Police, deputies crack major drug ring

Law enforcement officers are hoping that a overnight drug bust on the city’s south side will put a crimp in the supply for a variety of illicit substances. Investigators from the city of Antigo Police Department and Langlade County Sheriff’s Department executed a warrant at a South Hudson Street home and, after laying in wait, arrested a dealer who was apparently supplied to meet the needs of local users. Full story: Antigo Daily Journal


Instead of doing his own job that he was hired to do, Bauknecht is creating such tension now between the snitches and people getting charged that some people are going to seek revenge and end up killing someone. Oh,, and the people getting charged are finding out quickly who snitched on them. Good job Dan

Embarrassment to the county. Our tax dollars go for this? We need all new personnel. The horror is that our county has enough low IQ drunk citizens to actually believe these lies.http://www.leap.cc/

The first 2 comments are 100% correct. It makes me sick to see the Antigo "Warrant of the Week" being for some girl, age 18-25, for possession of marijuana. I'd wager the children at the kindergarden center could run this town better than people like Uttke, Greening, Bauknect, and Kawalski.

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