Rhinelander vs. Antigo School Referendums

Maybe the Antigo School Board needs to take a good look around and take some notes on asking for school referendums.

I read a story on Channel 12's website regarding the Rhinelander school district holding a meeting on their current situation. I was actually very surprised to see how it was presented.

It really appeared as if the Rhinelander Board had a meeting with the public and discussed the current situation that they are in, and are now leaning toward asking for a referendum. It sounds like they could very well get their refefendum passed, without much, if any, fuss.

Is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so, and if Antigo School Board is smart, they will pay attention. Sometimes, presentation is more important than anything. Ask the people what they want, don't tell them what you are going to offer, and you may be pleased at the result.


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I was impressed with the presentation to the public in Rhinelander, maybe they saw how things were going in Antigo and decided to take the opposite approach. It is amazing how differently things can turn out when people listen to each other!

I hope that Antigo was taking notes...

The Antigo school board probably would have already gotten what they needed if they had taken the same type of approach as rhinelander. It is realy too bad that they tried to strongarm people instead.

Antigo had a college, once upon a time. Anyone here rbemeemr Antigo Normal? There is, I have to agree, a kind of generic sense of low expectations in the Antigo community. I don't know exactly why that should be, but I can't pick up on any sense of community cohesiveness or civic pride. There are more than a few social organizations, special-interest clubs, and activities, but they all seem unconnected, independent, and somewhat isolated from the pulse of the community itself. This one happens, then that one happens, then the other takes place, but there's no flow or continuity, no concerted membership outreach from any of them.The railroad engine display, and the playground construction, and the bandstand, seem almost like whole-community things, but they really aren't. They are there, they happened, and they're done. There's no sense of community ownership or civic pride.And everywhere you look, you see empty buildings and storefronts and run-down houses. Antigo's downtown even has vacant lots! And all that exciting construction on the north end of town seems to be cannibalizing the rest of Antigo drawing existing businesses to move, creating more empty buildings and vacant stores, some of them just a few blocks north of all the new construction. This is not community organization and planning. What we're seeing here is civic schizophrenia.Oh well, at least we've got potato-grading, stock-car racing, and pig-wrestling, to keep our community pride going .

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