Should Patrick McKenna be disqualified for school board

What do you think?

Seems like a huge conflict of interest to me.


Isn't that the same guy that was writing excuse notes for teachers down in Madison when they were protesting?

You must be a genius if you had to ask that. (Not) Stop living in the past. Is that the worst you can say about someone. You must be Jeff Aulik trying to defraud the people of Antigo by clouding the issues. Quit turning the topic to something other than the actual issues at hand-our children's education.

I agree. Let's move from the past and stick to the current issues.

yep, thats what he's doing in the video. Notice him try to answer the question on it being ethical. Spits and Sputters. what a tool. Hate to see him on the board.

oh, I hadn't loked at the video, just read the title

When it comes to ethics I don't think the Langlade Hospital as any.
They hired this guy and also I wasn't too pleased with the way the fiasco with the doctor growing pot was handled either.

"I wasn't too pleased with the way the fiasco with the doctor growing pot was handled either."

It was handled like any other case involving a first time offender. He was given probation and some jail. What would you suggest beheading? Just because you are a nazi and over dramatic about a plant that doesn't hurt you doesn't mean the rest of society is as ill informed as you and has a knee jerk reaction to ruin someones life. The only danger from the plant is the police. The plant itself will not hurt you. He was also placed on probation with his employer which was successfully completed. What exactly are you crying about? Let's analyze your life and see what we can find. Bet those results wouldn't be pretty and you'd be doing more time than the Dr. ever got. It's usually you self righteous types that are dirtier than the people you are yelling about. Here's a suggestion read a book and start learning about the advancements made regarding Cannabis. The lies you believe regarding the plant have since been proved false so you look stupid carrying on your crusade. Now prescription pills, heroin, cocaine, bath salts. Yeah that crap will kill ya. Not Cannabis though. Here is to hoping you are objective and actually try to educate yourself on the matter instead of continuing to live in the dark ages.

If pot doesn't do "anything" to or for you-then what's the point of smoking it? So you are so stoned you can't function? Dont' want to meet you driving down the street

Where in my comment did I state pot doesn't do anything for you? I didn't you are trying to put forward your agenda. Where did I say anything about me smoking much less stating I was too stoned to function. Again I didn't you are just trying to push your agenda. I wouldn't want to meet you period. I dislike liars and people who fabricate things. You'd make a good cop. Seems the type they hire these days.

Also to add to your incoherent rant. A study done by an insurance group showed that not only did people who had smoked Cannabis have fewer accidents than drinkers. They concluded that those same stoned drivers actually had fewer accidents than sober drivers. So your statement above is not only not factual by insinuating anyone with Cannabis in their system is some super threat behind the wheel. It makes you look plain stupid when evidence you could have easily looked up refutes your bullsh*t leaking from your pie hole! "The studies that analyzed the effects of cannabis use and driving were conducted worldwide including the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and the UK. They all found similar results that are very interesting and surprising.
According to studies by the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research, based in the Netherlands, drivers with a blood alcohol rate of .5 percent and up to .8 percent had accidents five times more than other drivers. They found that if the alcohol levels were even higher, that fifteen times more accidents would be the outcome. On the other hand, they found that cannabis users who drove posed no risk at all on the road. An astounding conclusion no doubt."

You should probably be more concerned with the hoards of people strung out on bath salts. That stuff drives people insane.

The worst that would happen with someone smoking weed is they drive 10 mph under the speed limit and stop for some Doritos somewhere.

While I don't agree with what he did you need to look at the other potential candidates as well. Take Jeanne Long for example, look her up on CCap along with her husband and children, they are only in for a little over 300k to Banner Banks and she is supposed to tell us how to spend our taxpayer money on the children. Look at her comment, the “best way to get the biggest bang for our buck” shows the level of intelligence that she stands for. Ask anyone in the Bowler/Birnamwood area what they think of them and I guarantee none of them have a nice thing to say about her or her husband. Before we put someone like this in there lets look at all the facts on them. I will make sure my kids don't go to Antigo Schools if someone like this is on the board. This election is to move forward not backwards.

If you are a teacher, then you would probably want him on the board

I find the whole Antigo school system to be a joke. They have lost all credibility with the people of the district. You can't go around saying you are shutting down schools and then not do it. Making threats was the worst things that could have been done.
Now you have people like this guy and this Long woman, who obviously has no business in a position like this, running for the board. Again, what a joke!
Is it really that hard for people to remain upstanding, pay their bills and have some ethics? It shouldn't be and those who don't, just shouldn't run at all. What an embarrassment.

I find most people in Antigo to be a joke. They are quick to rip on others and put them down in any way they can find. Most seem to be very bitter people that can't wait to make light of anyone else's misfortune. I've come across some nice people but for the most part I think you all need to start pointing the finger at yourselves and your mean spirited attitudes as it rubs off on everyone you come in contact with. From what I see Antigo must be a miserable mess just from the cross section of mean people with better than thou attitudes. Can we go through your life to see what you are all about? Didn't think so. Antigo is in the beginning process of blowing away. Like a tumbleweed one day it won't be there and the surrounding area will be better for it.

First I would like to say I would vote for him any day hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was raised by two wonderful teachers. And I stand behind him and what he did 100%> If you ever had a teacher as a parent or any type of relative you would understand. Lets look at what the board we have now is doing to our teachers. Taking there retirements and making them start over, not caring what our kids have to say about the schools we have, or how cold the classrooms are. This board ran very good people out of town and I am very ashamed to be living in this town. If I could move I would in a heart beat just to make sure my children get a better education. The school board only cares about cut, cut, cut and who gives a rats a-- about getting a good education!!!! I was against the new high school when they wanted to build it. But looking back at what we had and what we have now, I am so glad that the school was built. I was in North the other day and could not believe how run down the school is and we are wanting to stick more money into a run down out dated building. I would rather pay a higher tax and know my kids are safe when they go to school. I could go on and on about how the board needs to change but the way this town is I wont waste my breath. BUT LET IT BE KNOW I WILL VOTE FOR PAT!!!!!!!!! and will continue to till he wins and says!!!!!

So true. Someone should hang this guy up by his nuts, I mean string him up. Our best candidates are Palmer and Dieck, they really know what's what. I know that monsoon guy isn't running, but it would be great if he was too. We need some real conservatives to lead this community. Anyone who protested down at madison should be shot, they have no idea

Look out everybody, we've got a bad--s over here. Internet tough guys make me laugh, and you, sir, are a side-splitter. I grew up watching enough of you guys to know how things really are - oh, you'll spout off all day long sitting at the bar or the counter at Antigo Auto. But the moment you run into somebody who isn't willing to put up with your b.s., you'll wet your pants. Sad. Tell you what - I'll be up there next weekend helping my brother with sap, maybe you ought to track me down and take a shot at me, huh?

I'm tired of people thinking they can do what they want and get away with it. Palmers right we need to clean out the scum polluting this community.

I would vote for him hes a great doctor and absolutely wonderful with my kids and hes opend minded not closed minded and he understands theres grey area and parents no whats best for their babies. we love this man hes awesome hands down.

Open minded isn't appreciated in a small town with 80 percent nit wits. The percentage is probably higher. I'm just trying to be optimistic.

So you would vote for him even though he was willing to defraud the taxpayers of wisconsin?

A "Great Doctor" wouldnt be handing out bogus excuses to further their political agenda. I like the glasses! (code for, I'm a half brained liberal.) LOL

He might be a good doctor, but thats not whats at question here. I think he deliberately defrauded the wisconsin taxpayer by issuing the sick notes at the protest. So you'd vote for him knowing he is willing to defraud you?

The school board has been dominated by teacher supporters for too long. Check the rosters. the board has been filled with former teachers who do nothing but make sure the raises and top notch benefits keep flowing their way. Kretz was one and he's finally leaving because he's been exposed. Where else can you elect your boss and then sit across from them at the negotiation table. The lazy or bad teachers make the good one look bad. The good teachers should stand up and support the fiscal conservative group of candidates to preserve their future. When Palmer, Dieck, Zaverousky, and Koeppel are elected, it will be the first time in many years that the teachers union is not in control of the board. The rats will leave the ship. They say we've lost a lot of good teachers in the recent past and that they are going other places where they can make more money. Well in most cases they have just retired. The ones that have left, and there will be more, are only running away from a district that will now make them actually produce. If you don't vote on Tuesday, you have no right to complain in the future.

It's comments like these that cause dissection in our community. This district has had a long history of wonderful teachers who have produced many good community members. You obviously have no clue how much work is put in to become a teacher. After years and years of costly college, you then need to continually need to do more schooling much of it out of their own pockets. This area has a bunch of great teachers who have to listen to this type of rambling on while all districts around make a lot more money and many are shown a lot more respect. I for one am very proud of our teachers and feel they are one of the most underpaid for all they do.

Never ever would I vote for him. Piece of crap if you ask me. First off he has a 30sime hear old daughter out turning tricks for bath salts and he doesn't even care. Second, just no. What he did during the election should get him jail time.

LOL, you have the wrong guy you f---in moron. He's 39!!!! I went to grade school with him, pretty sure if my 9 yr old classmate would have gotten a girl pregnant I would've heard about it...Wow, you really are stupid.

I think you are mistaken here. I am pretty sure that I know who you are talking about and it isn't his daughter. He isn't old enough to have a 30 something year old kid.

His children are below the age of 10. Get your facts straight.

It is interesting how a doctor running for school board brings out so many nasty comments. "Hang him up by his nuts"? Really? I started following Antigo Buzz a few months ago when i responded to an article indirectly about me in the newspaper. Only response was "that sells papers". The schools need to be fixed and no responses. Tons of people defending the child molesters and drug addicts on this page. But tons of stuff to run down a doctor. I know this page is for information and opinion. This page certainly has a lot of opinion and a lot of people who apparently never made any mistakes.
WOW! Support your candidate of choice but lets "string up" the guys who are breaking the law not a doctor.

Patrick McKenna is a smart & caring man who is devoted to his family and community. His compassion for those around him is evident. As a former colleague, I would trust him in a heartbeat with the lives of my family or my patients. He is a valued physician whose integrity runs deep. I would challenge anyone who questions his character to speak with him about the relevant issues & hear what he has to say. Antigo would be quite lucky to have a man like him on the school board.

I agree with you - do you think these negative comments come from people who really even know him? I do know him and I agree that we would be lucky to have him on the school board, just as we are lucky to have such a caring doctor at our local clinic and hospital.

I just love these people who want to dismantle a great school system and turn out people like them. Have you actually ever listened to Palmer and his pal dieck? I feel there's more intelligent conversation coming out of our grade schools. By the way that's thanks to our wonderful teachers. This area has produced a lot of great people who have went through our school system. This area has been at the lower end of the pay scale for teachers for years and we want to knock them down more. I believe Mr. Palmer should have some understanding of how much it cost to go to college and get at minimum a bachelor degree. How can you pay for all your college and keep taking classes if you get paid what the Palmerites would like to pay them.

Wow a real man (Michael Gene Mayville) to repeatedy abuse,decieve and rape woman and God's children.... New charges filed today. 9 counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual assault and 1 count of child abuse. Bad boys bad boys: Mikey enjoy your stay with Bubba

I know who Patrick McKenna is, and he is one of the most honorable, decent, compassionate people I have ever known. What does an attempt at character assignation of a decent human being do for anyone? Let's stick to the issues at hand and not dig up something from the past that has nothing to do with helping our children. Patrick McKenna stated that he had made a mistake and that he had been punished for it, now let's be decent people and not bring up anybody else's past transgressions- minor as they may be. Let he who is without "sin" cast the first stone and let he who has never made a mistake in the past or done anything wrong be the first one to attack others. It will be hard if not impossible to find that person. A decent person would never throw a stone at someone else anyway. Shame on you Jeff Aulik, you are obviously not decent.


to all who complain about, oh you don't know him and he's a good guy, or who are you to judge, etc., well, you all must remember that EVERYONE is entitled to their OPINION, which isn't necessarily judging and the most important thing, HE IS RUNNING FOR A PUBLIC POSITION, which makes him more susceptible to scrutiny from others.
He should have completely expected this to rear up AGAIN. Actions like that will not just go away, especially in this day and age of digital media, internet and you tube!

...and therefor he should be strung up by his nuts?

Just read McKennas response to Mr Aulik in the newspaper. Maybe he's a good doctor, and maybe he can do good things for the youth of this community...But he should do this in the private sector. As his actions, past or not, show that he is willing to defraud the taxpayer with no regard what so ever. He should not be eligible to serve in public office. If he was willing to rip you off buy signing "sick slips" at the protest, what makes you think he'll have any different ethics while deciding on how to spend your tax dollars in our school district?

I don't know Mr Aulik personally, But saying he is "not decent" because he exposed the truth isn't very bright Mr. McKenna.

He's actually Dr. McKenna, but he didn't write that, I did. Let's all sign our names from now on.


Would it be possible for someone to post the letters to the editor regarding the school issues on this forum? Freddie only posts HIS editorials online so those of us who don't get the paper don't get to read all the opinions. Thanks!

I have to agree that writing notes for teachers playing hooky might seem to be nothing serious on the surface, but it was defrauding the taxpayers, plain and simple. How many of those teachers collected their pay while being "sick", as confirmed by the good doctor? They not only stole money... OUR MONEY, while doing this. They should have been let go on the spot and charged, as well as the good doctor should have had to go before a review board for knowingly lying, by saying these "patients" were indeed sick so they could receive pay fraudulently and retain their jobs.

I will not vote for him for the very reasons I stated above.

I've read all these comments and am astounded and surprised. Antigo needs positive local leadership. Patrick McKenna has exemplified his family's commitment to the Langlade community. I will call my mom tomorrow. This is important! My mom and dad will both vote on Tuesday. Ask my Dad who he's going to vote for. Vote Tuesday. I endorse Patrick McKenna.

Why is it that ONLY Dr McKenna did the fraud for writing excuse slips for the teachers... but it wasn't for the teachers to except or get the excuse? Seems like fraud either way to me. They both knew they were not sick. Both were liars. What's the difference between LIARS and POTHEADS teaching our kids?? This town reminds me of the song Harper Valley PTA. It is like with the drugs.. the one that admitted they smoked pot during their July 4th parties.. BUT yet... said spouse was NEVER charged. Why is that??? You are not going to tell me that Anne Lund had no idea what was happening between her brother and husband. Yeah right. So if these people can get their crap swept under the rug... why can't Dr McKenna? I have never seen Dr McKenna, so he could walk in front of me and I would have no idea who he is. But just remember... those excepting the excuse... are teaching our children.

Voted for him. Hope for the future, in a climate of dinosaurs. Lets hope the current tea party toads, embarrassments to Antigo, dinosaurs, are made extinct this time. Those with above average intelligence and social interest, will note his excuse writing as reason to vote for him. His bashers come across like good slaves telling on bad slaves learning to read . The tea party republican jesus dark ages serfs bashing him... pathetic.

This article that is posted along with the video is garbage. I voted for him. There is a reason he won. All of this is garbage.

*They give us entertainment, but Who is putting on the show?

I'm amazed at all the supporters here for this a--. So you all think being a fraud is OK? Do you think the video is "doctored" and he didn't really try and rip you off? Get a clue people. I hope you all wake up before the mega school gets built and takes money away from your childrens education. 40 million wasted on a building so the yuppies can brag, could go a long way toward an actual education for a lot of kids for a lot of years to come. Unless you really think that a building teaches your kids.

The mega school isn't being built because people in this town don't see the long term benefits. a building doesn't teach our kids but people who are thinking about their welfare do. there are a lot of excellent teachers and administrator in this town. the bad ones have unfortunately overshadowed that.

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