails", since you would have to haul your ATV somewhere to ride it.

So if someone wants to go riding, they would have to get a hotel in Antigo and then haul your ATV up to Parish Trails, how ridiculous is that? It should be so easy that a person could ride from the hotel on ATV.

The City of Antigo recently and very quickly passed an ordinance regarding punishment and treatment for possession of marijuana, so why can't they implement something to help the community?


They should allow ATVs on the side of all roads around there, it's "up north" for crying aloud! Give people a reason to go there, and they will.

This is a great idea and there is a healine today from farther north, Rhinelander or Tomahawk, where they are talking about doing exactly what you are writing about here. Maybe Langlade County can take a look at how they do it and get it going also. Great idea and now that it sounds like there may not even be the stock car racing anymore, any kind of tourism should be welcome.

I agree give more access to ATV's, but what about UTV's get on board with them and we will have a TON of people on our trails.

Send the ATV ,Snowmobile ,hunting and fishing people to another county. Leave Langlade for quiet peaceful intelligent people.

If we were going to leave the county to intelligent folks. Where would you suggest persons like yourself be sent?

We're pretty lucky in that we can ride on any trail that is not posted or bermed, but it would definitely be nice to ride the side roads like other areas. I always keep an eye on the board to assure that they do not mess with that. I would advise others to do that as well.

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